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Fort Myers Florida
One peace beach cleanup!
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One peace
14 volunteer, 3 hours and 337 pounds of trash. .
We all can make a difference
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Men’s cut

Highlights for the boss
Highs brought up to the root to make that color band disappear .

Women’s base, highlight|brown lowlights|red lowlights|cut & style


RULE #1 FUCK WHAT THEY THINK 🤦🏽‍♀️NICE QUOTES👌🏽💯#💭🤔 #rulenumberone #quotesofinstagram #thekeys2life #alwaysbelieveinyourself

I'm so grateful I got this book. The message in this book is obvious. Life is never easy. So if you want to prosper and succeed you need to put in the work. I had to put my work and dreams in music on hold to secure the bag. Now for me, that doesn't mean getting money straight. In this case, it's getting my mind on the right track. Putting it in a positive light and stay there for as long as I can. A positive mindset makes you motivated to succeed. A positive mindset is where everything starts. That is one of the many keys I found in life. And there's many more to find. So like @djkhaled puts it, I ain't going to stop. (tags) #djkhaled #thekeys #they #thekeys2life #dontstop #book #mindset #music #producer #lion #keys #dj #soundcloud #youtube #wethebest

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