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Part 3 ⠀ "Wanda! We don't want to hurt you!" Steve called to her from the ground for she rose up again into the sky. "You must stop this madness!" Clint yelled next. "YOU ALL SHOULD FEAR ME!" She roared back at them. Red eyes watched with interest as Natasha made her way over holding her hands up as a surrendering act. This was new response from the Widow and it intrigued Scarlet Witch's interest. ⠀ "Look Wanda. You have gone through a traumatic experience. I get it but to lash out at the world isn't the way to heal" Nat spoke to her in a calm manner. "We are your friends. Let us help you" ⠀

Red eyes faded back to normal for a quick section before the woman yelled "I WILL NOT FALL FOR YOUR TRICKS!" ⠀ "NAT, LOOK OUT!" The Captain yelled a warning as Wanda launced a wave of magic at Natasha. Steve quickly ran over and blocked the magic attack with his shield protecting his friend. The redhead was greatful "Thanks. My words reached her. I think the best strategy is to not fight her. That's what she wants. Instead let's try to reach her" ⠀

Steve nods "Good thinking, Nat." He looked at the others "Stand down" They listened to his order even though they were ready to fight Wanda if they had too. Banner was doing his best not to turn into the Hulk. ⠀

Tony flew up to look at the Sokovian brunette in the eyes "Hey Wanda. Look I know you are angry but Romanoff is right. We are here to help you. Come on kiddo." His face mask lifted up and he smiled kindly at her. ⠀

The Scarlet Witch clenched her fists as she felt Wanda fight for control. "It is too late. The damage is done. There is no turning back now." She looked at him with fiery tears streaming down her face. ⠀

Stark reached out to grasp her hand. Wrong move on his part as she pulled away and blasted him out of the sky. He landed hard beside his team "Well that didn't work. Anyone got Plan B?" Tony groans as Steve helps him up. Bucky nods stepping forward "I got this" ⠀ "Oh please another one coming to speak some sense" She scoffed as she lowered herself to the ground and was immediately engulfed into a hug. The Sokovian brunette blinked in surprised when Bucky hugged her. She was not expecting that. ⠀ (CIC)

The Hulk took us home after The Color Run today at Six Flags in Atlanta, GA. Sponsored by Cricket Wireless💚 We had a great day! •

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Might be the last big one of the year! 🍉🍉

this movie gon kill me🤩
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