Last month my wife and I celebrated 32 years of marriage. She wanted photos and booked @jmkphotomt to do a session in Glacier National Park. We don’t regret it! Wayne did a great job and he made it fun. If you are you coming to Glacier and need a photographer Wayne is the man to hire. Check out his feed and book a session.

Follow @visitglacier to win. TRANQUILITY - find some in the Two Medicine Valley! Night 7 of the takeover. Follow us NOW for a chance to WIN my new book - Contest ends tomorrow at 10 p.m. MST. P.S. ... If you followed us in the last week, since July 9, 2018, you already have a chance to win!

POOR TIMING - Have you ever heard “You should have been there 45 minutes ago” or ,”You should have been here last week.” This is one of those shots - we arrived late for the sunset at Logan Pass. The skies were beautiful and full of color as we drove up GTTS Road, the colors were on their way out when we got there. We made the most of what we had left.

Imagine coming around a curve and seeing a field of purple as far as your eyes could see. The lavender farm wasn’t open yet but the groundskeepers invited me to explore as long as I liked. I wish I could have rolled around in it — it smelled absolutely heavenly.
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THE FIRST LIGHT - one of the beauties of Glacier is photography. It allows us to see the unseen. This image is from well after dark and I just love the lighting.

THE FIRST LIGHT This is why I enjoy photography we can see the unseen - a view of Logan Pass well after dark from the east side tunnel. Takeover night 5 by @visitglacier - follow us for more pics of of Glacier.

Sunrise reflection of Bearhat Mountain.

Mornings on St. Mary Lake are just “ho hum.” “Ho hum” if you miss them that is. Get out there and #visitglacier and see it all. The morning after I took this shot I learned that a grizzly was frequenting this area. I did not see it, but that would have been interesting.

The Two Medicine Valley as seen from Looking Glass Hills. @visitglacier take over night 4. Sunrise was spectacular and I had to tear myself away from Two Medicine Lake and start the drive north along the east boundary of the park. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I found this amazing scene. What surprised you the most when you visited Glacier or if you have not visited what do you most want to see?

This set of mountains are quite familiar to most visitors. Comment if you have ever stood on one or all three of the summits by telling us which summits. They are Mount Oberlin, Clements Mountain and Mount Cannon.

What will you do when you VISIT GLACIER? Night 2 of the @visitglacier takeover and you are looking at dusk at St. Mary Lake. Follow us get more ideas of where to go during your visit.

The stars are bright and the vibe is oh so right in Glacier NP.

DUSK AT WILD GOOSE - sunset over St. Mary Lake can be amazing. This is a definite must if you visit glacier.

Heavy Runner Mountain and Reynolds Mountain from a short section of Logan Creek in the Logan Pass area.

Clements Mountain from the Oberlin Basin.

A seasonal waterfall along Going-to-the-Sun Road. The water is really rolling and the snow is melting.

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