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To healers and feelers of the world: Be kind to yourself first. ✌🏻.
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To the healers and feelers of the world: Be kind to yourself first. #TheGoddessRebellion
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I was feeling myself this morning, but no matter how positive I feel, I'm always nervous posting pictures where more skin than normal is showing. Today, I say "fuck it." #mentalhealth #bodypositive #bodypositivity #thegoddessrebellion

If your intentions are good, they speak for themselves.
-the goddess rebellion

It is important to not always "give a fuck". It teaches us to give a fuck for the right fuckers.- #thegoddessrebellion #lavenderhair #elotrodia

You don't keep a queen in your back pocket if you want to win the game; you keep her at the top of your deck. #thegoddessrebellion 💁🏽👑🤙🏽

You deserve soul shaking, ground breaking love. Don't settle for less. -The Feminine Shift #thefeminineshift #thegoddessrebellion #thefutureisfemale #besoftlovehard

Don't be the only thing standing in your way
- #thegoddessrebellion


As Above,

So Below,

As the Universe,

So the Soul,

As Without,

So Within.

"Boy, she don't need you and she don't need me. She can do just fine on her own two feet" ✌️ #thegoddessrebellion #georgestrait

we can
alѕo cнooѕe
тo вlooм.
- тнe goddeѕѕ reвellιon

you. ~ the goddess rebellion

Photo: Dion Aichele @aichele65

If your intentions are good, they speak for themselves.
-the goddess rebellion

"Every woman is your sister. Treat her accordingly." - The Goddess Rebellion

Even before we created "Wild Souls Yoga" our mission was to create a space for sisterhood. Amy, Lisa, and Kristin felt so strongly about breaking down the gossip and bullshit that holds women back from embracing and supporting each other in this life. That's really how Wild Souls was born. For some, that may sound like an impossible feat in a world where women are conditioned to be jealous and undermining of each other, but in our hearts, we hold our Wild Souls vision as a powerful possibility. For as women, as mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends, we are the nurturers, the connectors, and the healers of the world. And who better than us as women to rise up, encourage and love one another, and create a beautiful future for ourselves, our families, and the world at large.

Join us this August for our Find Your Wild Retreat at Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Center as we connect and share our lives and our souls. Namaste.

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To surrender to something doesn’t mean that we have to submit or succumb. It simply suggests that in order to deal with something efficiently, we have to accept it. Although that sounds rather simplistic, it’s often difficult for people to see things as they are. We unconsciously approach situations with how we think they should be and what they say about us, which suggests we’ve embedded our own meaning into external things that are likely outside of our realm of control. Surrendering means letting something be, removing our biases and identities from what it reveals, and approaching it without overly attaching ourselves to its outcome.

As humans, we only have control over our inner selves. We cannot force another person, circumstance or event into submission for very long. And we must have enough trust in ourselves and the way of the world to know that nothing depends on us to control it. We can allow ourselves to be okay with what we cannot change, and focus our energy instead on what we can: taking care of ourselves, learning, practicing kindness and empathy, finding the motivation for accomplishment, introducing a new idea into the world, etc. Anything else and we’re just a hamster in a wheel — no further along, and really tired out.

When we surrender to what is, we can finally approach it as it is. We no longer embed our sense of self into whether or not we can “fix” a problem — or whether it’s even a problem in the first place. It’s about admitting that there are some things we cannot change, and that’s more than okay. We’re not supposed to be perfect, and life isn’t always going to be fair. The world spins madly on with or without us, and it does so whether we accept this fact or not. All we can do is the best that we can with what we have and know at the time. And that has to be enough.
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Treat your fellow sisters with respect
No matter transexual, transgender, or female born; it doesn't matter
We are together; we are united
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• If your intentions are good, they speak for themselves 💋

don't be surprised at how quickly the universe will move once you have decided 🌠 #thegoddessrebellion #lessonslearned #sydneyharbour #quest #sunset #travelgram

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