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It's interesting how the Northern Lights can look so different depending on their intensity. When the lights are faded, it's takes alot more time to properly expose for them. This photo was shot with a 30sec exposure which really brings out the purples. Just simply amazing!

Jan 20. 2018

When the weather Network says it's going to be cloudy, this proves it's still worth to go out. Looking forward to the next month and a half of prime Northern Lights viewing. Going to be some very cranky mornings... I can tell

Feb 23. 2018

“Don't know what I'm gonna do
But I guess I gotta see it through”

When you realize that time plays such as important factor. @eleazar.jpg

Tampere from Rajasalmi bridge

That moment you’re getting pumped for the weekend but then you remember you have work 10hrs tomorrow. Anyone else have this problem haha

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Still thinking about this day. I think it was the deepest snow I have ever skied. 😍❄️

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