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Reading for the collective
Week 2nd July 2018
Card: Sarasvati - The Arts
Deck: Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

This week we are guiding to re connect to our creativity and find again what inspires us, what lights us up on a soul level.

Now that we have moved passed the ful moon we once again will slowly transit into the new moon in the coming weeks, however many of us are still feeling a bit stuck and un motivated this is occuring for some also off and on..inspo comes then just as quickly goes and also due to many planets moving into their retrograde phases.

By connecting to our inner most selves and therefore allowing us a channel outward to express ourselves will help the stagnant energy move and shift into something positive and heart centred for us and onwards for our collective.

How can you this week re connect to your inner divine spark and lovingly bring it forward to help you shift and as a way for others to feel inspired?
Once we are able to push through the stagnant energy and the lack of motivation the easier it will be to stay longer in that energy.
By being creative you are connecting to source and tapping into an unlimited potential to bring more light and love to all those who reside here at this time.

Start by doing something small, it maybe baking, colouring in, for others it is writting, channelling or creating something hand made. What ever you choose, ensure that it is in allignment with your inner self not what others think you *should* be doing.. Listen to music or sing /chant to music that lifts your spirits to help with breaking free of old energy.. Go with the flow as best you can
Call on Goddess Sarasvati to seed you with inspiration and help you express your creative endeavours.. And so it is

Sending an abundance of love your way this week.

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