I had such a special time in my kitchen yesterday, Little Beau bear was quite happy to scoot around the house, polishing the floor with his tummy and strumming the guitar kept him entertained whilst I baked and baked and baked some more! A pumpkin pie; her filling so silky, the pastry so buttery, she released the smell of autumn in all her spiced glory. A zucchini and ricotta cake; cheese-y baked deliciousness, and this, a rather lovely cornmeal and molasses loaf. The simple act of slowing right down to bring simple ingredients into their own spotlight is something I will never tire of. There is a certain magic in baking bread, especially this one, as the original recipe, which has been adapted by @gillianbellcake came from the US poet Emily Dickinson for which she won first prize at her town fair in 1856. The stories recipes can tell, isn’t it just a whole lot of whimsical delight? To think that this recipe is still being made to this day. Oh, the joy!! I would love to know of a recipe that you have which has been handed down from generation to generation? That has been scrawled on the back of an envelope or a tattered piece of paper perhaps. With each splodge and splatter a story is told. #foodandmemories

"There are only three things women need in life: good food, water, and compliments." ❤❤❤
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This is Greece #sanigourmet2018 #saniresort #nespressogr #nespressomoments 👀👀😎😎🚤🌅🏊🏻👻🏄🏿🍻🍉🌞💦🌙☀️🐾⚡️🌟⭐️🐟🐬🐳🐚🐋

My only fav place to spend time at when I am in Hyderabad, AUTUMN LEAF CAFE in the heart of the city a small oasis feels like an urban Forrest in a backyard. lovely people and amazing food #hyderabad #hyderabadfoodie #foodstories #gardencafe #nature #bhojanapriyudu #petfriendly #thefoodstories #india

In Aslanis family we love #wines #birthdaygirl👑 #thefoodstories #travel

Η ανεπιτήδευτη ομορφιά. Που σου κόβει την ανάσα! #thefoodstories #foodtravellers.

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