Plans on going to the beach.. winds up at an antique market. Classic. New post up!

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How hard it is to find the right words to describe such beauty. Breathtaking doesn’t even come close enough! 💫

In the blink of an eye, everything can change. Your whole life could be obliterated in a split second, just one single moment. Forgive often and love with all your heart. You may never know when you will have that chance again. -something I needed to tell myself right now.

Cet œil qui m’a fixée toute la matinée ! <> a different kind of stalker #sculpture #davidmichelangelo

Col naso all'insù.

The perfect match | Our Florentine inspired lobby created by Rocco Forte Creative director Olga Polizzi in collaboration with @laudomia.pucci of Emilio Pucci. #HotelSavoyFlorence #RoccoForteHotels .

Well, what can I say?... You’re beautiful. 💜❤️

⚜️Пусть ваш день будет таким же солнечным, как моя героиня @svechkaya на фото во время недавней фотопрогулки по #флоренция 😍⚜️💜
⚜️Даю установку: сегодня ВЕСЬ день не злимся, не психуем, никого не тролли (боже, дай мне сил), в любой ситуации ищем позитивную сторону и балуем себя. Иначе как? Иначе никак! День любви к себе объявляется открытым!
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Luce di vita.
Dentro un raggio di sole che entra dalla finestra, talvolta vediamo la vita nell’aria. E la chiamiamo polvere.
(Stefano Benni)
Firenze, Via Madonna della Querce, 8:43

Il sole che tramonta sul Duomo