People, I wish you could know my amazing friend @veronikaohanianwelt I know you would love her as much as I do! The way we met was so random. I was searching online for the MAC cosmetics eyeshadow display or at least the dimensions to build my own and I landed on her blog. She had written a post about finding one on ebay. Right away I knew she was awesome I mean she loved MAC and so did i. Well, I read though the rest of her blog and as creepy HAHA as this is going to sound I wanted to be her BFF. We became Facebook friends and then Instagram pals. She always posted inspiration and thoughts that I needed to hear. She has the best heart, she cares so much about people. I was stoked when she created @thefightproject. There is so much happening in our lives and I know that sometimes we feel like we're going through it alone but we're not! Anyone who has received one of her Gloves knows that no matter what they have a support system in their corner ready to fight.
I love my sweet friend so much! She has inspired me to want to be a better Melissa. If you want to be inspired you should follow her too!! #inspired #friendship #thefightproject #maccosmetics #macisthegreatest #lovemyfriend #friendswholovemactogetherstaytogether #okimdonenow

Even though you haven't seen me in a while...I've been working harder than ever + as soon as humanly possible...you'll see HUGE changes/upgrades to our project! My team + I are hard at work to make things better than ever & I cannot WAIT to be able to share! I love you all + your continued support + love are appreciated more than words! xo #thefightproject

LOVE ABOVE ALL...ALWAYS. #thefightproject

We're stepping out tonight! So honored to be a part of this again! Thank you so much, Bonnie! Sending you love & EVERY success!
#thefightproject #GlamAThon #KissBreastCancerGoodbye

Our hearts are with all of you who lost anyone you loved on this tragic day. We will never forget.🇺🇸#neverforget #thefightproject

"just got this in the mail!!! what a beautiful gift!!!
I've been diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer stage 2. This gift means very much to me. when i read what it said, i just cried. Im currently in chemotherapy 4 of 16 cycles. it's gonna be a long journey, but knowing that i have such great support, keeps me going. glove says "keep fighting beautiful Nancy... we're all in the ring with you"... THANK U SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! -N"
#thefightproject #cancersucks #prayforacure

Awwwwwww...I just LOVE you, B & I couldn't be more grateful for you & your endless love, support & friendship! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your gloves should be there any day! xo💋#thefightproject

My favorite glove to date! Made for my office, but just listed it on my site as well! OBSESSED. "You are fierce. You're a survivor. You're a fighter through & through. Little brave, breathe. There's a warrior within you." #thefightproject

Looking for a unique wedding/anniversary/engagement gift? "Love alone is worth the fight?"❤️ #thefightproject

Need a little Fitspiration? "Because there's a hot bitch in there waiting to get out!"💋 #thefightproject

"This is the best gift that anyone could ever get! Big shout out to Veronika who owns The Fight Project! She put my favorite quote that states, "God never got me to this point to fail"! God bless you Veronika. I love this! You can see Veronika's Fight Project gloves on Etsy.com" THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR! Love you so much, D & I'm so happy you love it! xo #thefightproject

"Thank you so much Veronika for the beautiful gift! The Fight Project boxing glove (made with love by YOU) is the perfect gift for our little fighter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a meaningful gift. We will hang it proudly when we return to CHOC reminding us, Kiki still "has a lot of fight" left in her 💜"
#epilepsysucks #kikistrong #thefightproject

"Every once in a while, seemingly out of the blue, your whole life can be flipped upside down in an instant. Alongside these moments, you find yourself surrounded by the love and support from every corner. Today was one of those moments that kicked me right in the feel-goods. It's been a rough couple of months, and the fight is far from over, but knowing that we're not alone through this makes the load feel lighter. S and I received these gloves in the mail today to remind us that we're tough enough to fight...And we'll be damned if we let it keep us down! Thanks for the reminder, M!" #thefightproject

"Job interview today. Needed an extra boost!" Absolutely ADORABLE, M! Hope you got it!💋#thefightproject

There's a lot of love going out in the world today! And at this very moment...it's exactly what's needed! If you know someone who could use some...send them a glove, or any kind of love. We've gotta stick together. Alone...we'll never make it. xo #thefightproject

HUGE love & hugs to you all! #thefightproject

Job interview today needed an extra boost...❤@thefightproject #thefightproject #wishmeluck

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