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A good swing for a good book.

The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann! I just read this whole book in a day yesterday! I absolutely love it! The major takeaway from the book is the secret to success is to give in order to have or get. #thegogiver #entrepreneurship #business

Great Read....#TheGoGiver
The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success. 💥💥

Call me crazy but I get excited for new #books! Might as well be a fun fact! I have my basics: Harry Potter, Twilight and Fifty Shades and the rest it personal development, lol!
One of the ways I love to treat myself besides makeup, fitness clothes and dresses!!!
Next month I will be ready #The5SecondRule with my team for more accountability. We do fitness and nutrition accountability so why not reading accountability? Bc essentially to change everything else we have to change our minds. You would be surprised how reading books like this can change your life.
I also picked up #TheGoGiver bc I heard great reviews on it.
Has anyone read these? Do you have any other #PersonalDevelopment recommendations?

My daughter devoured this book and recommended it to me! I can see why she loved it so! A great read. I’m not in business, but the value of loving people and valuing people well is for all people! ❤️❤️#thegogiver #books #bookworm #bookstagram

I apologize for not sharing this on IG with you sooner...but #TheGoGiver by #BobBurg & #JohnDavidMann is AWESOME!! I’m gonna read it again now, but the first time I read it... I was impacted in a way I’ll forever be grateful 🙏🏽
THANK YOU @curtissking for sharing!!


Life changing laws! #thegogiver

Excited about this #podcast interview with best selling author Bob Burg to be released in January. He wrote a book I love, #TheGoGiver, and it’s chock full of great advice on sales and providing value as a business. He’s a wealth of knowledge and it was fun to chat with him. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as we did. @jfitzwater19

✨"Too often people hear "be a giver" and think of charities and writing cheques, of "giving back" once we have already done well for ourselves. But that's only one very specific facet of giving. Being a giver means being a giving person, period: one who gives thought, gives attention, gives care, gives focus, gives time and energy - gives value to others.
Not as a quid pro quo, not as a strategy to get ahead, but because it is, in and of itself, a satisfying and fulfilling way to be."✨
#beagiver #thegogiver #personaldevelopmentiscool #personaldevelopmentdaily #liveyourbestlife #choosehappiness #bekind #alwaysbekinderthannecessary #livebig

Literally read this little gem in 3 days during my commute to and from work. There are a lot of personal development, self-help and business books out there but very few will teach you about the art of being more giving, adding more value to other people and putting others BEFORE yourself as the fundamentals to being more successful. The Go-Giver does exactly that. It doesn’t just apply to business but to yourself as an individual, as a human being. This book has totally 360’ed how I view kindness and generosity. If you haven’t read it, I’d defo encourage you to. I’m thinking of doing another give away on my page and will add this as part of the prize, it’s too good not to share🤗#personaldevelopment #thegogiver #payitforward


How Many Times have you suffered through the years from not having the necessary things that would help you on a day to day basis?
We ask that you join hands with us in giving to one family out of the many Families in NYC who have not experienced a fruitful Christmas like many others have been able to. We see it as an important initiative to build up the lives of others and exercise community integrity.

We hope and trust that you will join hands with us!!! Benefits AFTER Contribution:
~A family receives the Christmas they only they could imagine ~FREE Entry into “Swag-N-Sweater” Networking Workshop
~Raffle Drawing for FREE Holiday Gift
~FREE Entry into “Soul Sip: Networking Event”

Eventbrite (DONATION & RSVP): https://swag-n-sweater.eventbrite.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/130914177629420/?ti=icl

An Event by “Soul-N-Groove Therapy” Sponsored by Brooks International

#thingstodoinnyc #brooksinternational
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#uglychristmassweaters #eachonebringone #holidayseason
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Nothing like a play date/sleepover to keep all kids busy having fun so that I can get some quiet reading time and a cup of tea!! 🤗📖❤️☕️ #thegogiver #cranberrytea #metime #takeitwhenyoucan

Of course Jayden is up before the crack of dawn 😴 figured I'll make the most of it with some good cuddles and a new book.

Started a new book today - The Go Giver. Only 3 chapters in and I’m enjoying it so much already. In general, we are always told ‘look out for #1’ and ‘every man for himself’ and most of the time, that attitude will get you nowhere. This book teaches the concept of making a conscious effort to give more, be more and add mor value to those around us, without expecting anything in return. What’s wrong with genuinely wanting to help people without wanting to get something out of it for yourself? If more of us did that, how much nicer would our surroundings be? Definitely getting the #FeelGoodFriday feels from this read 🤗 Do you do personal development? If not, I’d definitely encourage you to! 👌🏾#personaldevelopment #givemore #thegogiver

Stoked to start reading this little baby! 📖 100% believe in the surest way to success is to give 💞 Thanks @hollytbrewer for the recommendation ✨ #reapwhatyousow #thegogiver #myrandfjourney

I wasn’t able to put this book down! This book has some amazing lessons to be learned! #thegogiver #knowledgeispower #givevalue #bookstagram #fivelaws

Just finished reading this book! Def recommend it! #thegogiver

Here’s something that I believe very strongly;
In life, the principles in nature are often reflected in everything we do in life.

Today I was thinking about how we breath is a lot like giving.

The more you exhale the more you have to inhale.

Most people are so worried about what they will get when they give of themselves, they want to know what is in it for them, what they are getting out of the deal, how they can benefit.

When the reality is that we can’t inhale and exhale at the same time.

When we exhale , we know that we will inhale in the future.

It is the same with giving.

I was given this advice from a friend and mentor, and have been extremely blessed to see this at work in my own life.
This is the law of influence “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interest first.” -The Go Giver
I challenge everyone to try giving to anyone. And everyone. And expect nothing.
Just to see what happens.

Ps feel free to use this as a background on your phone📱 🔥🤙🙏
#give #thegogiver #abundance .
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[NEW EPISODE] On this episode of the #TheUVEffectPodcast I'm joined by New York Times Bestselling Author, International Speaker, and Entrepreneur, John David Mann. John has written over 20 books that have been published in more than two dozen languages and have sold more than 2 million copies!
We discuss details about his new book “The Recipe” and the profound lessons that are learned through great writing.
(Link In Bio)
#TheUVEffect #johndavidmann
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