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Throwing it back to dreamy Spring days in picture perfect #Paris 🗼💙

Let's play a new round of #HelpLennartFindACaption! It's pretty simple. Caption this photo and in a few hours I'll pick my fave and change this to yours. Ready? Go! 🏃🏽

A few months ago on Christmas, I surprised my mom with a trip to Italy! It's been her dream to visit this country and now here we are, mother and son... having the most incredible time together! Here's a photo she took of me yesterday while we were exploring the Amalfi Coast. 💙

Is it too late for a post?

My happy place 💗

Someone didn't get the blue memo.

Some Inspiration for today's lunch?
Pic by @c_a_rlo via @wonderlust.vienna
#feelaustria #viennanow

Keep on knocking
'til the joy inside
opens a window
look to see who's there! 💞Ru〽️i

dağ havası almak en güzel terapi..🌿🌋#kackarlar #rize


Stockholm, Sweden

dusk at 13,000 ft up

Cali 🌴🚁

Más inmensidad, y más buena gente. 🐍🐉

From raw fish to chicken, cold noodles to pork belly, 12 days of all different food for each meal! I say that's a success!⠀
#imagineyourkorea #UnquoteTravel

Can you tell which direction the wind is blowing? 🌬

When you're ready for a bite to eat in Dunedin's Larnach Castle this is the cafe you guys! A cafe with a chandelier must be a first. See my bio link for other things you might have missed about the castle.

The guts of this monstrous marvel can be as beautiful as it's skin.


o t h e r w o r l d l y
Seriously. What planet is this?!

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