Father’s Day is coming up... get that special man a very special gift this year. ☕️ #TheBestDad #TheGreatestDad #TheresNoBetterDad #BelieveMe #China #Mexico #FakeNews #Collusion #HappyFathersDay #coffee #cofveve

Harold Stanley Braam
Je laatste woorden aan mij : “jij bent de captain van het team”...ik begreep je toen niet...maar wat je bedoelde was dat ik het voortouw moest nemen in “het team”...het team...jouw kinderen...jouw nalatenschap...ik doe elke dag me best Pa om met liefde en vol dankbaarbaarheid voort te zetten wat jij achter hebt gelaten...hoop dat je trots bent...lobi voor altijd Paps.
#misjeelkedagweer #thegreatestdad #jeblijftvoortleven

Yesterday my dad died, he was ill but he passed to soon I was supposed to see him next week on my birthday, it was a shock to have my sister sat in front of me telling me our dad had passed away when only minutes before I was walking in the sun with my dog Bella so happy. Now the pain sets in. Looking back there were things I wish I had said and done but I spoke to him on Monday and my last words to him were “I love you dad”, and he replied with “I love too”. Dad you were the greatest and loveliest farther I could have asked for and others told me you were the the nicest man they had ever met. Thank you for always helping me and always being there for me no matter what, I owe you so much I will forever be thankful for that and I will always be thankful for your unconditional love! You are with mum now hand in hand walking into the sun. No more pain dad just peace. Rest now, go with the Angels, I love you! #mydad #rip #thegreatestdad #iloveyou

Every April 15 , is a celebration even after 16 years later .... I’m still living ; so you still living daddy ....... My Dadddy My Angel 😇 #Dooly #Thegreatestdad #forevermissed

This day 11 years ago , I woke up to a call to me that my dad had just passed away , one of life's big phone calls , we all have experienced something similar or will do at some point , it's impact was massive on our family as Jim in life was the core sun we all gravitated towards , and in death the same , for 11 years we have lamented and thought about him, "what if" and "if Jim had seen this ?"or "what would jim have done ?", or "do you remember the time Jim"....he would have enjoyed watching his legend grow , while also chuckling to himself at how bonkers we all are , we've hung portraits of him , named buildings after him , established an annual Artists bursary in his name , the colossal statue is eeeh still in the planning stages 😊, not sure what to say after 11 years , only that the only way I think you can honour those you have lost is to Live a whole life , with time for smiles , laughter , a bit of adventure, be brave when you need to be ,and sometimes when you don't , tough too if that's needs to be the call, no crushing anyone else's dreams . Share what you learn , and be generous when you can be .Be a bridge builder , that's what my dad did , built bridges with people his whole life as best he could , and after he had built the bridge, made that friend or been of some help, then it was always alright to ask " that if they ever needed a few tiles be sure to call him " 😊, to Jim.... #missingyou #thegreatestdad #dad

My greatest man has become 62 years old. Oh Lord, i just wish one thing, give him jannah. He deserved it bcuz of all of his effort to raise the seven of us with our mom can't be compensate with any gold. Lord, give him a long life so all of us can grow old together.
#TheGreatestDad #10thApril56 #Bayang

Screaming Happy Birthday Daddy!!!
With the family celebrating my Pops @haroldandbellesrestaurant! #happybirthday #daddysday #daddysgirl #myoldman #thegreatestdad #ilovemesomehim

Честит рожден ден на най-голямата ми любов! Обичам те, тати! Бъди здрав, упорит, смел, борбен, истински и успешен още дълги години, както до сега!
Пожелавам ти цялото щастие и любов на света! ❤️ТИ СИ ВЕЛИК! ❤️
47 but still young & crazy😜
#thegreatestdad #oneandonly

Happy birthday to the greatest dad and best man in the world everyone that knows him kno he the realist 🍺 🍻 #busch #buschmann #nomanbetter #mydad #thegreatestdad #bigdave #david

Auguri a te, che sei la persona più buona che io abbia mai conosciuto; che dai agli altri senza mai pretendere nulla; che non ti fermi mai; che per ogni problema, trovi sempre una soluzione... auguri a TE che nella mia vita sei essenziale! #auguripapà #since1996 #mydad #thegreatestdad

Desde que eu dei conta de mim, é assim que você me olha, quando eu estou distraída, com um olhar de esperança, admiração, zelo, preocupação,... todos os anseios de um pai que ama. Ama sem dizer uma palavra, ama nas atitudes do dia a dia, ama no jeito como a gente conversa, ama só de estar próximo a mim, ama só de estar com o coração batendo. Pai, nesse dia eu quero te desejar toda felicidade do mundo! Que o senhor continue sendo esse pai, marido, avô, tio, amigo maravilhoso, sempre tentando ajudar quem precisa e não esperando nada em troca disso por ter um coração imenso, que continue sendo meu herói, meu porto seguro, meu exemplo de perseverança, meu ponto de paz, tudo pra mim! Obrigada por me fazer sentir querida e amada desde o momento em que eu abri meus olhos. Espero que eu ainda possa passar mais 71 aniversários ao seu lado! Parabéns, paizão! Te amo muito! ❤️ #happybirthdaydad #myhero #thegreatestdad #love #happiness #family #childhood

Happiest of birthday wishes to this wonderful human I get to call My Husband.
#happybirthday #myhusband #thankyou #thegreatestdad #mybestfriend #feelingblessed #loveyoutothemoonandback

This is how a lot of black men actually are with their kids TBH. (The media got y’all fooled.) #TheGreatestDad #BlackMen💙

You are the greatest and best mother and father we have. May you always be good in goodness.

My legend, my hero, my best friend, my Dad. #missyou #thegreatestdad #foreverremembered

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