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Business reading for a friend.. been procrastinating but I'm feelin it today. Let's see what #thefountaintarot has to say!

The one card I was looking forward to was the Ace of Cups... it's just a card that always calls to me but I found myself not feeling it in this deck. #tarotcards #tarotdecks #tarot #thefountaintarot

So excited to have received my shipping notifications on these two beautiful decks! Can't wait for them to arrive and to pour over the beautiful images in person 💞 #thefountaintarot #starchildtarot

🌊She has experienced many things; she knows the pain that escorts love and the failure that accompanies success. 🌊

#queenofcups #thefountaintarot #tarot #reflections

I woke up to so many beautiful new followers!! Welcome, new friends! So happy to have you here!✨ Today we spend time working on the illusions we build from fear based thought patterns.✨ How deeply encoded are our fears and how often do we allow them to dictate our current life path? Chances are most of us have allowed our faceless demons to control the decisions we've made, a few times.✨ Let's remember, we built this beast and we can demolish it. But it took time and effort to construct this- it's going to take time and effort to release it. Be gentle with yourself. #cardoftheday #thedevil #thefountaintarot

I bought my first tarot deck a month ago. On Monday night, I attended my first new moon women's circle at @usdenver & had the blessing of sitting with & learning from an experienced reader, Lisa. She walked us through preparation for a reading, the major arcana, the different suits, how to formulate good questions & different ways to read the cards.
Tarot is like telling a story. They can be fun & playful or deep & insightful. They can be profoundly relevant or simply a fun narrative. It can bring awareness to parts of ourselves we may forget to tap into or bring parts of our subconscious into consciousness.
Though I have attempted a few readings for myself before today, I felt like this morning was my first real experience with my deck. I am excited to explore deeper parts of myself through tarot.
If any of you have resources for new readers, send them my way!


#tarot #tarotcards #fountaintarot #thefountaintarot #denver

Looks like it's gonna be a good day ⭐️

#dailydraw #thestar #thefountaintarot #tarotreading #tarotreadersofinstagram

Good mail day! Can't wait to explore this new deck. From a quick look I think it might be my favorite one yet. #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #thefountaintarot #fountaintarot

My new deck and I are getting to know each other. From @modernmystic_shop #thefountaintarot #guidance #dreamy


Pull of the day #fourofcups
Somehow I get the feeling this card was not about me this time. Wondering how best to support this ponderer or if I should just let it be and not try to manage other people's emotions.
#thefountaintarot #tarottribe #tarotreadersofinstagram

🌊She has experienced many things; she knows the pain that escorts love and the failure that accompanies success. 🌊

#queenofcups #thefountaintarot #tarot #reflections

Day 43: 🔥Knight of Wands🔥
You are 🚫blocking🚫this card by:
❌Being slow to anger
❌Being laid back
❌Being tolerant ❌Not taking any risks
This personality of knights is often cast as a restless spirit. His enthusiasm attracts others and makes him seem like a naturally confident person. Though the knight of wands acts without hesitation, he can get carried away. Because of his lack to total maturity, he might not see certain actions to the end. For relationships, this is someone who is adventurous and passionate. Yet, in new love there is the need to tend to the flames of the excitement. In learning, you may have a newfound interest in a subject! 🥇🏂🔥

Card Blocking information from Around the Tarot in 78 Days© #thefountaintarot #theaquariantarot #thewoodentarot #thewildunknown #wildunknown #woodentarot #aquariantarot #fountaintarot #tarot #tarotcards #tarothistory #tarotmeanings #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcardreadersofinstagram #tarotchallenge #78daysoftarot #aroundthetarotin78days
#knightofwands #sonofwands #knightofrods #

Sometimes it's just time to accept there are things that need to end. There are times that require us to gather the inner strength we need to move on. Although far from easy, there can be peace found within these transitions if we look hard enough. Staying stagnant, staying in a place or situation that we know is doing more harm than good is soul destroying. Deep within we possess the strength to release what no longer serves us, and move towards better happier times. Do not allow fearful thoughts to block your way. Acknowledge them, feel them and move through them. Only then can we begin to feel a sense of freedom that comes from knowing change is possible ✨ #tarotcards #tarotlife #tarotlove #tarottribe #tarot #tarotreading #tarotdaily #taroteverydamnday #taroteveryday #fountaintarot #thefountaintarot #transition #change #changeisgood #release #divinationtools #divination #wiccanwitch

Yesterday, this gorgeous deck graced my front porch in a box from @the_wild_unknown. @fountaintarot made something so beautiful! I am in awe of the artwork contained in this deck. Again, stay posted for Tarot spreads using this deck. #thefountaintarot #newdeck #tarotreadersofinstagram #saltlakecity #tarotcards #queertarot #contemporaryart #tarotcommunity #utah #tarotdeck #themoon

So excited to have received my shipping notifications on these two beautiful decks! Can't wait for them to arrive and to pour over the beautiful images in person 💞 #thefountaintarot #starchildtarot

News or events won't come to a surprise today. Today things may come up that have been foreseen. Have you already put a back-up plan in place when you had that small voice of what if? Today is about choices, the impact in choices and calling for action. Remember you have the power of structure in chaos. You are protected and you can call upon the confidence and strength to see through today.

I love getting packages! Today, these two beauties arrived from @the_wild_unknown
I'm so excited to start exploring these decks. I'll be featuring some of that experimentation over on my tarot account, @plutofrombelow
#thefountaintarot #irisoracledeck #tarotreadersofinstagram #mail #newdeck #saltlakecity #utah

Today's reading for the body, mind, and spirit - Nine of Swords, Three of Wands, Three of Coins.

Your body is suffering from the ill effects of anxiety and lack of sleep (this is especially relevant for me as I have been awake since 4 a.m.) You are prone to restlessness, nightmares, and an overactive mind. It would be wise to attempt to turn in early tonight. Despite the physical fatigue, the mind is focused and has strong intent to move forward on something. You are very capable if you keep working at it and remain nimble. The spirit requires combining elements of spiritual health in a thoughtful way. If you wish for peace you will need to rest, meditate, eat well, and detox. Without a balanced approach you will get nowhere.
#tarotreadersofinstagram #tarot #dailytarot #dailytarotreading #thefountaintarot #thefountain #bodymindandspirit #tarotlover #tarotlovers

👌It doesn't get more spot on than this. I'm shook. #thefountaintarot

Morning ritual 🌈✨🦄 looks good today. How beautiful is that 6 of water from #dreamsofgaiatarot ?! And so on point. Because I've been working on establishing healthy boundaries in my relationships. Realizing this can be done with a lot of compassion and gentleness. Exactly what this beautiful girl is advising me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~#tarotcardsoftheday #tarotreadersofinstagram #thefountaintarot

The Moon, The Fountain Tarot deck. This is my personal deck that I use exclusively for myself. #thefountaintarot #thefountain #tarot #tarotlover #tarotdeck #tarotreadersofinstagram #themoon #themoonrocks #moonmagic #moonlover #moon

Needed some clarity around all these feelings I am swimming in tonight. First card pulled, The Lover - a magical union. Choosing love. Recognizing ourselves in another person. Then I pulled Temperance - the universe revealing what your soul truly needs. Listening from within. Tempering and balancing your life force, creating harmony with yourself and another. Third card was, Knight of Swords which I am unclear on. It can represent someone who is passionate, bold, quick to act but could also mean having a sudden burst of energy to embark on a new bold path. So not sure. Maybe both? Lol! I pulled the last card to get a deeper meaning on Knight of Swords meaning and got Nine of Cups - shared happiness. A card of giving and receiving joy. A moment of emotional fulfillment. Hummmm! I think I got some answers. Going to bed to rest my head and heart. Good night! #newmoonincancer #divination #needingclarity #tarotreading #whatthesoultrulyneeds #love #swimminginemotions #thefountaintarot

Wishing you many blessings on this New Moon. Here's my New Moon spread from the Brigit over at @biddytarot. What are you manifesting this lunar cycle?
1. What have I released?
2. Where am I now?
3. What is emerging within me?
4. What do I wish to grow?
5. How can I bring my goals and intentions to fruition?
6. What additional resources are available to me as I manifest my goals?
#tarot #spirit #spiritual #spirituality #lightworker #raiseyourvibration #tarotnerd #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarottribe #tarotlove #daringgreatly #goodvibestribe #tarotcardreading #tarotspread #newmoon #newmoonritual #ritual #thefountaintarot #fountaintarot

The 8 of Cups and the 8 of Wands - Cards that remind us to seek our own path of self discovery when things get difficult. And to use this journey as an opportunity to better understand our purpose in this life. ☀️ This photo from @kristenmelanie

Day 22 of #thejunetarot by @lionharts 💛🦁💛
Solstice: Where to be patient?

The #fountaintarot | High Priestess

Oh my goodness 😂😂 "Where to be patient?" "Patience." Thanks, Deck.

It's probably right, though. It'd be good if my brain would just stand still for a while.

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