and if I don’t?

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I’ll always remember you.


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“Rome wasn’t built in a day”🗿
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“Momentum is the supreme law " (Bourdelle)
Hercules the Archer is a symbol of virility, he embodied the acceptable face of blind violence. In the story of his twelve tasks, we can see the birth of heroic humanity.
Engaged in a merciless struggle against the birds of Stymphale Lake, the hero stretches his bow and summons up his courage.
The chiselled mask of the hero, perhaps inspired by archaic Greek statuary, has the incisive beauty of a missile fired towards a target : the arrow becomes the trajectory of mankind.
Here realism borders on idealism. A model may have sat for this anatomy but none could have given it this countenance or movement. The result is a symbol of a new humanity, in which man contends with powerful forces and strives to surpass himself.
Although we are not Greek Gods, I had to remind myself that there will always be people and forces in life that break you down, but only you, yourself, with your own power can get past those obstacles.

and so it begins

F R I E N D O R F O E ?

Didn’t mean to love you. 
Didn’t mean to show my hand.

Life in the lights

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