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Part 2 of #ourfakehistory 's series on The First Crusade is now available! It's all about this guy, Peter the Hermit, and how he roused massive crowds of European peasants to drop everything and journey to Jerusalem and 'liberate' it from Muslim hands. But wait...did this guy ever really exist? Find out the answer now!

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Surprise! I know I said Peter the Hermit was supposed to be featured on this week's episode of #ourfakehistory but it turned out that Sebastian literally couldn't fit him into episode 1. So, instead, you get an illustration of this guy, Pope Urban II. Don't let his cool haircut fool you. This guy was in it to win it. He was a huge catalyst in the growing support to invade Jerusalem and 'rescue' it from Muslim control. He even sweetened the deal by offering a pardon on all past sins if you join the Crusade and kill a bunch of Turks in the name of the Lord!
It's another grandslam episode. Check it out NOW!

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Have started building my course on the First Crusade! It will soon be available for purchase via CourseCraft. Once it's published, I will post a link to it. Let's keep the History of the Crusades alive! Deus Vult🗡🛡⚔!
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: "The Peacock Angel among the #KnightsTemplar

#TheKnightsTemplar were initially introduced to the #PeacockAngel as the Sufis’ Al-Kadir, the “Green One,” whom they came to know as St. George. The root of the name George is “geo,” denoting the Earth. Thus, George is the “Earth man.” Evidence of the connection between #AlKadir and St. George is conspicuous in their mutual annual holiday, April 22nd. According to the Sufi Idries Shaw, the Order of St. Khadr was taken by knights to Great Britain where it evolved into the #OrderofStGeorge, also known as the #OrderoftheGarter.

The #KnightsTemplar may have also learned of #thePeacockAngel directly from the #Yezidis, some of whom were living in Syria near the Middle Eastern castles of #theTemplars. But there was one more plausible source of the Knights’ #PeacockAngelwisdom. It is known that the Knights were initiated into a “Johannite” lineage of gnostic masters that had originated in the East, possibly with the Peacock Angel as #SanatKumara, or one of his students. This lineage was taken west with the gnostic Mandeans, who merged with the Hebrew Essenes to found the #Nazarenesect, within which were born #JohntheBaptist and Jesus. John the Baptist passed the succession of this lineage to Jesus, who in turn passed it to John the Apostle and #MaryMagdalene. From there it moved down a lineage of masters all named John until it was passed to the Knights Templar following #theFirstCrusade.

The Peacock Angel in the #HolyGrailTradition

The Peacock Angel figures prominently in the Holy Grail legends as the primal Fisher King. This is most evident in #WolframvonEschenbach’s Parzival, where the seeker of the Holy Grail, #Parzival, encounters the Fisher King Anfortas wearing a hat or crown of #peacockfeathers. Anfortas was the latest of a long line of Fisher Kings, each of whom reflected the Peacock Angel, the first and archetypal Fisher King, the primal Guardian and Embodiment of the Holy Grail. The power of the Holy Grail is the life force, the power wielded by the Fisher King. Through his life force power the Fisher King, who is thus a manifestation of the Green Man, would annually make his kingdom gre

School project about the first crusade.
Always remember: hate comes from fear, not from religion.
Respect everyone and just live your own life. ✌

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Friend: so what have you been up to these school hoildays?
Me: preparing my army's to march to the holy lands and retake Jerusalem with my fellow crusaders.
Friend: you need to get a life.
Me: DEUS VULT INFIDEL #deusvult #retakejerusalem #marchtotheholyland #thefirstcrusade

The Crusades saved Western Europe from conquest by Islam which would have brought Western Civilisation to an end.
Western Civilisation brought us the Renaissance, the Scientific Revolution and the Age of Exploration. Without Western Civilisation world history would have been altered in a way that is unimaginable.

For the first 500 years after Christ, the entire Middle East was essentially Christian before the Arab Muslims swept over the region and the Christian Mediterranean, spreading Islam by conquest. Over a period of 400 years, Muslims captured two-thirds of the Christian World.

Finally, following the defeat of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) at Manzikert, the defeated Byzantine Emperor asked for help from the Pope in the West. At some point, Christianity as a faith and culture had to defend itself or go the way of Zoroastrianism. The Crusades were that defense.

The Pope encouraged armed pilgrimages to rescue the Holy Land and their Christian brothers and sisters in the East. Tens of thousands of pious, warlike people turned their military energies toward this great and worthwhile endeavor. It was terribly expensive to go on crusade, and crusaders braved incredible hardships. More than half of the soldiers died while on crusade.

Until recently, the crusaders were always admired in the West. The word “crusader” became synonymous with dedication to do good.

Since the 1960s, an anti-Western, anti-Christian bias has become popular in the popular culture and few people except historians and scholars of the Medieval period understand what really took place. [Illustration by Gustave Doré 1832-1883].

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