Want to know why this picture is perfect?
Because it was taken exactly 2 months ago by a man that means the world to me. A man that recently lost his battle with cancer and returned to heaven last Sunday.😥
My father in law Wayne.🙏
Only 8 weeks ago he stood up balancing on a chair, telling us to pose, being the best ‘Instagram Dad’ he could be. .
I haven’t been posting over these last few weeks because I wanted to respect my family, heal my heart and spend every last second I could with him.
Today I stumbled across this picture on my phone and it immediately filled my heart with joy remembering who took it.
Finding this photo made me want to share with the world again.... 💕 grief is hard to push through, but I’m slowly finding the strength to rise up. ✨

@userusesus shared the beginning of her new project on the New East
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Virtual yoga? 🧘‍♂️🤨 Ruben Baart told us about digital detoxing by @nextnaturenetwork
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@tim__mk listing as much things from The List Of All Things, his fav page online
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You can’t see it, but there were a lot of 🐜🐜🐜 in this room 🙃 This is @jorislandman, one of March’ image editors
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Meet @heleenblanken who was our guest programmer yesterday! 🙏
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@leendertcs gave us a sneak peek in his work as editor of @glamcult
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With @kate8 we social spied on the Insta’s of Ivanka Trump and Emmanuel Macron yesterday 👀
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How happy is Ruben van de Ven? In %?
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Sometimes life throws a massive curveball out of nowhere. It’s an all encompassing moment that tests us, challenges us and overwhelms us...but we push through.
To anyone dealing with something so big it seems impossible, I see you. Keep your head up and just take it ONE day at a time. ✨

How much does it really cost to live in Bali for 2 months?
I sat down with Ali from ‘Aligned and Alive’ to talk about:
☀How I afford full time travel & how much it actually costs to live in Bali
☀My tips for staying healthy on the road
☀How to deal with criticism from family/friends
☀My everyday morning routine.
I am also obsessed with podcasts lately because they are so easy to listen to when I am getting ready, doing chores, on a flight…anywhere!
Don’t you just love them!?
🎧Listen to my podcast interview with Ali at:
Link in Bio
(Or look up ‘Aligned and Alive’ episode 9 on iTunes or Spotify)
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Join us on March 28th to hear from @kate8 Kate is a writer and journalist who became widely known for her analysis of Melania Trump’s Instagram account. Since then she has analysed the social media accounts of many more public figures. What story do their pictures tell? 🤔
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This was a moment I almost missed because
I used to let material things control my life…

My priorities were not on experiences, they were only on THINGS.
Instead of planning adventures I was signing up for my 5th subscription box of the month, buying tops that I would never take the tags off of, and ordering extra Sephora when I had tons of makeup already.

At the time I didn’t see the issue. I always had the newest stuff, technically I could afford it, so what was the problem?
The problem was amount of money I was bleeding on things that didn’t make my life any richer.
My compulsive shopping was stealing THOUSANDS of dollars a year, putting debt on my credit cards and adding a ton of pressure to my life.

I vowed to start being intentional with my spending and only buy things that bring value and purpose to my life.
The result was INCREDIBLE!
Less spending, less waste and less guilt meant: more saving, more travel and more freedom.
I want a life full of MEMORIES, not receipts!✌️
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Doha Qatar totally caught me off guard.
Can I be super honest about something?
I had never been to a Middle Eastern country before and I wasn’t sure if the culture would be my thing.
It turns out, it’s right up my alley! I absolutely LOVED it!
In my short 4 days in Doha, my eyes were opened to a completely different way of life.
I loved hearing the ‘call to prayer’ echoing down the labyrinth of stone streets, walking through the markets that must have inspired Aladdin and Mos Eisley (🤓) and learning about the customs and traditions.
I wanted to share a few things I learned about Qatar with you! :)
🇶🇦It can commonly get past 40 Celsius in the summer, but winter months only around 20.
🇶🇦 No tax :)
🇶🇦 It’s very clean and very safe.
🇶🇦 It’s the richest country in the world! (Highest GDP per capita).
🇶🇦 It’s also the safest country in the world, being statistically least likely for a natural disaster to strike compared to any other country.
🇶🇦 Men out number women 2 to 1.
🇶🇦 In Doha, it’s not easy to find booze! Many hotels and restaurants don’t serve it at all.
🇶🇦 It will host World Cup in 2022.
🇶🇦 You can dive for pearls.
🇶🇦 Women need to cover up shoulders, knees, and not wear sheer, revealing or skintight clothing. Men should also cover knees and shoulders.
🇶🇦 They love falcons! Even their airline, Qatar Airways, will allow you to fly with your falcon on board.
Do you like learning things about the new places you visit??

Have you read this yet?
If so I want to chat with you! 😍
I’m featuring some readers on my blog and social media, so if you’ve read it (or want to read it!) let me know so I can highlight YOU!
It’s heart warming and humbling when I hear stories of how my book is helping people live a more minimalist life!
I’m featuring a woman who is already saving $1000/m after putting my tips into play, and another couple who is taking the leap into full time travel! And I have lots of people who are just happier having less crap taking up space in their minds/homes.
I can’t wait to add YOUR story!! #thebossbabesociete

Let’s talk about ‘what to wear’ in Middle Eastern countries…😬
And the above photo will be an example of what NOT to wear in public🙃
Don’t worry, I didn’t, this outfit was reserved just for poolside at the hotel.
However, before my 4 day stop in Doha, I have to admit I was a little ignorant on what should and should not be worn in public. I learned that women tourists should cover shoulders, knees, and not wear see through or skin tight clothing.
Yikes! I didn’t have anything in my bag that fit into those requirements.
I have been so used to warm and casual places like Mexico and Bali that I almost committed a culture faux pas!
So here I was in Bali, with only shorts and tank tops in my luggage, flying into Qatar in a few days, no budget for new clothes, no room in my bag for extra items, and all of a sudden learning I need to cover up!
Good thing Bali is full of markets and I was able to grab some cheap material for draping, a scarf, and some loose black pants just a few days before flying in.🧣
I was by NO means a ‘fashionista’ during my time in Doha, but at least I made a good effort to be respectful with how I dressed! I wore a long purple skirt or my flowy black pants the entire time, and rotated covering my revealing tops between a silk scarf or red and gold material draped over my shoulders.
It was actually fun to explore with clothes I never would have normally worn, and I enjoyed learning about Qatari customs. I had to get super creative with not only my budget, but also with items I had that I could re-purpose. I even rigged up a strappy dress as sort of a ‘cape’ that worked to keep me covered and warm.
Next time, I will prepare better for Qatar, as it’s definitely a place I really want to go back to!🇶🇦 👉👉have you ever committed a cultural faux pas!??

The Souq Waqif market in Doha is an absolute treasure! I’ve never been dazzled with so many historic antiques, colourful birds, gleaming gold jewelry, artisan handicrafts, beautiful art, delicious spices and mouth watering food!
If you want your senses rocked, this is the place to be!
I don’t mean ANY offence to markets in places like Bali or Mexico... but most of the stuff sold in those markets has become cheap plastic tourist crap, all made in China, people cat calling you to come buy something. 💩
This market was so much different!
We watched men sewing traditional throbes by hand, jewelry makers bending metals, and many other completely Independant stalls selling 100% unique goods.
Everything caught my eye!💕
It was so magical watching people do their craft.
It made me realize how much I crave history and culture and also how much I am hating our ‘throw away/cheap goods’ society of junky, lousy, ‘stuff’.
It also reminded me to buy local and to support the talents and efforts of real people instead of giant conglomerates.
I know I’m not perfect and I still get some stuff at big chains, but awareness is the first step in change! ✌️

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