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I loves me some good humor writing. Link to article in profile.

Just finished printing a run of these shirts of the poster I did for @thehardtimesnews. They'll be available tonight at the Hard Times comedy show at Nerdmelt here in LA. #thehardtimes #ihateprintingshirts

Despite hitting “maybe” on 67 hardcore shows, metal fests, indie concerts, rock ‘n’ roll gigs, acoustic sessions, and intimate parties he wasn’t invited to, sources close to the situation say it is most likely Germ will most likely just stay home and watch Netflix. #thehardtimes

"Yo, I got a special treat for all kids out there. This is the list of everyone that bought tickets in advance; without you, hardcore would be nothing. So, in alphabetical order, I would like to personally thank the following 75 people.” Full article at www.thehardtimes.net @thehardtimesnews #thehardtimes #shoutouts #backtrack

Thanks to whatever total friendo bought this shirt for me. It's one of the best things there is, and was a pretty cool surprise in the mail. #thehardtimes #unfunny #jawbreaker #unfun #secretgifting @thehardtimesnews

"Dinner? A Movie? Mini Golf? Not if you are dating a dude in a band!
Based on the personal experience of our staff, we at Hard Style have compiled this list of really fun date ideas that you will never experience because you are dating that dude from Brain Buster and need to go to another poorly-attended bar show.
▪️Drive-in Movie
The drive-in movies can be a really fun blast-from-the-past-style date. But the van is full of equipment and broke down on the side of I-84 so good luck making this happen. ▪️Brunch!
Brunch is a center part of many couples’ relationships. Except yours because your man will still be too hungover after last nights gig to get out of bed." Visit TheHardTimes.com to read the article in its entirety. @thehardtimesnews #datenight #dateingproblems #thehardtimes

YES, that cuddly little furry HxC fellow is our own @efbystereo in the @thehardtimesnews #getwiththeprogramme @deathbystereoband #thehardtimes

VEIN is easily one of the best bands i've ever seen in my entire life #vein #thehardtimes #baneshows


#lunch spinach salad, black bean burger, sweet potatoes, & random corn I forgot I left at work yesterday

That was actually me by the way. I'm glad I could help those records in need! 😂😂😂 #Vinyl #VinylCollector #TheHardTimes #Music #Humor #Satire #VinylJunkie #Hero #TheSpecials

I loves me some good humor writing. Link to article in profile.

Never forget who was with you from the start. I Swear Sometimes he can be a mean SOB. But Knowing one day I'm gonna miss that mean SOB. Giving me every piece he can, while he still can #mydayone #thestruggles #thehardtimes #allday #legend #father #boss

The hero we deserve.... #vinyl #vinyling #thehardtimes

After a tear-filled night we cuddled and I got to wake up to his sweet face. I love him so much. His little broken heart destroys me. I have no answers my love. We will get through this together. #thehardtimes #mylittlelove #thoselips #tenderheart

Ayy Bay Area hardcore fam where you at?? Come down to Gilman and see No Warning, Terror, Backtrack, Twitching Tongues and plus more in September! Much thanks to @thehardtimesnews and @baneshows 🤘🏼☠️

Got to do another shirt / flyer design for @thehardtimesnews - inspired by the old video game RAMPAGE. There's another edition of their monthly comedy show here in LA on Sunday the 16th at @nerdmelt! This design is available in shirt form on their site! #thehardtimes #rampage

read my crud on @thehardtimesnews yuh dingus! #thehardtimes #satire #imsopunk

So I ended up in The Hard Times recently and now I get hate from a bunch of goths with no sense of humour. I regret nothing @thehardtimesnews

I've had my share of ups and downs
Times when there was no one around
God came and spoke these words to me
Praise will confuse the enemy

I started singing, I started clapping
I started dancing, people were laughing

They knew my problems, they knew my pain
But I knew God would take them away🙏🙏 #Blessed #nevergiveup #holdon #keepgoing #dontgetdiscouraged #thehardtimes #thedisappointments #willcome #dontquit

Happy 4th. Remember to take out the trash, America. #thehardtimes #fuckofftrump #humangarbage

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