Falling down the rabbit hole! Ordered my first @thefoxyfix perfect fit cover for my bullet journal - I’m absolutely in love! Ordered the sugar mochi colour and already have my eye on my next two!

Happy Saturday 📚

Sun ☀️ is coming out! Gotta wear shades 🕶

Everything I need to start into my day today. Coffee ☕️, Water (Waterbottle by @plannerperfect), a good book (Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre - which is the february/march reading in the Planner Perfect Book Club) and my planner (currently staying in my @thefoxyfix sugar chocolate cherry TN). The only important thing missing in the picture is my journal, but I will get it later once I got everything ready in my planner. Enjoy your day!
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Planning and trying to fit the To Do List here and there. I’m loving these @annie.plans printables for the month, daily and week- I also decided on some blank pages just for brain dumping and then I’ll fit all that info on the appropriate pages in my planner! #foxyfix#b6#travelersnotebook#sugargrapefruit #thefoxyfix #thefoxyfixsugar#plannerprintables#annieplansprintables #plannerpress#monthly#plannergirl#february#prayandplan#plannercommunity#plannerdividers#plannerlife #plannerlove

My baby’s new charm by @chrisella09 💕

My first time using @annie.plans monthly & I looooove it 😍😍😍

Never posted my Star Wars week layout! 🌌
Trying to stay busy, working new hours, & working on a happier outlook. & I think my spread shows a little of my progress 💕

Vous saviez qu’Impatience est mon deuxième prénom 😂
Hier je suis tombée en amour (j’aime trop cette expression) du FoxyFix Sugar Cookie en taille 2 mais voilà avec le temps de confection + le temps d’expédition, si je le commande je ne l’aurai pas avant la fin Janvier.
J’ai un panier en attente depuis hier et en cherchant mes carnets Field Notes pour y préparer mon agenda 2018, je suis tombée sur un petit bout de cuir qui ressemble beaucoup à celui du Foxy. Alors je me suis bidouillé un petit truc. Il manque encore les élastiques car je n’en ai plus.
Je vais maintenant pouvoir me faire la main avec ce prototype avant de commander mon précieux !
#planner #planneraddict #thefoxyfix #thefoxyfixsugar #diy #onestjamaisaussibienserviqueparsoimeme #bidouilleuse

How do you guys decorate the front of your #annieplansprintables .. I need ideas 💕

It's almost the end of 2017 😭 I can't believe it.

Planner Society Acetate 😍

Obsessed 😍😍😍

One of my favorite pieces of vellum from The Planner Society. 💕

One look at my monthly calendar and you know what I am looking forward to this month 😂

Since I just had a huge slice of pie,
this post seems appropriate 😍

I found this lovely grey felt clutch that holds my Personal Wide Matcha so well!
My Matcha is a super chunky thing too so I was shocked when it actually closed and zipped up! Now I can toss this clutch into my purse and not worry about my rings being scratched up! &&& it was only $3 in the Target Dollar Spot area! 😍😮😍😮

Some motivational dividers/dashboards 😍

I purchased a Personal Wide because I like a chunky planner that holds everything 😅
My poor strap is holding on for its dear life. 😂
I have the foxy planner in there, annieplansprintables & some Hurryupandplan inserts too 😅

All these little guys peeking out of my planner 💕

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