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Thankful for a man who loves me unconditionally as well as everyone who came with me! After match pep talks! Good luck #lompocbraves tonight against morro bay! #matseason #wrestling #keepingupwiththecarters #thegoodthebadtheunfiltered

I held this girl in my arms when she was weeks old, P was "just a friend" tonight we celebrated her graduation from Pre K! #ALK #myhusbanddressedhimself #thegoodthebadtheunfiltered #keepingupwiththecarters

When your mom & dad say your friends can stay an extra hour! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #becomingacarter #keepingupwiththecarters #thegoodthebadtheunfiltered #ranchparty #nocrankyneighbors

In the middle of all the wedding craziness, Paul was given an opportunity that we have been praying for, more importantly we have been praying for direction over. The week of our wedding Paul gave his two week notice to a company he had been with for 10 years, a company he at most times gave more to then he gave to himself. Although this chapter is currently new & foreign to him I can't help but be thankful for the opportunity but more importantly be thankful for him & his willingness to step outside of his comfort zone! I may be biased, but I'd buy anything he is promoting!
Congratulations on your 2nd official day & thank you for continuously working hard to provide!
Shoutout to @jillianmariephotography for this picture! It's a framer!
#keepingupwiththecarters #yearone #thegoodthebadtheunfiltered #becomingacarter

In life I feel like often times we have an expectation of certain things going a certain way. We expect the road ahead to be perfectly paved, straight road with 24k gold. But sometimes life happens. Sometimes things we thought would never change, change. Jobs come to an end. Two different people come together & attempt to create a "normal" marriage & life together. They fight to find common ground. People we thought would be here forever end up passing. The past 6 months have been exactly like the pathway in the picture, uneven, sometimes clean, sometimes dirty, uphill & you always by my side. We have dealt with a lot in the first six months, but no one else is rather do life with then you. It hasn't been easy but the reality of a marriage sometimes it isn't easy! But it's been worth it! I love you, P!

The mullet gets to stay another week! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Temecula here we come!
Not for the wine but for the win.
#supportlocal #lompocbraves #lompocwrestling #thegoodthebadtheunfiltered #keepingupwiththecarters


I was recently "diagnosed" with what an educated doctors called #pcos (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) & fatty liver disease. I was it was highly unlikely I would be a mom... all this based off of numbers on a paper, small face to face conversation & small amount of questions. I was taught to trust & respect someone's advice, especially a doctor. β €
β €
She quickly wrote me four prescriptions. β €
I dropped all prescriptions off, but let them sit. I started to second guess the situation. It didn't make sense to me. β €
β €
Until one day, I was down & out. Working hard but not seeing progress, feeling defeated allowing a diagnosis define me. But, I no longer BELIEVE it does. I went & picked up the prescriptions. With the idea, maybe this can change everything.. but it didn't. I thought a pill with side effects such as irregular heartbeat, heart failure & seizers was worth it! β €
β €
This "short cut" wasn't worth it to me. β €
β €
The products I replaced her prescriptions with aren't the answer to fix my "problems" but they are scientifically proven to help with my problems. β €
β €
Instead of trusting someone I knew with products that I was familiar with, I trusted someone who I didn't know, someone who didn't take time to know me or ask me questions with products I told myself I would take unless it was my only option, which it wasn't. β €
β €
Please know I'm not a celebrity trying to sell you a product, I'm a "normal" human sharing my heart.

Are you a fan of see ya later πŸ™‹πŸΌ or goodbye πŸ‘‹πŸΌ? New blog post up!

As my 27th year approached, I had no expectations.
And boy was I in for a treat.
As my 27th year approached, like most times when P & I "check in" with each other we ask each other how we honestly feel. What makes us feel uncomfortable or scared & are we willing to pursue it regardless.
We talked about a subject we have talked about often. It's been a dream for me, people have mentioned me doing it & it's scares me, makes me feel uncomfortable & challenges me!
As I sat at breakfast on the morning of my 27th year, graced with some amazing women. The sunshining, a perfectly lox spread with bubbles in our flutes.. my friend asked "are you where you thought you would me?" It took me awhile to answer, but I'm not. I'm okay with that because if I was I don't think I would have lived my life out.. SO, I've started a blog. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Finally caught up on my sleep, woke up at 9:30 to my husband bringing me coffee! #winning
Back from the island of Maui & straight to my office! I have goals I'm working towards. We have trips planned, weddings to attend & our 1st anniversary coming up soon! Trying to get in & ahead so I can enjoy all the upcoming! We have a lot of exciting news to share with our friends. (No baby, yet)
So while I'm working for the morning I thought I would offer you a #prebirthday discount on all new orders. All these orders will help me & my goals! To attend conferences with this beautiful girl, to grow my knowledge along side my team & help my little family! I want to offer all of you a small discount. Because what's better then supporting my little side gig, feeling great & supporting those closest to you! I am the #CEO & I pay my employees well! πŸ˜‚

If this is something your interested in comment or message me #prebirthdaydiscount!

Currently recovering from the biggest vaca hangover ever.

HAPPY WEDDING DAY to my forever best friend & her groom. Words can't describe how happy I am for the two of you & the future that has been created for you & your family! I pray that you continue to love each other no matter the season you are in or the storm you are facing. Today, you become one! I am SO proud of the women you have become & cant wait to watch you walk down the aisle! ❀️

I stopped trying to be the "perfect" person!
I stopped trying to be someone I'm not.
This is where the #unfiltered gets a little scary.
This is where being honest is the right thing to do but isn't the easiest.
I'm not the perfect wife, friend, sister or daughter.
I have insecurities, I have things I do & say I'm not proud of.
But that's life.
Today's one of those days those pretty girls with the perfect marriage, perfect family & perfect profile forget to share.
Life, marriage & friendships aren't always perfect, it's not meant to be!
It's easy to share the best moments, when everyone is smiling but it's hard to share the hard times! But I'm not me without those times.

T A K E - A - R I S K (everything is a risk. not doing anything is a risk it's up to you!
What is fear getting in the way of for you?
I'm thankful I finally jumped feet first!
I remember getting to a point in my life, where I wanted help but my stubborn pride got in the way! I had a job, but the thought of having extra shopping money was nice. I had issues but let the thought of supporting a friends business stop me. I know you've watched me, I have shared such a small glimpse into what I've really found.
Society has created this nasty taste in our mouths about supporting #MLMS - when reality it's the future & hello your mom probably bought from Mary Kay or Avon to help a fellow mom out as well.
People talk about me regardless of what I do (half of the time people talk because they are envious) I finally built the courage to do what I wanted to do! I've lost "friends" & that's okay. I know I will support people no matter what. I've lost followers, that too is okay. I've had people make comments to my face that didn't stop me!
But I've gained freedom. Financially & psychically. (I have gained both)
What if you didn't have to stress when rent was due? What if you no longer depending on your cravings or prescriptions? What if this was the open door to help make those changes, yet it took time... would you do it?
Throw your fear & excuses out the window! (Bye Felicia)

T H A N K Y O U ! For all of the comments on my post yesterday!
As I started to prepare for family vacation, I started to think about how when a life event happens we feel like we need to prepare ourself AKA juice cleanses, grilled chicken & egg white for all the meals & work out twice a day. But when vacation comes we do the complete opposite!
As I prepare for vacation, I'm being realistic. I'm realizing that the girl i compare myself to doesn't have the same body structure as I do. The genetics aren't the same. So instead of embracing the functioning & capable body I have I've wasted time on wishing I was something else when in reality I haven't consistently given myself the amount of time it needs to change. We live in a time where we seek results but we don't invest the time! I have changed a few ways I eat, but that's because I know I can continue it no matter where I am or who I am with.
I am learning & accepting to love every part of my body! I was given this.
It's taken me 26 1/2 years to become this very person. To accept my faults & failures. To know my past is in the past & I can only control myself not the future. To be perfectly happy with myself regardless if someone doesn't like me or agree with me. To love myself as I am, as well as others around me!
If I had to choose being "skinny" over happy, I would choose happy over & over again!

Learning to rock what I got!
Your story isn't mine.
Nor is your body!
I do myself a disservice each day I compare!
Teaching myself to show up for myself.

Are you a planner or a plan as you go kinda person?
I'm normally a huge planner.
I plan my weeks out, my days etc.
BUT last night we had the best night with some of our friends, it just all happened & I had so much fun!
I know the next couples weeks are going to be crazy so I finally pulled the plug & ordered a new food delivery for next week dinners!
Can you guys which one i ordered from?
Have you ever used at delivery service for your dinners?
Plus, maybe P will whip one of the meals up! πŸ˜‰
PS! If you want to cook along side us, DM me as I have a referral code. #thisisnotsponsored

Thanks to my handsome mixologist who also became my #instagramhusband !
PS. He's doesn't know how much I spent on the #nordstromsale !

My annoying little brother turned best friend was born 17 years ago today! I've watched him fail & I've watched him succeed! But I couldn't be more proud of you & everything you have overcome. Love you CJ!

If you tell yourself you cannot afford health supplements....Every time you put a dollar in a soda machine, or quarters in a vending machine, or give money to a cashier for candy your body doesn't need, or buy that $5 "brand name" coffee, or fill those expensive prescriptions again, or go to the doctor for the 500th time this year --- you are lying to yourself. THAT is the cold, hard truth.
Your health is NOT an expense. It is an INVESTMENT. Period.
Invest in YOU!

HAPPY HUSBAND, HAPPY WIFE! (I'm not the biggest fan of the "happy wife, happy life" but I get it)
I'd like to think that I'm somewhat of a normal person. There are things P loves to do that I don't.
Sometimes it's easier to send him off.

As life events have been happening, people passing away & diagnosis that have come close to my heart. I've started to think about time spent with others!
As a wife or spouse I'm sure there is something your partner loves to do, that your not the biggest fan of! πŸ™‹πŸΌ I once read a quote that said "compromise is the best & cheapest lawyer" (I had mixed feelings on this)
I have been working on being intentional.
I have been working on being present.
I have been working on stepping outside of my comfort zone.
I have been working on sharing.
I have been working on, "how about we do it together"
Being on the golf course has been so much fun. It's brought back a lot of memories I had with my papa & I often times tell P how much I wish they could have met. We've spent quality time together & have had great conversation. Conversations & time i have missed out on because I didn't want to go! And I know, a white T on the green, I cringed because my papa taught me to respect the rules.
What's one thing your spouse enjoys doing but you do not?

The question isn't what's in my cup (#pinkdrink)
The question is where's my top from? & am I still in my PJ's?
Target & YES! πŸ™ŒπŸ» I'm so thankfully I finally "gave in" to try this crazy product! Because real health begins in your gut! I consume this because I believe microbes in my gut can effect my mood (90% of mood boosting serotonin is produced in your gut), immune system (70% of the cells are linked to your gut) & weight (just to name a few). So if all you had to lose when trying this was cravings & some LBS, why wouldn't you sip on this 5 calorie, non GMO, vegetarian, delicious fresh slice of watermelon tasting beverage that supports healthy glucose metabolism & helps with good microbes? A tasty one stop shop drink that promotes both gut health & weight loss.
I didn't have any other reason/excuses either!
And I'm bummed I didn't start sooner!
WHAT ARE YOU SIPPIN ON? Comment your drink of choice below in a form of an emoji!

I've already failed as a #parent by not getting matching old navy shirts, also the dog tried to get in on some rosΓ©! Once again, this is #thegoodthebadtheunfiltered !

Photos are tied to some of my favorite memories!
So excited to be heading south tomorrow, have all us "crazies" under one roof & celebrating @kae_spiri !

That feeling you feel when you walk straight out of the salon!
Eyebrow & lip waxed? βœ”οΈ
Roots touched up? βœ”οΈ I used to go weeks without a visit! My hair has been growing so fast

Raise your πŸ™‹πŸΌ if you take a #multivitamin on the reg? πŸ™‹πŸΌ I call mine the one stop shop!
It delivers over 100% of the daily value of 19 essential vitamins & minerals, including all 8 essential B vitamins, over 50 naturally occurring trace minerals.

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