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Maya Bay #thailand 🇹🇭
Photo by @umutkiziltan
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Lago di Braies, Italy
Photography by @tomarcherphoto

Shot taken by @19tones from the 60th floor of the Imperia Tower skyscraper in Moscow. Here's a tip: "Often try to shoot during sunset or sunrise when the sun illuminates a special light. It makes your city beautiful for shooting."
| a7RII | Sony Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 | ISO 800 | f/2.8 | 1/50 |

Завтрак с видом! 😋 спасибо за мнения и за поддержку в предыдущем посте ❤🙏🏻 между тем, мы уже на пути в аэропорт Женевы ✈️ @clubmed #theplacetoski #clubmedvaldisere #clubmed

Don't miss out on @arildheitmannphotography 's Lofoten outdoor adventure photography workshops (browse this IG gallery). Only a few seats left on the May 29th-Jun 2nd 2017 and Aug 28th-Sept 2nd 2017 trips. PM or e-mail one of us for further details. All images by @arildheitmannphotography

It's been too long since I've seen teal blue water, but in just few days I'm heading to Arizona to explore some amazingly beautiful blue waterfalls. 😍 In case you've missed some of my recent posts, I've been able to get out on a couple hikes since my ankle surgery and I've done pretty well! Am I quite ready for Havasupai??? ...I don't know, but I'm going to try! My surgeon and my Physical Therapist are rooting for me, so that's enough for me. Worst case scenario, I'll make my lovely squad members carry me out. 😜 @vagabondhearts @elisabethontheroad @breezeturner


Recently I feel as if I've been drifting through each day; my perception of time and reality has become somewhat of a blur to me. It bothers me a little so I remind myself: What am I doing here? Why have I travelled to the other side of the world? What part of all this is even relevant? If we've ever had the pleasure of meeting, then it'll come as no surprise to you when I say that I'm a deep thinker. I need to feel some form of achievement or progression, there needs to be purpose behind everything that I do. Like this photo, I always have a vague idea of where I want to be or why I should be pushing myself. My creativity, my desires, my relationships with people, all of these aspects contribute towards my own ideology of happiness. My biggest fear in life is that I stay in the same spot for too long and am unable to gain what it is I truly seek... happiness.

Even the path can be sometimes different. No matter for destinations like this, Canyon views.
#unlockingworld #canyon #iceland

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What this photo doesn't show you is that we walked by dozens of decomposing birds stuck in the sand. The Great Salt Lake has more salinity than the ocean, so the only animal that can survive in the water here is a brine shrimp. And there's an overwhelming smell due to the billions of rotting shrimp, fish, and birds. 👍🏻

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this is the lamayuru monastery surrounded by what i called moonscape. it's one of the oldest monastery in ladakh since the 10th century. sleeping in the monastery and observing the routine of monks was an incredibly humbling experience. as a high altitude desert with snow capped peaks in the horizon, ladakh has a tendency to rouse a multitude of emotions, most of which are fervent, some of which are conflicting. i'm not sure if i'll return again but it's definitely an experience i'd remember for a long time.
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