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Stomach bug strikes again 😩 (poor boss man). We were on our way to the Mid State Fair and had to turn around. So I'll just be sitting here cuddling my babies, with a Mali & diet in hand, eating my to-go chili cheese fries. Because that's a cure all combo, amiright?

Anyone else craving fall weather right now?! I am just dying to wear all of my new fall goodies! This jacket is one of my fav #nsale purchases🙌🏽 All outfit details in my bio!! http://liketk.it/2sbl0

We couldn't help it- just one last trip to the beach!!! 💙 Thank you sooo much for all the love and support on my last post!! Just love u guys!! So much!! 🤗💋|| http://liketk.it/2sbqo @liketoknow.it #liketkit @liketoknow.it.family

I've been trying to get a classic watermelon picture for a couple of months now. Jude doesn't like watermelon so he wouldn't even touch one. I had given up... until today! When I picked Jude up at school, his teacher told me that he ate watermelon and loved it. Jude's a picky eater so it was a big surprise. We picked up a watermelon on our way home, and he's eaten almost half of it already. My heart is happy 🍉

I'm prrrreeeettttty obsessed with my lasted mural @thebevydallas. You can never go wrong with life sized florals 🖤 oh my heart

A few weeks ago Naz and I ate at a cozy speakeasy @dinnertablenyc in East Village and Chef @ricster blew us away with his food! So. Bloody. Good.
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I like big bows and I cannot lie 🎀👸http://liketk.it/2sbgG #liketkit @liketoknow.it


Для того, чтобы сейчас сидеть на берегу моря, любоваться бухточкой и наслаждаться 🦑🐟🦐, пришлось проехать 1500 км. 😅И по сути, это не так много, если бы половина пути не проходила через горы 🚘🏔Представляете себе эти крутые повороты ? Красотаааа✨✨ но только не тогда, когда ты в роли горного козлика 🙈😹😹Так вот, о чем я. Еда здесь вкусная, подушки удобные, а вид из номера захватывающий💙#vscochernivtsi #такяснимаю #travel #thatsdarling #мирмоимиглазами #architecturephotography #вокругнас #красота #happymoment #mood #adventureisoutthere #travelawesome #awesomeday #thehappynow #makemoments #мирдолжензнатьгдея #chernivtsi #life #liketime #wonderful_places #simplebeyondblog #weekend #helloworld


My foliage obsession has reached a new level.
I'm not sure if it's part of the 'nesting' phase but my only desire is to turn my home into an urban jungle 🌿

💍✨💍✨💍✨💍✨ shop all these stackable styles today! Website link in bio or call one of store locations for an appointment!

Nothing better than a good dose of esquimó kisses to start the day right 💕

During a heavy downpour whilst camping, I decided to tackle the bird's nest that had settled atop of Coco's head. I gave her my 📱 & she discovered InstaStories. Watching it back, I think I may have stumbled across a gem ⭐️⭐️⭐️. A regular 📺 update featuring the kids & a load of filters - called the A, B, C show. Watch my stories for details 👍🏾

You have to proclaim and declare what you want for your life and it is the repetitions of these affirmations that will bring belief, action and results. Go get it!

Hair flippin and coffee sippin #keepcup

Heute mal etwas Gestreiftes fürs Office🤓Abends geht's dann wieder ins fitness🏋️‍♀️ Euch allen einen guten Start in den Tag 😉✌️ -------------------------------------------------- #ootd #menstyleguide #thehappynow #nürnberg #nürnbergcity #karlsruhe #berlin #zwickau #goodmorningpost #dailyoutfit #todayiamwearing #apartmentlife #businesscasual #ootdman #germanboy #gentlemenstyle

Those eyes 😍 Up late tonight because I just revamped our site a bit! I FINALLY figured out how to get a slideshow on the homepage of the Alex template that we love so much from @squarespace Feels like a huge win! And somehow I love Squarespace even more 😉 Check it out, link in bio! ☝️

Blessed to call this stunning place the office for the next few days! ❤️This time last year, I was severely depressed, incredibly unhappy and felt lost and confused. Grief stricken from losing my Dad only a few months before, in a job that brought me no joy or fulfilment but I was too scared to let go of because it paid my bills, terrified of my new found discovery of our own mortality. I had had suicidal thoughts. I couldn't get out of bed most days. I couldn't explain to anyone that what I was feeling went beyond the deep grief, and I'd been feeling for years but finally overwhelmed me....The turning point for me was getting to the end of 2016 and telling myself that I would not be in that same position a year from then. I'd always dreamt of something bigger for myself, but I finally decided to take the leap and create my big. Turn my big dreams into big business. I began working with a coach and finally knew that I'd found my something big. Your something big could be anything you want! But if you're still scared of taking the leap towards your something big...don't be. Be more scared of waking up a year from now and nothing has changed....create your big! ❤️

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