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말레이에서부터 외쳤던,
브런치!!!! 🥑🍳🥗🥤
#bunbury #thehappywife #brunch
#daily #australia #브런치 #호주여행

Thank daddy love for this sweet salon treat 💇🏼 i love you always ♥️ #thehappywife #thoutfulhusbandindeed

Saying yes to you is the best decision I ever made. You have seen me at my worst and been with me through my toughest time, yet you accepted every piece of me. I must say I am so happy and grateful because of you. You are not perfect. I am not perfect. Even our relationship is not perfect. But the love, respect and importance we share make us perfect for each other. I found the real me when I found you, and became the best version of myself, the person I wanted to be. I am my true self. You changed my life and embraced my whole person without changing anything about me. You put me on the pedestal and make me believe that Yes, somebody will love me unconditionally and worth fighting for. You are my answered prayer, my greatest blessing. Thank you for making my dreams come true. I love you so much Jeff. You are simply the best. 💏

5 things you should know about marriage-Number 4: The tongue is a powerful tool. He needs your support- don't tear him down with your words. Instead, encourage him , pray for him, call him beautiful names... #sexymrssomebody #happywifehappylife #thehappywife #marriage

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content .
Sunday brunch with a beautiful view ☀️ #sundaybrunch #sundaywellspent #bunbury #thehappywife #lovewhereyoulive

Sean and Melissa #wearesam He carved our #initials in a #wood #log 🍃#fall #love #thehappywife #ourlovestory #precious

Girls lunch at #thehappywife in #Bunbury on the water pulled pork and slaw

นางทำขนมวันแรก อร่อย!พูดเลย คงต้องรับหน้าที่ชิมเรื่อยสินะ 😬🍰✨#ชิมวนไป #blueberrysoftcheese #bakery #homemade #thehappywife #softcheese #blueberrycheesecake

I wanna be DOWN!
Check your emails ladies 💋💍

Ladies the emails were sent but this is a reminder, you still got time to complete the challenge!!! 💋💍

Marriage is not always easy, but we're in this thing for life!!! 💋💍

Hey Naughty Wives!

It's that time again!!! That's right, it's time for our monthly Night Cap! Last month was AMAZING and this month will be even better.
Don't forget to tell a friend!
Can't wait to see you! 💋💍 (Located in SoCal - Inland Empire)

When wisdom speaks... listen 😂😂😂

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