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Special thanks to everyone who helped out at #theinclusionproject yesterday!

Beautiful little Harper #theinclusionproject #adoption

Our 76th Inclusion Project child and last to be photographed with this years event is Matthew, Matthew has a smile that will make your heart fill with joy. He radiates love for his family and is truly inspiring. He is such a handsome young man and he and his family are so loving, kind and friendly. I am blessed to have met them and all of our Inclusion Project families.
This is what Matthew's Mother has to say about him.

Matthew Kaleb Esparza turned 7 on May 29th! He was born with the condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta also called brittle bone disease, it means his bones are very fragile.
He is a really bright boy, who is shy at first but once he smilies his eyes light up and his little toes wiggle really fast. (I got to see this and yes they do!!) He likes to joke around with his siblings. He loves to watch netflix and play on his Ipad. His favorite game to play is hide and seek. #theinclusionproject #specialneedsphotography #specialneedsawareness #specialneedsacceptance

Haylee, Broken Arrow High School Senior Ambassador 2017 #claremorephotographer #seniorportraits #seniorpictures #theinclusionproject

Miss. Lizzie is as beautiful inside as she is out. She has such a fun spunky personality. We loved meeting all of you today, you have a beautiful family!

This is what Lizzie's Mom Leslie had to say about her.

I like to tell folks that God named Elizabeth Grace-without ever talking about either name my husband and I both felt like that was what we should name this baby girl. We had no idea at the time that she had Down Syndrome but Elizabeth "Consecrated to God" and Grace, (Grace for her, ourselves, and even others has been so necessary above and beyond our typical kids) was perfect. #theinclusionproject
Lizzie is a lover, a huger, a high fiver and hand shaker, and a fist bumper. She knows no stranger and enjoys brightening people's days with her affection. She is full of life and energy. Books, hot-wheels, cars, dogs, cats, superheros and siblings are some of her favorites. Eating, singing, coloring, playing football with the tv on Sunday afternoons, walking the dog in the backyard and getting "dwinks" with Dad at QT are things she really gets excited about. She loves helping with her little sister and will cheer you on and be your biggest fan in whatever you do.

Thank you Lizzie for brightening our day today! #theinclusionproject #specialneedsawareness #specialneedsacceptance

We are very grateful to Hollywood Bowl - our kind supporters 😊 we love coming to your bowling alleys and all of the staff are so kind and welcoming 🎳🎳🎳🎳 #theinclusionproject #hollywoodbowl

Ben the bowling king 🎳🀴🏻 #theinclusionproject #bowling #inclusion #kingofthelanes

Senior Ambassadors 2017 High School Class of 2017 #seniorambassador #classof2017 #clarrmoreokphotographer

At the end of ALL of our photography sessions we hold a community event "The Inclusion Project Play day." This is a day of play, sensory crafts and fellowship. It's a time when families can meet others and make life long friendships. It's a time for people of all abilities to come together and just have fun. We had over 100 volunteers at this years play day and many community members donated. The Sheriffs department, Fire Department, College basketball and many others took time out of their day to bring smiles to many little faces. We will be looking for booth hosts in the Paris, Tx area. This event is free to everyone and put on by the help of the community. If you would like to be involved please message us. #theinclusionproject #specialneedsawareness #soecialneedsacceptance


Friendships are made at #theinclusionproject

Friendships are made at #theinclusionproject

Friendships are made at #theinclusionproject

Friendships are made at #theinclusionproject

All dressed up and ready for a session at #theinclusionproject

We always have fun at our gym sessions at #theinclusionproject

Look what's been cooked up today at #theinclusionproject

Participants love The Inclusion Project #theinclusionproject

What is The Inclusion Project - Promotional Video - Link to the full video is on our bio - Enjoy 😊 #theinclusionproject #inclusionproject #inclusion

Lads on tour! Saturday night jam session with friends #theinclusionproject #inclusion #jam #lads #ladsontour #friends

Hope everyone had a good Monday 😊 #theinclusionproject #inclusion #monday #mondayover

Ben the bowling king 🎳🀴🏻 #theinclusionproject #bowling #inclusion #kingofthelanes

A repost from The Inclusion Project Evenings - boxing awards night πŸ₯Š #theinclusionproject #inclusion #boxing #awardsnight

Exercise in the sun today at the outdoor gym in St Albans πŸ’ͺ🏻 #theinclusionproject #outdoorgym #fitness #runinthesun #inclusion #friends

Repost from The Inclusion Project Luton and Dunstable - awesome cooking with one of our awesome participants - it's all awesome if you didn't realise by now πŸ˜‚ #theinclusionproject #inclusionprojectlutondunstable

Holding the Lion King while watching a Lion 😊🦁 #theinclusionproject #easter #thezoo

Pool with boys in the boxing club - so masculine πŸ’ͺ🏻 #theinclusionproject

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