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Comment with a raised 🙋 if you ever felt overwhelmed as a parent!!
#TakeOverTuesday @morgendee ・・・
Today was the first day this summer we had no where to be. How is it that that can feel so right? 🙌🏻 we did our daily chores, a bit of school, picnicked at the pool, quiet/nap time, then packed the beast and headed out...momma and her 5 babies! It's a bit intimidating, overwhelming and takes strategy to venture into public w #TheFlannery5! But we mustered up our best and the party people and I did it! Before bed we met a"black panther" (a black kitty lol) as cross was showing off his yard work to the family, the bigs rehashed their dance performances on the kitchen table 😳, and they went to bed 2 hours late...but it didn't matter. Of all the adventures I'll take in this life, they are my grand hurrah! 🌟

"He is risen!" Those words and that glorious day give me hope, purpose and reassurance that EVERYTHING is going to be ok. Praise God! For His ways and HIS plans are perfect. We can start afresh anytime...and for that, I am thankful! #HappyEaster #HeIsRisen

Sometimes it's the last minute decisions (like a trip to orlando!) that leave the best memories in our hearts ❤️ Disney springs, hanging at our resort pool and lazy river and whatever may come our way tomorrow before heading home.
What are your favorite things to do in orlando?

Land of the free.Home of the brave 🇺🇸
#Merica #4thOfJulyWeekend #HappyLordsDay #TeamFlannery #FischersHandIsUpMyDress 🙄

I truly hope our children remember how much we loved them. How much we kissed and hugged them. How long we held them and laid with them. How gentle our touch. How hard we prayed our Maker for them. How often we pray over them. I truly hope it drowns out the noise of the world and gives them a sense of peace and safety. I hope they hear my voice, directing them to our Almighty, when their souls need comforting ❤️ @hipbabywraps #MyWordsForMyBabies #PrayersForMyBabies #TwinsTwice #TeamFlannery 📷: @synethiarosadotcom #thevillagemagazine


{Press Play} To experience the spell of Christmas through the eyes of children is nothing short of magic. To experience the spell of Christmas through the eyes of the parents to those children, is something so.much.more ✨🎅🏼💖 📹:@memoryportraitsbygigi #TheFlannery5

Real, raw and cracked. I completely lost it on my boys earlier this week. Like ugly mom-ster voice was in full effect, startling the neighbors type of losing it. And maybe it would surprise you if I said it wasn’t my first time🤦🏼‍♀️I feel like a fraud and maybe you need to know that I’m a legit struggling Momma🙋🏼‍♀️These squares (and stories) show our best, but let me set you straight. We are soooo far removed from perfect...(and maybe even “normal”😂). Our days are often rough. We have a special child whom seems to set the tone and this Momma get so easily thrown off. But, as I lay in bed, about to drift to sleep, I hear the whisper “chosen”. Me. Chosen. And somehow, someway, our Heavenly Father thinks I have it in me to mold these beautiful souls. This is my job...my chosen career. The one I’m blessed to do every dang day. I often feel stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated, but I’m prayerful that God will help me hold my tongue and not give negativity any airtime, only speaking into existence words that will uplift and not hinder. There are (many) moments that I will fail and moments when I fall. But I will not break. I can do this. And I can do this well. #chosen #theflannery5 #MamaPepTalk #MyMissionMyChildren

The boys and their football buddies planned to be football players together....until....we were about to leave and Cross decided if he didn’t actually have pads and a helmet, then he wasn’t playing the part🙄 My last minute DIY old lady “wigs” (aka: beanies that were too small + pom poms/cotton balls...thanks @smannering for the idea) looked better than expected but didn’t last 7 minutes which was expected 😂 The planned princess turned to Pocahontas the last 15 minutes before walking out the door (I’m crediting all those history lessons!). And Momma channeling Minnie Mouse...but mistaken for Gwen Stefani. So, yeah...good good night with friends, c a n d y, bonfires and football 🏈 Can you even believe tomorrow is N O V E M B E R? I’d love to hear your thanksgiving traditions so I can act like I know what I’m doing as a mom and take full credit..of course😉😂🦃 #WingingIt #theflannery5

It’s been in the 50s and 60s here in Florida the past couple of days. Call me the fall/winter Scrooge but I moved to Florida 16 years ago for the (almost) year-round warm weather! So this cold front has us wishing for summa days again☀️ While y’all are celebrating all things pumpkins and boots... I’m yearning tank tops and tankini👙weather forevvaaa!! Good news though...the good Lord has heard my fervent pleas and it’s supposed to be back up in the 80s this week! 🙌🏻#ThankYouJesus #SummaForeva #itsthelittlethings #flannerysummerlivelist #theflannery5

Just a few short years ago I was looking at my younger sister (@jd_macey) thinking she was out of her mind for signing my nephew (@deucewaller) up for early Saturday morning sports games. Welp, my time has come and here we are. And....I couldn't be more pleased 🤗 #TheseAreTheDays #FootballSeason #TheFlannery5

"Stop waiting for Friday, For summer, For someone to fall in love with you, For life. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now." 📷: @indianapolens #Word #NoteToSelf #theflannery5

I'm feeling flat out stupid right now. And I'm pretty sure my marriage is headed downhill fast after this stunt I pulled. Football an hour north of us all morning/afternoon and then I planned a Labor Day weekend beach getaway an hour south of us...With these hoodlems. And as you can tell, they're ALLLL on their very best behavior 🙄😫and have been all day #Psych 🤦🏼‍♀️Tomorrow's gonna be a whole lot better (positive thinking 😉) and if it's up to Pacey we'll be spending the day at the "poo" (pool). But if the boys have their say, we'll be kayaking with the "thousands" of sting ray in the gulf. I just know it'll be hard...yep, it's like herding angry cats around here. But when we get home, we all seem to want to do it all over again🙃Which is totally weird considering it's so dang difficult in the moment. But HARD is not the same as BAD. So, I'll chalk it up to giving them the best childhood ever. And in the meantime, I'll enjoy all the moments. The good ones, the bad ones and even those ugly ones (ok, prob won't be enjoying those). Happy Labor Day weekend! #RealLifeYall #TheBestICouldGet #ForReal #SorryForTheDiaperMoon 😫

{Thankfully his fatherhood and Father's Day aren't defined nor valued by social media bc this post is amost two weeks late 😅#LifeWith5Kids}

Truth be told, they value him as much or more than their mommy. It's not a competition, so I'm okay with that. And really, how can I blame them? Lonngg, individually tailored (late) bedtime routines including tall tales, barrels of laughs, back scratches or rubs or massages and lots of verbal affirmations. He swoops in to brake every fall, he kisses and doctors every boo-boo and he's always an available ear to confide in. He worries enough for all of us and we endearingly refer to him as "Mr. Safety". When he steps in our world (after a very stressful, intense day in his) he doesn't skip a beat and immediately picks up a baby...or three (sometimes even while on a conference call)...trots through the house chanting "Da-da-dy! Da-da-dy!" The "daddy run" has been a "welcome home" tradition for years ☺️♥️Some may say he's "helicopterish" in his parenting ways (and this wild and free momma might agree🤣), but there doesn't lie any doubt that every one of us is loved so deep by our Daddyo! I pray our boys are drenched in his good qualities and our girls never stoop below the gold standard he has set. As we fought for our family, I always innately knew he would be a great daddy, but he has blown my mind with this fatherhood gig (secretly I'm sorta jealous😍). Happy (very late) Father's Day to the one who makes our world safe, is kind and generous and who loves without boundaries. Life is good, life is messy and there's no one else I'd want to walk this journey with ♥️@nealflannery #HappyFathersDay #SoLate

After the horrible travel experiences we went through to get back home to Florida on Tuesday, they should call us Iron Men / Wonder Women, gang busters, honey badgers or maybe just resilient 😅💪🏻💆🏼And for those that are connected on Facebook, you know a bit of the story. For now, we want to move forward and put this debacle behind us. We even cancelled interviews with the local media outlets. So dang hard in the moment, but always making memories nonetheless. There are moments like these that even the best made plans go array and others where winging-it-wildly takes a wobbly flight. These bad experiences will not define us. Journeying half way across the country with seven kids alone was expectedly rough around the edges, but the good parts will always rise to the top and define who we become. Because after all, we cannot have a rainbow unless we have rain. That's just the way it goes. And these seven darlings are my brightest, most colorful rainbow. The two oldest (my nephew and niece) shouldered so much responsibility with me this trip. They are mature and wise beyond their years and I have to choke back tears thinking about the strength and support they gave me and my wild ones this trip and always. Family is everything and family is forever. And there's nothing I wouldn't do for these honeys 😍Grateful ♥️ #FlanneryOkla #TheFlannery5 #UnitedSucks

Just a little reminder that it's all worthwhile 😍Completely and totally worthwhile♥️ #ThatSunsetTho #swoon #TheFlannery5 #FlanneryOkla #cousinsasbesties

In my humble opinion, one of the best ways we could acknowledge Memorial Day is to simply spend it with the ones we love, remembering the courageous who sacrificed for us...all in the name of FREEDOM. •
Remembering my Grandad who was a World War II Tiger fighter pilot and shot down by the Chinese at just 19 years old #Hero And my father in law who served a stint in the army. God bless this great country and the men and women who have served 🇺🇸#GodBlessTheUSA #TheFlannery5

Its totally fine that we left Briggy's shoes at home. I mean, weve been cruisin' the lazy river most of the time and he hasn't needed them anyway🤷🏼‍♀️It's fine that we ordered pizza that tasted like cardboard (Dominoes) our first night in our townhouse 🍕Who needs to eat anyway? Our first morning here we sent Daddy-o to the grocery store with a short list. He came back 3 hours later, grumbling, and food for a week.. whoopsy! Wrong list, Daddy-o, thats fine, no biggie. We can just lug it all home😜It's also totally cool that Briggy found a gopher turtle in the backyard of our rental townhouse, made a "turtle fishing pole" and named the poor guy Jimbo🐢I'm fine with all the chitlins going to bed late, crashing my bed in the middle of the night and waking up exxxtraaaa early. Who needs sleep anywho?😑We're cool that the babies insisted on using their pacis IN the overcrowded pool and lazy river. Yep, just fine with that. I mean, we are building healthy immune systems, right? 😝And bathtime? Yeah, we're fine that everyone is either screaming, crying or hyena laughing... all at the same time. All that chaos is...really no problem😳It's totally fine that during our mini family church service Fischer prayed for our toots. What the what? But... totally fine. Thanking the good Lord for it all😳Totally fine that all Rushy wants to do is nurse, I mean, I've been a one-hand-wonder for years now. No problemo. Oh and Pacey getting up five times that first night and protesting the crib? Yep, that was fine...and fun 😑And it's totally fine that I sat them all down, mustered up my mean mom voice and demanded respect and obedience... then mad as a hornet, sent them to bed early with two swats to the tooshies. Oh and that time Fischer drug Rushy down the little hill on her belly as Daddy was trying to take a pic of the kids turtle watching? Yep, fine. I mean, not for Rush. But she didn't get hurt too bad, so it was cool...ish 😶

Family vacations. With five under seven years old. In the moment? You question what in the world you were thinking dragging the fam out of town. In reflection? Best.memories.ever. #theflannery5 #DaysAreLongYearsAreShort

Welp, it JUST dawned on me that I forgot to pack shoes for Briggs and my instructions for him to grab flip flops fell on deaf ears 🙄😫#MomFail His response? "It's fine!" As he flashed his signature snaggle-toothed smile across that beautiful face. Barefoot is his jam. I give up on making you wear shoes, Bud...at least for today.

Headed to Orlando for the long weekend. Boy, vacations look a lot different than they did before we had these little people that call us Mommy & Daddy 😂A lot more planning...a lot less spontaneity...a lot less sleep...a whole heckuva lot more bags...that fun game of musical beds in the middle of the night 😴and gallons of sweet tea, kombucha and coffee to fuel the parentals 🤣But we'd never consider the alternative now that we know what heaven on earth feels like💫Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Friends 💖🇺🇸#OrlandoOrBust #theflannery5

I wonder what it is they'll remember. Will they remember the love that oozed as we snuggled up together in bed while on our chilly mountain vacay? I do hope it stands out forever in their hearts. But what about the oh-too-often times I have to bring out the mean mom voice to motivate obedience? Or the days I try to teach them patience while yelling "hurry up"? Or the abrupt words spoken out of pure exhaustion or frustration or, quite frankly, both? My prayer is that they will remember a mama who was far from perfect but who loved them fiercely. A mama who all too often didn't hold it together, but always held them close. A mama who did a lot of things wrong, but always tried her hardest to make those things right. A mommy who taught them, cooked for them, read to them, heard them, cuddled them, noticed them, fought for them, comforted them, chauffeured them 😜, praised them, adventured with them, smooched them and always taught them about grace. Grace upon grace. Perfection is never the goal. But, love always is. And (thankfully 🙏🏻) it covers a multitude of wrongs. #TheFlannery5 #BlessedMomma

"Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling. You do not collect children because you find them cuter than stamps. It is not something you do if you can squeeze the time in. It is what God gave you time for." ~ Rachel Jankovic

Today I stand in profound honor that I get to be a part of this👆🏻From sunrise to sunset. To be given this calling. This mission. To be part of this club. This worldwide tribe. Of warrior Momma's. It is them that I draw the most strength from. This day belongs to us 💖 #BlessedMomma #HappyMothersDay #TheFlannery5

My girls. Thick as thieves and learning what it really looks like to love each other 😉 #PaceMckenna #RushEverly #FischerLove

Here's to the weekend and all it's star-blazin' glory ✨Enjoying the final hours of this glorious Lords Day with my herd at our forever homesite 🏡 #DenverRanch #TheFlannery5 #SiblingsAsBesties

Daddy's on a work trip, so this afternoon #theflannery5 and I took our first shopping trip together in awhile -and I survived 😅 No meltdowns, potty breaks or too many people stopping us to kindly mention "you have your hands full" 😂 And I somehow managed to get out of there spending under $15 on unnecessary toys! Us, Mommas, are dang near modern day super heros 💪🏻

"But there's a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes the stories are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all your stories, is always your mothers story, because hers are where yours begin." Mitch Albom

There was a time I didn't know if my childhood dreams of being a mommy would come about. And there was also I time I yearned for another, and didn't know if that would transpire. And then that time, I selfishly unbridled my dreams to bloom full out and begged for "just one more"...and we know how that story ended 😉👯Given the less-than-ideal circumstances, we undoubtedly fared on this side of bliss. And even though it took double digit cycles, near quadruple digit needles, and six digit figures 😰, if it meant reaching these five, I would choose if all over again. Sometimes life's stings bring you honey and sometimes they bring you vinegar. And sometimes life flipping stinks. Whether you play all your cards out until the very end or bail out early - the story will be written regardless. A brand new one will take shape after its all said and done, but for today, this story is still in motion and will be as long as my overcomers are alive. And this story is ours. And most of all, it's emerged as a story I am becoming more honored to tell because of the five little souls standing in that square 👆🏻#NeverGiveUp #InfertilityAwarenessWeek #WorthThePain #FiveMiracles #TheFlannery5 #1in8 #NIAW

I don't remember the last time I was bored 😅Life with five kids under seven will always be a grand adventure, no matter how you look at it. And yesterday was no exception as the boys came rushing home from the pool coddling a new hatchling dove🐣 Excited is an understatement 😃They thought of it as an opportunity and were love struck from the get-go. After I got over the initial shock of seeing a ratty looking baby bird, I bought in to their big dreams. As you may have seen on snap or instastories we took the hatchling in and gave it water and the boys were "all in" going bug and worm hunting for the new baby🐛🐜I can't believe I get to be the momma to these little people. Gosh, it was so hard getting them here, but absolutely, unequivocally worth it 💖 #theflannery5 #TeamFlannery #HomeschoolLife

As I reiterated to my sweet ones Easter morning, the day wasnt about the egg hunts, fancy clothes, candy, and surprises. It's about His ultimate sacrifice for little ole us. To endure endless beatings, mocking and ultimately crucifixion on a cross. It's all so heavy. And as promised, He arose three days after His final breath. King of the earth, Son of God, Creator of all things. He could have called ten thousand angels, but he endured the cross for a bigger purpose. He chose the nails.

"You took fire so we could walk free. You took violence so we could be victors. You took hell so we could be healed. Sin hurt you far deeper than the spikes. So here we are, undone with a grace that we need to keep breathing. The Gospel isn't a one time message for the unbeliever, but a constant miracle for the imperfect." Ann Voscamp
#mywordsformybabies #GodIsGood

The broken-hearted healer meets us ALL! And tenderly heals like only His scars can. ~Ann Voscamp
Celebrating His resurrection today with the people I want to spend eternity with. Praying Gods blessings for you and yours this Easter Sunday! #HeIsRisen #HappyLordsDay #EasterSunday #TheFlannery5

Embracing neighborhood shin-digs, wannabe tree houses, excitement over painted faces and Easter egg hunts and cake walks and bouncy houses, gangs of dirty, barefooted, shirtless little boys and our house being the hub 😍 and everything that this season of life has to offer. Oh, and the Twincesses meeting the Easter Bunny for the first time... definitely embracing that one, too 😂#theflannery5 #EasterWeek #siblingsasbesties

We hoped we would grow old together. And now here we are, creating our own Flannery family legacy, on our way, with five littles in tow. Makes my heart do somersaults. Being in love is a very lucky thing 💗 #theflannery5 #LuckyInLove #TeamFlannery

The Glory Days. As painful as early Saturday mornings of baseball games can be, I can already sense that I'll be looking back as my children age and yearn for the simplicity of it all. TODAY: Two times to bat, two hits and lots of good hustling for Cross....I didn't even pay attention if he made any points! Success came at the perfect time, as he was starting to grow weary and lose interest with so many failed attempts. And Momma learned a few new baseball things today, too...like where short stop and right field were (thanks to my sis and BIL @jd_macey). Kinda funny because I didn't realize that I was so baseball dumb 😂 And my cutie pie nephew Crew Buddy (left) earned the game ball ⚾️at his TBall game! No surprises there as he's a natural and the biggest 4yo hustler you ever did see. Surrounded by our tiny village this morning. Loving us, helping us, cheering us on and doing life with us. Turning out the lights on another day happily exhausted and blessed ☺️ #CousinsAsBesties #TheGloryDays

Hubs and I walked in reservation-less to a nice restaurant on our date night this wkend, we put our name in for an hour wait and the hostess said to us. "Well, if you're lucky, you can find a high top table in the bar area." We popped into the bar and immediately spotted a table being cleared. I came back to the hostess and said "I am the luckiest person!" She said, "you found a table?" And my response startled her with "We sure did! And not only that? But we have five children and we weren't supposed to have any!" I'm not sure what even compelled me to say that except for when "luck" is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is my people. But isn't "luck" just perspective anyway? Eleven IVF cycles...full and cancelled. What luck that I had some good eggs in there?! Before our life with children, I considered myself "lucky" that I had found a life partner that liked me. Ha! During my college years I considered myself lucky for holding down three jobs simultaneously and maintaining an 3.6 GPA. I also remember feeling like the luckiest after moving from OK to FL, and meeting a first friend to loan me money so that I could pay my first electric bill. And circling back to now. What a life. To be the mother to five children. Yes, they're the ones that have given me that deep, vertical wedge between my eyebrows, saggy chest and excess skin on my belly. But they're also, just as equally responsible for my smile lines that scream Botox, kind momma eyes, a sentimental heart, and the mind of a warrior. And never in my wildest dreams did I ever think "luck" would look this wonderful, but so grateful it does! And quite honestly, let's call it like it is. It's not "luck" at all. Its God's powerful blessings over all my life. And these guys? They're my dream-come-trues in every way possible 💓#TheFlannery5 #MyWordsForMyBabies

Mama said there'll be days like this, there'll be days like this my Mama said 😏 #MeltdownCity #ButForReal

It has clicked. This guy is reading. I mean, he was an emerging reader for awhile, but it's like a lightbulb went off overnight...and wah-lah...now he gets it and he's fluent and reading big words and getting better daily...hourly...and wow! To be able to say that I had a hand in that? It fills my cup and keeps this often weary homeschool momma plugging along on those oh-so-tough days (did y'all catch my snaps early this week? 🙈😫 you'll know what I mean!) And ya know what keeps him motivated? Sweet little sissies that follow him room to room with books in hand, extended towards him. He always goes above and beyond by snuggling those little runts right in while he's doing his thang. Gracias, Crossy Bossy, for blazing a big fat trail for those little people that look to you with hearts in their eyes 😍 #leadersarereaders #siblingsasbesties #mostofthetime #CrossWilliam #RushEverly #FischerLove

And it all ended here. A full day of schoolwork and play, a night that whips by between dance, jiu juitsu and those nightly chores, and a much needed easy morning ahead. Fulfilling a New Years resolutions to read aloud to my tribe daily... somehow, someway, even for five tiny minutes. Most nights that it actually transpires, it looks a lot like this (or even better...tandem feeding 🙄). Even though I'm feeling stretched in every direction (quite literally 😂) *these* are my most treasured moments of each day. Blanketed by all my babies, saturated in gratitude. Call me boldly naive, but I don't want to live for anticipated vacations or holidays, I just want to live for today. For this very moment. To love my babies like this is the last sun that will ever set and the last moon that will ever hang. Because how you end your day, your month, your year is how you choose to spend your life. And forever is gathered from a whole lot of NOWS 💖#PresentToTheMoment #TheFlannery5 #leadersarereaders

I can wholeheartedly promise you this, my babies: no matter who whirls into your life, from now until the end, I - your one and only momma - am going to love you most. Dead serious. Straight up. For real. #Slayed #MyWordsForMyBabies #TheFlannery5

[press play] Here's to wishing ya'lls Valentine's Day pictures came out better than ours ❤😂 #LifeWith5Kids Hope your day has been sweet and sticky 😋 Happy Valentine's Day! From our cozy couch to yours 💖 #HappyValentinesDay #TheFlannery5 #ValentinesDay2017

Highs: mealtime prayers voluntarily led by my boys, hot tubbin', panning for gold in the creeks nearby, cousin dance party, hiking up the mountains, Pace's tabletop hip swing 💃🏼and her first pony, ladybugs 🐞Flannery Super Bowl 🏉partay in the theater room, Cross having to draw 32 cards in Uno, uncontrollable giggles when one had the old maid and another drew it, fun daddy 🙌🏻, the babies new tricks including "touchdown" and on cue smiles and laughs, homemade meals, hot chocolate, card games w Geta & Mimi, and that stinky mut that followed us home

Lows: Fischers diva 'tude, runny noses, family not staying long enough and saying goodbye to Spyglass Lodge tomorrow morning

Adventuring with five littles isn't easy. But I unabashedly say it is so worth it ☺️ #BestWeekEver #flannerygavacay #TheFlannery5

It took me weeks of whispering potential memories and layering him with thoughts of what-could-be if we loaded up the family and headed to the nearest mountains. Once he bought in, and kind of took over, he expounded on my greatest desires and has made this first family road trip another dream come true for this momma. He chose the cabin (much better pick than I would have), he invited the family (we were surprised silly when most said yes! 🙌🏻) and our Momma's and I did the planning and packing. We are over half way finished with our time away from home, but it's been everything I had whispered in his ear and more. To the man behind the scenes that made this happen within a weeks notice...the one who flew in from CT less than 12 hours before we were to leave on a 10 hour road trip, the man who drove the entire way without complaint and navigated the steep, steep mountain to the tippy top, the man who reorganized his work schedule, even foregoing an important meeting, because he knew how special this rare getaway would mean to me....gonna love your gorgeous guts forever for this one, Honey. You are the wind beneath my wings...I know...so cheesy. But it's true. Everything will always circle back to you; a lifelong trail straight to a fathers bleeding heart ❤ #FamilyIsForever #MarriedUp #Twingocarrier #FlanneryGAVacay

We're home (1.5 hours earlier than planned) from our celebratory anniversary dinner...that I didn't realize I had planned for New Years Eve 😳 my kids are already all tucked snug in their beds. So...I guess this means hubs and I will be bringing in the new year the only way we know how since having kids.....happily exhausted, under the covers and if the midnight oil keeps burning, we might turn on the NYE television coverage (but I won't be placing any bets on that happening 😜). Just feeling, so lucky to spend another year with these people of mine 💖Happy New Year! #HappyNewYear #TheFlannery5

I had a good chuckle looking at this picture. You gotta love it when you ask a stranger to snap a cell phone photo of your family and THIS is what comes about. Oh, Bossy! I N S I S T I N G he isn't cold (49*) just to prove a point (and where's your other shoe, bud)? Fischer Love happily dusting the donut powder from her finger tips in her only winter coat that is two sizes too small 🙄Are you that tired of Momma insisting on taking a pic, Briggy? Drink up, Pacey, before Fischer changes her mind (which will be in 45 seconds!) and wants her hot chocolate back! Rushy, you're always looking fly in that backseat, baby girl! And daddy-o...like we always say, you're the light of our lives...obvs 💁🏼☀️😂 Sometimes this is as good as it gets! #WereAHotMess #TheFlannery5 #TeamFlannery

"The happiest people do not have the best of everything, they make the best of everything they have." Christmas Day lies in a category all to itself. Especially having little ones. For we only have just a handful of years where they are totally "all in" with belief. Absorb the magic through their eyes. Marvel at what you have been blessed with. And accept the crazy! Merry Christmas from our tribe to yours as we remember the birth of our Savior that has so richly blessed us. #flannerychristmas16 #merrychristmas #christmascards

The boys awoke before 6am and I had to drag all the girls out of bed at 7 🙄Typical for around here. We held the boys off until 7am when Santas magic was unveiled. There is nothing quite like seeing the magic through the eyes of our children: Santas gifts (two @hoverlikeaking "go carts" as the boys call them, a life size doll house for the princessa and @wubbanubs for the Twincesses), a letter from Santa which included half eaten cookies and carrots for the reindeer that had been taken. This is what Christmas dreams are made of 🎄✨Now, we're off to church to celebrate the reason for this season ⛪️Merry Christmas, y'all and most importantly Happy Lords Day! #TheFlannery5 #FlanneryChristmas16

Disney 101 by Team Flannery:
🎄Cold fries are no good unless fed to you by a 14 month old # SharingIsCaring
🎄God bless Janeth at the Tomorrowland speedway for complimenting this irritable, undeserving Momma (and for letting each of the big kids drive!). Even after witnessing our crazy she claims she wants 5 kids someday # AKindWordGoesTheDistance
🎄If venturing to Disney alone w a gaggle of minions, you will undoubtedly receive stares and comments # BuckleUp
🎄 Once Daddy-o arrives all the comments stop # DaddyIsOurHero
🎄If you're a bald baby girl, always wear a headband. Otherwise, passerbys will affectionately refer to you as a "he" # GirlsCanBeBaldToo
🎄Small hotel rooms make five kid families seem Duggar-sized # MoveOver
🎄The most common phrases used this weekend were "Keep your hands to yourself" and "Stop screaming" 🙄# HavingLittleKidsBeLike
🎄The potty and toilet paper roll are the most fun hotel room play things for one-year olds # HowDareISayNo # AlwaysUnraveled
🎄 Matching family shirts at Disney are a must. Especially when the bouncy ball bounces away from the family. # Scariest5MinsOfMyLife
🎄There was that one belief-stealer in the group that was always "that's not real" and the sweet princessa who believes wholeheartedly defending them # PlayAlongCrossy
🎄 We made it longer than we ever have at Mickey's party...thanks to the free cookies and hot chocolate throughout the park # SugarHigh
🎄Disney parades, fireworks and that illuminated castle # AllTheHeartEyes
🎄The princessa boldly announced she wants to "mawry Cwistof" (marry Christof) as she spotted him in the parade # BoyCrazy
🎄They're all "big kids" and want to walk until we're headed home and then even the big bros want to be held # MyBack 🎄Twins twice came in handy again getting from the hotel and catching 2 buses to the park. Mommy handled the folded up stroller and with lots of prayers and verbal reminders the boys carried their baby sisters # ItWasntPretty # ButNoOneWasHurt
🎄To save a buck (or 10!) Daddy loaded up on food at the local gro store to keep in the hotel room fridge. # RoastedChickenForDays # WeHadProtestors
🎄Not every moment was pretty, but it was certainly magical ✨

Feeling like a bad** supermom as I venture to Disney with five kids under 7yo by myself. Unfortunately, poor Daddy-o had to make a living and fulfill a work obligation. God is good and His timing is never less than perfect as Daddy-o arrived in Tomorrowland w sanitizer in hand to save me from myself 🙈 I have to say, #TheFlannery5 and I nailed it...well, unless you think eating fries 🍟off the ground is a complete fail (shhh don't tell Dada!). But with my rosey shades on, the way I saw it was - at least they ate! (please excuse the colorful language 😂) #NailedIt #YouShouldHaveSeenUs #HotMess #ThingsIWantToRemember

Surprises are my jam💥Our "kindness elves" dazzled the kids with a weekend trip to Disney and Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party! Matching personalized mickey/Minnie shirts to boot! We're here...bring on the Disney magic ✨ALL DISNEY TIPS ARE WELCOMED!! (Note: I sternly told the kids "please don't ruin our picture with cheesy or silly faces" 😑) #TheyShowedMe 😏#TheFlannery5 #DisneyWorld {If you dare, you can always follow our adventures in snap: morgendee 🤣}

Wish Lists for Santa:
Cross: iPod & go-cart
Briggs: Nerf gun & legos
Fischer Love: Surprise Eggs, Elsa and Anna dresses & Anna hair
Twincesses: Milk & Pacis
Santa has made his list and checked it twice!
{Do you Momma's get everything on your kids lists? I can't imagine getting my 7yo an iPod or a actual go-cart 😳 would love to know how you handle these big dream items for such little people} #TheFlannery5 #flannerychristmas16

{You are as much serving God in looking after your own children, training them up in God's fear, minding the house and making your household a church for God as you would be if you had been called to lead an army to battle for the Lord of hosts. ~ Charles Spurgeon}
My thoughts exactly 👊🏻 #NailedIt
Unplugging for the rest of the weekend to soak up every last bit w my tribe before another hectic week! ❌⭕️❌⭕️ #mymissionmychildren #GodsGifts #throwbackpicFromSummerVacay

The boys helped me pull all ten thousand 🙄 Christmas boxes out of the attic yesterday afternoon. Last night was going to consist of decorating our abode, listening to the new Christmas album I bought and sipping on some hot tea. But the warm(ish) weather and TROLLS were calling our names. We invited all our local cousins and @deucewaller said YES. Cross threw his head back, clenched his fists and warrior-cried at the top of his lungs with excitement when he learned his ultimate 15 yr old hero and cousin, Deuce accepted the offer. And goodness gracious, Deuce did not disappoint. Throughout the night, he showered his little cousins with love, grace (lots of grace!) and attention. We packed up each other and headed five minutes down the street to the local drive-in. We hunkered down with our 6-person bench seat, a wagon and beach blanket. The kids were stoked and Daddy ordered all the junk at the concession stand. We left w full bellies, in love w Poppy, familiar songs on our lips and checked one off our seasonal family live list! So today. Today we decorate and say "yes" to some of their little requests (cinnamon rolls and hot tea), too. I gotta say, this mom gig is pretty rad ☺️💖 #flanneryfall16livelist #sayingyes #cousinsasbesties #familyiseverything

Thankful for cousins who are our first friends and confidants for life. I hope your day was filled with an over-the-top feast, good company, barrels of laughs and two hour naps. Gratitude changes everything. Happy thanksgiving from our nest to yours. Feel blessed. Today and always ❤️ #cousinsasbesties #flannerycousinsmissingtwo

Conserving water and patience as we count down the minutes until bedtime. I couldn't muster up the energy to do what I really needed to do and bathe them separately. Blah. Lately, I am in a constant state of C graded motherhood at best. A generous C in the housewife department (you should see my clutter 😫) and hubs *might* grade me a highish C in the wife life dept as well. I try to convince myself that getting my thyroid under control, eating cleaner, fasting, going gluten free or doing a juice cleanse might spark some energy. But let's be real here. That's a lie. Show me a momma that has five kids under 7 years old that doesn't claim to be running on fumes and short on patience. I will gladly mail her a medal 🏅this is my "everything I ever dreamed of" life and it swings on a pendulum of highs and lows, ups and downs...all.day.long. My personality is an overachiever type but I've had to do some soul searching and adjusting my expectations when it comes to motherhood and this life I chose. I don't necessarily "shoot for the stars" as I always have. But I do what I can, with what I have, right where we're at. And today that meant reminding myself they're little, laying with them those extra couple of minutes after them begging me, reading that "one more book", letting my eldest crash my relaxing bath long after we had put him to bed, and singing "10 little monkeys jumping on the bed" about 25x today (and losing count of those disobedient monkeys about as many times!). Let's not be too hard on ourselves and just be present to the moment...allllll the moments, Momma's.

Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land, GOD BLESS THE USA 🇺🇸#ThankyouVeterans #TheFlannery5 #happyveteransday #veteransdayparade #LittlePatriots

It's the only way to end a pretty tough week filled with flying snot and barraging coughs and minimal sleep and non-existent patience...we all needed a family dance night...mainly momma 😏 Just what the doctor ordered to remind me that I am surrounded by answered prayers 🙏🏻☺️{And thank you, to our men and women in uniform for your service so we can enjoy the freedoms we experience in this country today 💖🇺🇸} #HappyVeteransDay #ProudToBeAnAmerican #MommyLife #IAmADork #TheFlannery5

Change starts within the walls of our homes. To my precious babies, the motivation for every breath I take and the future of our country, this I promise you. I promise to teach you love, respect, honesty, loyalty, compassion and acceptance. I promise to teach you to put your faith not in any human but in The One who created us all. I promise to teach you to stand firm for Biblical values, even when the world says otherwise. I promise to teach you to be leaders and in doing that is a huge responsibility. You must read, research, read and research, read and research and be willing to have open minded conversations with others to make informed decisions. I promise to teach you to think for yourself and not be afraid to be bold. I promise to teach you manners; hold your beliefs close, but always remain respectful of those you disagree with. I promise to teach you that you can be friends and even stand hand-in-hand with those you don't see eye-to-eye with. I promise to help you build a strong character foundation and be the best YOU, showing Gods love in all your words and deeds. I promise to teach you to always do your best..at whatever you're doing, to work hard, set goals, chase dreams and live courageously. I promise to teach you selflessness and that your way is not the only way. Diversity is beautiful and harmony is comforting. You will learn to love your country with every fiber of your being and recognize the sacrifices made years ago that earned us the freedom we have now. I promise to do my part in making this world a better place for you and your babies. YOU have everything needed to make the change. I do believe you will shift our world with your big, bad, bold, beautiful selves ✨Be the godly change our world so desperately needs 🇺🇸#MyWordsForMyBabies #ChangeStartsAtHome #BeTheChange

We went today (gasp!) to look for costumes. I gave strict instructions of "no scary costumes" and look what we left the store with 🙄

Halloween 2016:
Mommy & Twincesses: Strong Women 💪🏻
Cross & Briggs: "Nice" twin ninjas (they added the nice part 😂)
Fischer Love: Elsa of course 💁🏼
Daddy: Hillary

We made it out alive...and *mostly* still in love 😉 #TeamFlannery #WeHaveALotOfKids 😂😂 #flanneryfall16livelist

The past few days have been a bit rough with little ones feeling under the weather. Subpar littles doesn't coordinate well with the last day of the corn maze / pumpkin patch that's on the #FlanneryFall16LiveList! So, after church the girls met the boys at our destination to get some fresh air and cross one off the list. We went on a hayride, skipped aimlessly in the corn maze, captured and fed monarch butterflies, painted treasure boxes, ate roasted corn on the cob, played with pumpkins, headed up rubber duck races and spent some QT with our friends from church. After the week that we had, and a full day like today, we're feeling pooped but proud. Kind of like running a marathon with our shoelaces tied together 😂 But, we did it and that Florida fall warm breeze felt so right. Happy Fall, Y'all! #ItWasAnEarlyBedtime #TeamFlannery

As a little girl, I fantasized about being a mommy. My sisters and I would often play "house". And although, I ventured to college getting two degrees, making a few wrong turns along the way, and even had two successful careers post-college - being a mom was always right there in the forefront of my dreams. Year after year, and often heartbreak after heartbreak. Fast forward to today. My childhood fiction has become my reality, thanks only to divine intervention. This was always my personal version of "making it big". There are still moments, like this one - picnicking on our property where our dream house will (Lord willing) be built, that I see my family and think "Thank you, Jesus, for orchestrating my desires better than I could have ever dreamed up". I can't believe it's really worked out for me. But not in a "I'm a mom and I have a few kids" kind of way, but kind of like we're equals, on a journey, with each other kind of way. Like "thank heavens we all found each other" kind of way. Seven souls doing life together and who now belong to each other. Does that make any sense? While parenting is much harder than my childhood pretend-play, this feeling...THIS...dirty, sticky hands around my neck, wet sloppy kisses, stuck-like-glue-to-momma, heart beating out of my chest. Like God created us solely to experience this concoction of perfectly-imperfect love....Welp, it's really all I ever wanted 💓 #ThankYouJesus #MyWordsForMyBabies #FeelingSentimental #siblingsasbesties

"Our children are not going to be just 'our children'. They are going to be other people's husbands and wives and the parents of our grandchildren." Mary Calderone
It's all so heavy at times, almost debilitating quite honestly - and that's why we have to push through the whines, moans and struggles every.single.Sunday (as best we can) to bring these babies in the presence other believers 💒To remind them why we are here, point them heavenward bound and teach them His ways. What a beautiful privilege and the highest of honors given to us by our Heavenly Father 🙏🏻 Happy Lords Day, ya'll! ❣️#shapingsouls #TheFlannery5 #RealLifePic #AlwaysSomeoneCrying #WereAlwaysRunningLate #BetterLateThanNever

And that's a wrap. Football season's final game was played this morning 🏉 and per usual the Flannery boys had the biggest cheering section 🎉All players had to take a knee on one of the first plays for Crossy Bossy (poor buddy got stepped on 😜), but he powered through w thanks to his strong daddy's reassurance. Briggy did what he loves best and... tackled... whether it was during a play or after, he is indiscriminate or when the opposition needs to be tackled 😂 Boy, am I proud to be theirs ☺️ and thankful for more relaxed Saturday's to come! #footballseason #football #SSLLtinymites #popwarner

Several nights ago Cross just couldn't sleep. He kept getting up after we had put him down and the last time he had gotten up, he was sobbing. When we asked what happened, he simply said "I really miss PaPaw." His emotions were contagious and despite his already overdue bedtime, we reminisced the next few minutes about PaPaw. I reminded Cross that Papaw's birthday was just days away and I promised we'd celebrate. Cross was so excited, he told his siblings the next day and Fischer jumps up and down cheering "PaPaw's in heaven! Papaw's in heaven!" Oh to have that child-like faith. So, after the boys homecoming football game this morning, we got take out, and a football and camped out for a bit at his graveside. The kids ran and played and got to visit their sweet papaw for his birthday. My father-in-law was the best kind of human they make. We miss his warm smiles, gentle laughs and patience-of-Job with his grandkids. Happy birthday, Papaw 🎂 You are loved and missed ❤️ #thingsiwanttoremember

The best gift I could ever give to my children is each other. And maybe, probably not... But maybe, I can talk Hubby into one more 🙈 😜 #DontFreakOut #ItsNotThatEasy #AlthoughWhatsOneMore #ButWeKnowHowThatWent 😂

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