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I knew I recognized this spot.
Absolute legends 💰


New boardshorts with @the_grominator dropping tonight
Shop: www.fromny.net #fromny x #thegrominator

I just like this picture @thegrominator × @lovebottherobot
Words of advice:

Rember to "Do whatever the fu*k you wana do." Something my brother here and I live by.

To look back and think I took on virtually everything I wanted to do failure or success, is a remarkable feeling.

My life has been a series of wondrous moments and adventures. Nothing can take that from you. I have been as close as you can get to death, I may have even passed and been revived debatably and trust me when I say, you will forever feel your adventures etched into your soul.

I'm not going to get into that story now. I meant to say:

If your life is a grand adventure then it becomes more valuable with every risk taken, good or bad.

#lovebot #thegrominator #topbusting


The eye of the #tylertiger. A couple of his many waves from Kaisers today. #tbonethebombsniffingdog #teammoku #thegrominator #5yearsold

@chrismiyashiro, thank you so much for these sick edits of #tylertiger surfing at Kaisers on Tuesday! #teammoku #tbonethebombsniffingdog #thegrominator #5yearsold

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