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As you seemed to like my last tank top. Here's another one! 😂 #thehpalliance

My new Ravenclaw cardigan is my favorite piece of clothing.😭⚡️💙 #potterheadlife #thelifeofapotterhead #ravenclawlife #thehpalliance

Ravenclaw Loretta Thayer Macenka ran the Maritime 8k in Newport News, Virginia. The HRC print skirt that Loretta is wearing is available from @SparkleSkirts!

Join us for the 10k & SPEW (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare) race and provide scholarships for young women to attend the #GrangerLeadershipAcademy, an initiative of #TheHPAlliance to train the socially-invested leaders of tomorrow to decrease worldsuck and “do some good in the world!” __________________________________ $21 of your $25 race registrations can be claimed as charitable donations on your 2016 US tax returns due to our status as a 501(c)3!
Want to help your team win the House Cup? Download the @CharityMiles app, join your house team listed below, and get moving!


Also join the team named @hogwartsrunningclub so we can track our collective charitable impact as #OneHRC! Our goal for 2017 is to surpass 4.5 million miles in that group!
To learn more about how you can download @charitymiles and start earning miles for your house, visit the link in our profile and find the FAQ page. Our HRC Great Hall closed group on Facebook is also a great resource to answer any questions you may have. Read the pinned post and instructions in the files section for the answers you seek.

Tag #‎HRCMemberSpotlight in your posts for a chance to be featured in an upcoming post.

Find us on Twitter @HogwartsRunners
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proud to be a wizard activist. #thehpalliance #GeekyCon #ribboncon #squad

Our S.P.E.W. club is volunteering at the @thehpalliance booth at today's #usquidditchcup! Be sure to pay them a visit and learn about what our chapter and those around the world do. #hpa #thehpalliance #usquidditch #harrypotter

2x around Buddy Holly park is about 4miles. 7.60/50miles completed for Road to Hogwarts 2: Escape From Privet Drive. #roadtohogwarts2 #escapefromprivetdrive #harrypotter #thehpalliance #nikerunning

Here's a political campaign I could support: Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood 2016! These cool items are from a fundraiser by the Harry Potter Alliance @thehpalliance, a non-profit group that raises awareness and supports various social issues. They have created the Apparating Library at many cons and donate the books collected. Check them out at theHPalliance.org. #harrypotter #thehpalliance

Serious ⚡️hp⚡️clue game 😎 #meckmarauders #thehpalliance

I am reeling to talk to anyone about #cursedchild. Anyone? I won't do it on public because #keepthesecrets and all. Meanwhile, enjoy this @thehpalliance display that @peanutsized11 and I made! ✨⚡️#thehpalliance #hpandthecursedchild


Our S.P.E.W. club is volunteering at the @thehpalliance booth at today's #usquidditchcup! Be sure to pay them a visit and learn about what our chapter and those around the world do. #hpa #thehpalliance #usquidditch #harrypotter

Ever heard of a virtual event? @hogwartsrunningclub sets up different runs that let attendees participate wherever and whenever they choose. Their newest event will raise enough funds to sponsor the Granger Leadership Academy for a couple of years. #givingback #thehpalliance #SPEW #virtualevents

thehpalliance.org - couldn't fit it on the pic post☺Regan #theharrypotteralliance #thehpalliance #shepersisted

Excited for another @mecklenburgmarauders meeting tonight. And this quote seems to be becoming more and more prevalent these days. #librarylife #librarianwardrobe #ootd @thehpalliance #thehpalliance #thisiswhatalibrarianlookslike #bookswornwell

Looking for the perfect last minute Christmas gift? Look no further than a ticket to the Rockin' Charity Yule Ball! (Link in the description). Tickets are only on sale until December 30th, so be sure to grab yours before it's too late.
Also, a little flying key told us to keep an eye out on the 26th for a magical Boxing Day deal!

More 'crafting' tonight. First pins, now patches, though the latter do require sewing! #fingerache #thehpalliance #harryandthepotters #harrypotter #hedwig #hermionegranger #lunalovegood #ginnyweasley #bookstagram

You heard right! @knoxvillesyeg is generously hosting a HARRY POTTER TRIVIA NIGHT in support of the Yule Ball! The prizes promise to be magical ✨ We'll see you there! And yes -- you'll even be able to buy your Yule Ball tix there too, if you haven't already. 😍 //
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HARRY POTTER FANS LISTEN UP 🙌🏻🙌🏻 on Thursday December 15th, we are proud to bring you our first ever trivia night - @knoxvillesyeg style 😎😎 we are partnering with the @yeghpa in support of there Rockin Charity Yule ball 💃🏻💃🏻The trivia night will be tournament style consisting of teams of 5, culminating in one grand champion who will receive a very very generous Harry Potter prize pack ⚡️⚡️😏 Doors are at 7pm, to confirm your attendance please RSVP via our club line at 587-988-5669 #keepitdowntown #trivianight #edmontonpotterwatch

It's everyone's favourite sale of the year-- Sirius Black Friday weekend! Save 15% on your tickets to The Third Rockin' Charity Yule Ball when you use the discount code 'padfoot'. Be sure to find your nearest hippogriff and fly on over to eventbrite as soon as possible, because this deal disappears at the stroke of midnight on Sunday! (Link in the description).

As you seemed to like my last tank top. Here's another one! 😂 #thehpalliance

The United States is a result of hundreds of years of immigration, people who came from all over the world to make this great country. "We are a high school reunion for the entire human race"- Andrew Slack

#gatessocial #givingtuesday #thehpalliance

We all know what can go wrong when you miss the train... Today is the LAST DAY for you to hop on board to purchase your ticket for The Third Rockin' Charity Yule Ball and be entered for the chance to win it for free!

So don't forget to head on over to eventbrite before October 17th to snatch up your tickets, avoid crashing a flying car, and ensure you're ready to head back to Hogwarts with us this January (link in the description!).

Edmonton Potterwatch is incredibly proud to be featuring 100% homegrown talent for The Third Rockin' Charity Yule Ball in support @ihumanyouthsociety! We are delighted to be bringing back fan favourites Sean Sonego and Amy Voyer and we couldn't be happier to welcome aboard master looper Paul Woida to complete this year's magical line-up. Do you have your tickets yet? Link is in the description!

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