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#mondaymotivation from partner and friend, Amy Ziering of @thehuntinground and the #theinvisiblewar which deal with sexual assault on college campuses and in the military respectively
#artsinadvocacy #BlogHer17 💪👏👏👏

!!!WINNER!!! #theinvisiblewar #epaa17 Check it out @timeforbeps !! Our category was 'Secondary Reference Resource' (we actually beat the Oxford Dictionary).

Opened a book today and stumbled across this bookmark. 3 days a go it was my 11 year anniversary of graduating boot camp. It was a lifetime ago, but I'll never forget that day.
I remember how proud I was that day, but now most of my memories of my service are clouded with pain and regret. My time in the Marine Corps wasn't what I intended it to be and because of it I live my life with regret.
I tell people it was an honor to serve when they thank me, but 9 years later I mostly just feel shame and embarrassment when I have to tell others about my service. I didn't do anything, I never went overseas, my time got cut short.
What happened to me wasn't my fault, but I will always wish I never came forward about the sexual assault. Nothing good came out of it, it didn't bring justice.
Time has passed, I am happy and most of my wounds have healed. I know I can't go back and change the past and I've moved on.... mostly.
But then there are moments like the ones today. When I'm reminded that it's over, that time does not heal all wounds, and that I'm still fighting the Invisible War.
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What an incredible way to start our Shine Day with Jeremie Saunders from SickBoy Podcast. We are inspired and ready to for a FANTASTIC DAY!!☀️ Follow SickBoy Podcast on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and MSVU Shine Campaign can win $800
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Pear X Change Amy Ziering Documentary Film Maker #theinvisiblewar #thehuntingground

It was amazing to be able to celebrate with those who made a public profession of faith through baptism this weekend! #professionoffaith #baptism #weekendsetlist #theinvisiblewar

دختر : پدر من دیگه باکره نیستم
پدر : چی شده دخترم؟
دختر : بهم تجاوز کردن
پدر : تو هنوز باکره ایی ؛ چون اونا نمی تونن چیزی و ازت بگیرن که بهشون ندادی!
📽 #TheInvisibleWar

The Invisible War!
One Nurse.

Trillions of microbes

A deadly WWI battle... France, 1916. While treating a patient with dysentery, Sister Annie Barnaby encounters a strain of lethal bacteria. As the invaders journey deep into her gut, the resident microbes must fight to survive. Annie’s life hangs in the balance.

Enter the phage, deadly predators, ready to wage war to protect their host.

Created by a team of scientists, artists, educators, writers & historians, The Invisible War is a graphic novel like no other.

Please visit theinvisiblewar.com.au
#comics #war #artscience #theinvisiblewar #graphicnovel


!!!WINNER!!! #theinvisiblewar #epaa17 Check it out @timeforbeps !! Our category was 'Secondary Reference Resource' (we actually beat the Oxford Dictionary).

👀Has been eye-opening and I thought mine were all the way open already. Danke @vanessagrigoriadis in the game from the jump. 👌🏾💥🙌🏾

📙 Part 3: AFTER READING Kyo Maclear's "The Liszts"
"The Liszts" is Kyo Maclear's most recent children's book after a number of absolute delights "The Spork", "Virginia Wolf", "Mr Flux" & "Julia Child". .
All her children's books explore the themes of misplaced people, unexpected visitors and otherness. That feeling of "not fitting in" is said to be one of the biggest challenges faced by children, but truth be told, it creeps onto you at all stages of life. I think everyone should own a copy of @kyomaclear 's books.
"The Liszts" was about letting go of your comfort zone in order to overcome the fear & awkwardness of meeting new people. It was a children's book, but it spoke to my heart. .
"The Liszts" is obviously an easy read, being a book for children rather than mature audience of "The Invisible War". It is also more colourful, the illustrations are an absolute pleasure to the eye - intentionally unrealistic, exaggerated and silly, all of which adds that easy feeling to the book as a contrast to seriousness of themes of war and diseases in "The Invisible War". .
Hope you are loving my reviews of graphic novels, children's books and comics from this years Melbourne Writers Festival! Do stay tuned! I'm starting another book tonight! #mwf17 #melbournewritersfestival #kyomaclear #juliasarda #theliszts #alisawild #theinvisiblewar #graphicnovel #childrensbooks #bookstagram #books #bookreviews #agirlwithabook #NotYourAverageBookReview

Part 2: HALF WAY THROUGH READING Alisa Wild's 'Invisible War' and it's been an intense read!
(And not only because I'm fighting for the time with the book in an uneven competition of cuteness with my cats - swipe left - #yinandyang - Can you spot Alisa Wild's 'Invisible War'?#canyouspotit #catsofinstagram)

Comprised of black and white scenes, 'Invisible War' borrows its aesthetic from vintage comic books, its pages filled with jaw-dropping action that makes the bacteria war inside of our guts seem way more intense than anything humans face in their everyday lives.
To say I'm extremely invested in the characters (some of them are bacteria and viruses) would be an understatement.
#mwf17 #melbournewritersfestival #theinvisiblewar #bookreviews #cats #graphicnovel #agirlwithabook #NotYourAverageBookReview

📓 Book 3 📓
Alisa Wild's "The Invisible War: A tale on two scales"
As a writer, Alisa Wild is a new kid on the block. She recently abandoned her circus performing career to pursue the profession, which makes her that much more exciting. This book is her first graphic novel made for mature audience after a number of children's books hits such as 'Squishy Taylor'.
The 'Invisible War' was one of the first books I've picked because it's setting promises to take place predominantly inside a human's GUT. And how can you not be intrigued?.. .
I've got little expectations. It's a non-established writer and a new genre for her. If nothing else, the book will show us a fresh and original idea!
Stay tuned to see how it turns out!
#mwf17 #melbournewritersfestival #alisawild #theinvisiblewar #graphicnovel #books #bookstagram #bookreviews #agirlwithabook #NotYourAverageBookReview

Amy Ziering, two-time Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker, will give a talk, “Consent is Sexy,” at the University of Redlands in the Memorial Chapel on Thursday, September 14 at 7 p.m. Known for her films “The Hunting Ground” and “The Invisible War,” Ziering has shone light on rape culture in higher education and the U.S. military. This event is free for University, employees, students, and alumni, and $10 for the public (link to tickets in profile). #URBulldogs #whyredlands #ochtamale #universityofredlands #AmyZiering #TheHuntingGround #TheInvisibleWar

No is a good word to learn for your spiritual walk. There's so many great things we can do for Jesus, but sometimes doing and doing just weighs us down and slows our spiritual growth. #theinvisiblewar #devotional @pastorrickwarren @youversion

Here we go- pumped for September

Evening: 🙂
At this point, I'd settle for not being in constant pain.
I'm a big fan of Fearne's style and general lifestyle, so thought I'd give this book a go.
At first glance, though it's very beautiful, I don't think it's for someone in my particular situation. Yes, there's lots of tips for how to deal with life's inevitable 'downs' and training your brain to choose positivity.
Yes, we absolutely have the freedom to choose how we react to events and given situations; I'm a big proponent of having a positive attitude, but we need to also be honest about the fact that 'happiness' ISN'T always a choice for everyone. Believe me: no one chooses this.
I regularly practice positive thinking and gratitude and a whole lot more, but there are times when none of that is enough in the face of what you're up against.
There may be things you can do to help yourself, but 'happiness' is not a choice when you actually have a chemical imbalance.
I see those quotes all the time, and it's pretty irritating.
I understand it, and when I'm well, I employ the technique, but mental illness is hella real, and very few people can choose to just not have it anymore. It's too simplistic. And that's not to diss Fearne at all -love her. But I've a feeling this book is for a different version of me; somewhere further down the road, if I get there.
It's a great source of what I call 'wellness tools', which I often employed during the years I was well.
So I might flip through it a bit this evening, as it's been a difficult day, but then I might just place it back on the shelf, to be continued when I'm in a place of certain strength. And uninhibited choice. I'll place it in my 'wellness toolbox' ; then it can become something to dip into for inspiration in recovery. .
Maybe I'm not ready for this today.
And that's okay.
#theinvisiblewar #survivor #bereal #fuckjudgement #wellnesstool #reading #happy #warrior #badass #mentalhealth #endthestigma #selfcare #recovery #wellness #struggle #gratitude #inspiration #trying

Hello 'Notable Book' stickers from The Children's Book Council of Australia!! They add a nice splash of blue (ish) to the cover of The Invisible War! #cbca2017 #notablebook2017 #theinvisiblewar #graphicnovel #benhutchings #ailsawild #scalefreenetwork #symbiosis #bacteriophage #shigella #microbiology #alternativetextbook #artscience

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