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Day 45
New wheels
I woke up from the worst nights sleep for a while to some shocking news about the bomb in Manchester, news that puts everything in perspective again. So what if they woke me up a few times, I was still here, just a bit grumpier than usual. 3 o'clock came around and I was still in bed, Lois was trying her best to keep me entertained but I couldn't help feeling stuck in limbo. I'm not an annoying person, at least I don't think I am, but I came to the conclusion that if I asked every half an hour to get out of bed someone might get pissed off enough to listen.
Just as Frustration was turning to anger, a saviour from across the pond turned up. Jake is one of my dads mates from uni, ex Canadian naval captain, ice hockey player, gymnast, astrophysicist and genuinely top bloke, I couldn't have asked for a better distraction. He arrived with two large bottles of Canadian beer, one with the label reading 'La Fin Du Monde' translating to 'End of the World,' and at 9% it could well be if I drink it after seven weeks on the wagon. Just as I was filling Jake in on the latest, another knock on the door, my wheelchair had arrived. I had been out in a chair before, but it was more of a lazyboy on wheels, not a proper wheelchair, not one that I could operate myself. I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to use it because of the weakness in my left arm and hand but there was no way I was revealing that information incase they changed their mind. Turns out wheelchairs are actually relatively easy to manoeuvre and after a tour of the facilities, which u shall see in due course no doubt, I went out into the garden to get some sun and hone my skills. Pushing myself around outside I got the first taste of independence that I had experienced in weeks, I felt free again, and damn it felt good.
Within 10 minutes my whole outlook on the place had changed. It's amazing what a bit of fresh air and some freedom can do. But f**k me I can't believe I'm actually in a wheelchair....😳
P.s. Wonder what the lap record of the garden is? 🏎

Twee straatrovers aangehouden na tassendiefstal nabij metrohalte Oosterflank

Op zondag 28 mei stak een vrouw over bij de overgang van de metrohalte Oosterflank in Rotterdam toen zij plots beroofd werd van haar schoudertas. Twee mannen rukten in het voorbij lopen de tas uit de vrouw haar handen en renden er mee weg. Voorbijgangers zagen het voorval gebeuren en riepen naar de daders, waarna deze de tas op straat achter lieten en er vandoor gingen.

Meerdere eenheden snelden zich er naar toe en konden al gauw twee mannen staande houden die aan het signalement voldeden. De twee mannen werden na onderzoek aangehouden en overgebracht naar het politiebureau voor verhoor.

De zaak is overgedragen aan de collega's van de recherche. Zij zullen de zaak verder onderzoeken.
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Missing painting -Catan Petang Jumaat (2000).
Stolen from Jalak Art Initiative. #stolenart #stolenartwork #theft #jalakartinitiative #artgallery #artwork

PLEASE SHARE.. posting on behalf of Mark Stranger ... Come to work this morning to find my mini digger has been stolen . We suspect it was move across site during the day then picked up later last night ? Please share . FROM MELBURY. #caterpillarequipment #digger #excavator #stolen #theft

Репост @mvd26.russia; @govorun26 :
В Пятигорске сотрудники полиции установили подозреваемую в краже имущества из магазина
В ОМВД России по городу Пятигорску поступило заявление от владелицы одного из городских магазинов. Женщина сообщила, что из торгового помещения были похищены несколько вещей. Полицейскими установлено, что в качестве покупательницы в магазин зашла девушка. Делая вид, что рассматривает одежду, она выбрала товар, зашла в примерочную, спрятав одежду в сумку, не расплатившись, покинула торговое учреждение. Совершение преступления зафиксировала камера видеонаблюдения. Полицейские установили личность и местонахождение подозреваемой в совершении преступления. Она доставлена в отдел полиции для дальнейшего разбирательства. В отношении девушки возбуждено уголовное дело.
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Here is a video of how a group of passengers on an #ArikAir flight from Lagos to Abuja were caught allegedly stealing from other passengers.

Apparently, the group has been carrying out the act for sometime and the airline had to place a spy in the plane to nab them.

Video via @omojuwa

#Theft #News bellanaija.com

3 years ago a very friendly man came up to me and told me about his plan to travel around europe on a kayak boat. He made his mind to circle the whole continent on rivers seas and the ocean. The whole journej was planned for three years and he knew he would be on his boat even through winter and sommer time. The tattoo on the top was meant to represent the three states of water (ice, water and steam) and simbolizes the strong bond and trust to this element. I hope, that the picture on the bottom is not just a mindless copy but has atleast a story behind it. Please dont steal tattoos #inkousttattoo #tattoo #tattootheft #theft @kayakaroundeurope

Happy Passover from my family to yours (as told by @cjronson's snapchat) #theft #nationalsiblingday #happypesach #glutenfree #happypassover

This brazen creature was stealing food from gorillas at the @dallaszoo while they were eating.
#dallaszoo #squirrel #thief #theft


PLEASE SHARE.. posting on behalf of Mark Stranger ... Come to work this morning to find my mini digger has been stolen . We suspect it was move across site during the day then picked up later last night ? Please share . FROM MELBURY. #caterpillarequipment #digger #excavator #stolen #theft

Isi game SAINTS ROW THIRD its cool P'S3 .
#saintsrow #theft #thief
#jhonnygat #ps3🎮 #itsmygame
#full #cool😎 #cool

I been knew lil uzi was down with the devil 👿 Don't get mad at me cause these rap niggas selling their soul for fame and fortune 😌💯 I do this rap shit by myself fuck Interscope , Def Jam Records Etc... I'm IndependentLabelRecords I'm local cause mfs be dying for this rap shit 😤💯 Devil once tried have me selling my soul but I broke every box them mfs tried putting me in. I don't care about the money or the fame🤦🏻‍♀️ I make music cause it's fun and I can just vibe to my shit without mfs trynna throw deals with me. Im smart (not trynna Boast) I watch videos about so many stuff people don't care about like The Illuminati, Hip Hop industry all types of stuff cause I wanna be wake before I get trapped. Then you got mfs wearing the upside down cross ✝️ Then talking about it doesn't have nothing to do with devil worshipping like you is a Lie 💯💯💯 I been stopped these rap niggas.
I get tired of mfs saying I'm hating on da kid like Damn if I was hating I would find a way to Kill these mf 🤦🏻‍♀️ But I ain't no killer but I would expose these mfs cause they deserve to get put on blast. Don't get me wrong Some of lil uzi's songs are alright but you don't see me at none of these niggas concerts, I don't buy their album, like damn........ Get off these niggas dick ...... cause at the end of the day they are taking yo money living a rich lifestyle while you're still struggling 😏😏😏😏 These Rap niggas are hypocrites they don't love you they just wanna take yo money and bounce...... ~ Last Kings #hashtag #instagram #instalike #like4like #follow4follow #Grand #Theft #Auto #V #Online #ssgthegreatest #SsgDaBillionaire #Rockstargames #CheckItOut #Vinewood #HollyWood #LA #Stars #Legendary #gaming #TheLostYear #BraggingRights #Ps4 #DT

وقتی یکی رو مخته و همش میبینیشو و بیخیالی طی نمیکنی
خب مجبوری هی بکشونیش دنبال خودت؟؟
یعنی پیداش میکنن؟
خیلی زود

#Poetry #Poet #writer
#Rain #In_the_rain_with_you
#narration #presenter #live #stage

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