This is what an arse kicking action centric multigenerational multicultural multidisciplinary open minded open hearted no nonsense powerhouse clutch of hard working feminists looks like. @vicwomenstrust board retreat today, nutting out our (sweeping and inspiring AF) agenda for another season.. #vwt #feminist #agenda stay tuned for more gender equality content from me in the coming days and months.. There is much happening. If you don’t know what VWT is all about, please give us a follow on insta or check out our AMAZING website (take a drink and get comfy, I can get lost in there for hours, getting informed, angry and inspired). The restrictive, nay, exploitative patriarchal systems we are so used to ALL need a shake up and we are better positioned than most to bring some serious Tom Cruise in Cocktail vigour to the table. If you want considered ballsy highly researched intersectional feminism that takes on the big boys (and girls) in the halls of power and commerce, and you want to see change in your lifetime, come hither smart person, you ethical legend, you lover of equality.. Get behind us. #MONEY #POWER #FREEDOM #thetimeisnow #bethechange #thefutureisgenderequality

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HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! Happy IWD from all of us at the @vicwomenstrust ! Yes, we've still got a long way to go, but today is a time for coming together and celebrating the women around us.
Today, we're celebrating women in all their diversity: Aboriginal women and girls who are lighting the way; single mothers who work so hard; the little girls, school girls and everything in between; our female elders and matriarchs; women with or without children; women who have just arrived; women seeking asylum or refuge; trans women, cis women, and non-binary people; women in parliament who speak up for what’s right; sex workers; the women who are underpaid; the women who are rising up; women with disabilities; feminist women and the women who aren’t feminists (yet). We see each and every one of you, and we will keep fighting for a future that is fair for all. *raises fist*
Illustration: @libbyvanderploeg

HEAR HEAR! Again, happy International Women’s day y’all and thank you to the @vicwomenstrust for the MASSIVE amount of work you do, all year round, day in day out, year after year, and for having me on board. Literally. Joining the board in 2016 has pushed, furthered and crystallised my feminism and what I can do with it. I’m learning much and am so motivated by being a part of this incredible organisation. Walking with giants, I tell ya, these guys don’t muck around. You can join too you know.. ;) Check us out online, you won’t be disappointed. In fact you’ll be damn inspired. Link in bio! Hit it! 🥁#vicwomenstrust #vwt #iwd2018 #thefutureisgenderequality #todaystheday

Here's to the amazing women who have fought for so many rights across all communities, clubs and fields - and to the ones that continue do so, in the every day and the global stage.
It's estimated that gender parity is still over 200 years away. This International Women's Day - we're reminded of the importance to #PressforProgress and encourage our friends, family and communities to think, act and be gender inclusive.

Artwork: @abcarragher of @studiocarragher for #IWD #IWD2018

This is one of the students designs from this years #nextgendesign18. Inspired by the 100 year anniversary of women having the right to vote, the all girl team drew on feminism and the female form to create their concept ideas. Developing on their theme of fluidity and a loop the loop shape their final design was this double origami arch. We were not only impressed with their model and design but also their passion and determination to celebrate women in the construction industry.
#nextgeneration #thefutureisgenderequality #feminisminarchitecture #looptheloop #fluidity #scalemodel #origami #paviliondesigns
Photos courtesy of @erica__choi

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