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The Sprague Fire kind of ruined most people’s visiting plans last fall. This shot of the fire is from Apgar.

Most days I would prefer this to my #40hoursaweek at work. How about you? I mean what would you rather be doing than working?

The morning sun kisses Heaven Peak in the Livingston Range during our 33 plus mile day hike from Logan Pass to Goathaunt. It was a long day but oh so worth the trip. I am not sure I could have said that right after the hike ended. I got dehydrated and had cramps in both legs for the last 6 miles of the hike. Not fun then, but a great memory now. What is your longest distance ever hiked in one day? Comment below ...

Sunset over the Apgar Mountain Range and Lake McDonald was amazing! This is from February 12.

Alpenglow as cold as ice! This long exposure shot of the peaks in Glacier was captured at Lake McDonald tonight. I shot this long after sunset as the waves crashed. The long exposure made the lake look like it is iced over but it is not. What ice there was along the shoreline was quickly destroyed when the wind picked up after sundown. Have you seen the alpenglow in Glacier? Comment below about your memory of this amazing experience.

This is the auspicious start to the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park. Would you start the 7.6 mile hike to Granite Park Chalet if the clouds were like this? Comment below and let us know what you would do and # a friend who would certainly not go with you.

Going-to-the-Sun times two. There are certain advantages of going to Logan Pass WAY before other people even think about getting there. One advantage is being able to stand in the middle of the road and take a bunch of photos without having to worry about getting run over! Comment below about where you would like to stand in Glacier without having to worry about being in someones way. Is it a road or a trail or a lake or a mountain top?

More of those crazy beautiful rocks from Lake McDonald. Who needs a beautiful mountain scene when you have these beauties? Well I for one like the peaks too. How about you?

The incredible Grinnell Glacier Basin as viewed from the route to Grinnell Point. What are your plans for summer? Are you coming to Glacier National Park? What is the first place you want to go when you get here?

Lake Josephine in Many Glacier is one of the most spectacular yet oh-so-east-to-reach places in Glacier. Thanks Erin at @dancing_aspens_photo for the tag. Please check out her amazing portfolio on her IG account. She does amazing work!

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