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#tbt Gladys & Prez in The Pajama Game with @jimroumeles a few years back! This show was such a blast! @heaneyf took this pic ❤️#throwbackthursday #thepajamagame #theaterkids #galleryplayers #thegalleryplayers #musicals #dancers #singers #actors

We're feeling the ❤️&🎵 so far on this two show day! Two more chances to see us this weekend, tonight at 8pm, and tomorrow at 3pm! Head to Galleryplayers.com for tickets!
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A NEW BRAIN: Jan 27 - Feb 18
Groundhog Day predictions include three more weeks of A New Brain!
Our cast member, Stuart Yu, shares his thoughts on how this show reminds us (as the song says) "when there's a moment, grab it and shake it, take it by the hand..." "Coming into my second production of A New Brain, it feels almost like visiting an old friend. It was the first show I ever music directed, and the score is just as exciting and challenging as I remembered it! It has been such a thrilling process to look at the show from the other side of the table this time, working alongside this extremely talented and generous group of artists.
Since that first production, I've composed and produced two of my own musicals, and moved to New York in pursuit of developing my craft further. Revisiting the show now brings a new perspective on the protagonist, who struggles to find time to pursue his art amidst work, health and family issues. In a similar vein, life has gotten in the way and I haven’t been nearly as prolific as I would have liked, so this show has been a necessary reminder to take time for what’s important to me.
Seeing every single person involved in this production so committed to bringing this piece to life is exactly why I fell in love with theatre. There's a beautiful, ephemeral quality of theatre where we share a space together for a night to give our heart and music to you and I can't wait to do that very soon." #ANewBrain #heartandmusic #TGPANewBrain #brooklyn #parkslope #theatre #galleryplayers #thegalleryplayers #season51

Dressing room joy = Sam’s Doritos happy dance! #ANewBrain #thegalleryplayers

Opening Night! It’s Opening Night! Break a leg, lovelies ❤️🎶 #thegalleryplayers #anewbrain #heartandmusic

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A NEW BRAIN: Jan 27 - Feb 18
Jesse Manocherian is a Gallery alumnus, seen as Leo Frank in Parade, The Cat in Seussical, and a leading role in Marry Me a Little, among others. He talks about taking on the lead role in A New Brain: "Gordon has been a dream role since I was in high school. When I finally got my hands on the score and the text, I was so excited to dive in and get to work. The tools and technique to approaching the material, however, merely opened the door. What makes this piece come alive is the community. The heart that this team brings every day to the room reawakened what I have long known about theater: it is the dialogue between the material and the humans in the room that make it art. Listening to and breathing with a community such as this calls me to fuller life - a gift that demands sharing. As another great play says: 'And I bless you: more life. The great work begins.'" #ANewBrain #heartandmusic #TGPANewBrain #brooklyn #parkslope #theatre #galleryplayers #thegalleryplayers #season51

A NEW BRAIN: Jan 27 - Feb 18
Sharae Moultrie is part of our ensemble and the female swing for the show. She has written about what the central song "Heart and Music" means to her in relation to joining the Gallery Players for the first time:
"It has been such a pleasure working with the cast and creative team of A New Brain. As one of the newbies to Gallery Players, I was welcomed with open arms from day one. Walking into an unfamiliar space can be daunting but those feelings of uncertainty and discomfort disappeared because of the kindhearted people involved with this production. Our passion and love for music, theatre, and humanity has united us on so many levels. Over time, we’ve laughed a lot, showered each other with praise, helped each other, and so much more. Like me, Gordon (our protagonist) finds himself in an unfamiliar place surrounded by people from all walks of life. It’s through various interactions with these people (both real and in hallucinations) that he realizes the incredible power of music to connect the hearts of many. I can't wait for audiences to experience the music of A New Brain and the beautiful hearts of our cast and crew." #ANewBrain #heartandmusic #TGPANewBrain #brooklyn #parkslope #theatre #galleryplayers #thegalleryplayers #season51

A NEW BRAIN: Jan 27 - Feb 18
Jim Roumless plays Mr. Bungee in A New Brain, a song and dance man who performs as a giant anthropomorphic frog! Here are his thoughts on creating a unique role and finding "heart and music": "Creating Mr. Bungee with Barrie and my fellow cast mates has been among the most collaborative experiences I've had in the theater. The director started by giving me historical and cultural references to research. These coupled with Mr. Finn’s brilliant score comprise both the metaphorical and literal "music." As I explored these reference points, I assimilated them, added a little of myself into the mix and put it all together to attempt to find Mr. Bungee's "heart." As Barrie blocks, choreographs and continues to help me refine what we’ve created together, we’re composing a "song" to share with our audiences. This is a case where heart and music truly have made a song!" #ANewBrain #heartandmusic #TGPANewBrain #brooklyn #parkslope #theatre #galleryplayers #thegalleryplayers #season51

A NEW BRAIN: Jan 27 - Feb 18
From the music director's perspective... @sobina
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