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#TheGreatSpyExperiment played their last set. Tears were shed, fond memories triggered, cheers & a standing ovation was their send off. Emotional, sacred & raw, it felt like the baton was passed on to the next generation of local musicians.
If last night's tight set from @wherewascharlie was any indicator, it's safe to say we're in good hands.

In a couple of hours, my favourite local band will play for the last time as I watch on with a heavy heart. It will be pretty surreal to hear the last chord strum off their guitars because it feels like the end of an era for local music.

My favourite GSE moment happened on 14th May 2011: the day I turned 21. I had nothing planned for the day, but when I found out that the band was playing at the Prince of Wales I knew I had to be there. I recall singing along to my favourite tunes from Flower Show Riots with my beer raised to the air! I approached the band after the show and we took this photo. That day, you made this fanboy very happy! Thank you, GSE.

A lot of time has passed since I watched the band for the first time in 2005 by the Esplanade Waterfront. To GSE: all the best with life, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you guys will play together again in future. #throwback #thegreatspyexperiment #GSEmoments

Today is Friday. We play #thegreatspyexperiment songs at the barbershop and make people handsome. Happy Friday geylang !! Don't thank god it's Friday,thank god you are handsome. #barbershopmusic #thegreatspyexperiment #thegreathandsomeexperiment #call82289063forappoinment #whatsapp82289063forappointment

Thanks to @fahmimahony for dragging me to Esplanade, I have to agree as i was just shooting at Flyer earlier. This is actually my only time watching The Great Spy Experiment performing live and sadly its their last. That's @frazak being a crybaby, giving an emotional speech to the start of their awesome performance. I did choke on my tear hearing it. Though its their last, i believe their spirits will keep on inspiring other local bands or even new ones. #GSE

Such a bittersweet evening watching these guys perform their very last show as the inimitable @thegreatspyexperiment. It was hard to hold back the tears (although not for Fandy, obviously 😏) but one couldn't help brimming with pride to see how far they've come, and how much the local music scene has grown over the last decade. There's leaps and bounds to go, but it'll get there someday. We will miss your epic flower show riots, GSE. #HouseOfRiot #TheGreatSpyExperiment

Soundcheck #2 . And all lights are rigged. #houseofriot #charlielim #inch #thegreatspyexperiment / Photo by Aloysius Lim @aloysiuslim

Throwback to 10th April 2012, mastering the great spy experiment with Greg Calbi #sterlingsound #thegreatspyexperiment

The curtain falls for @thegreatspyexperiment. Flower Show Riots was the very first local album I had listened to. When they took turns to slowly leave the stage, my heart ached with longing — I was turning the closing pages of a book that had taken me on a rollicking journey. Yet, even as I reluctantly put it down, it had already needled its way into my heart, waiting patiently for time that it shall burn alive again. #thegreatspyexperiment #supportlocal


Who the F are The E's? Highlight of the night for their one and only show Hint: #thegreatspyexperiment

Found an even older stash of photos from Baybeats 2012, this one is of the great spy experiment. At this point in time I had only been in Singapore for 4 months and this was my first exposure to #sgmusic . Also, i shot this on a borrowed dslr, I had no money to buy my own camera at the time as I had just relocated. I would buy my own camera a few months later (and the rest is history lol). I remember quite clearly digging the #GSE sound + one other local artist I'm going to post soon. #baybeats #flashbackfriday #sg #music #musicphotography #thegreatspyexperiment

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