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#HoliHai or #TheFestivalOfColours is a celebration of the start of spring.. The victory of good over evil.. Good harvest.. Creating new relationships and repairing old ones.. Forgiving and forgetting.. #OneLove #NewSeason #HoliGivesMeLife !! #ThingsThatMakeMySoulSmile

#HOLI = #thefestivalofcolours
Hope your life always remains dipped in hues.
On this festival occasion love all , hate no one , forgive , forget and enjoy ! Wishing you a joyous and colourful holi.

There was a time when it was like any other festival for me. I wasn't a big fan or big detractor. Like most of things in life, I was just adaptable and okay with it, depending on year. Till year 2014. The night that changed a lot of things in my life. The night you decided to give us a try and asked me out. And even though, the next 3 years, we never celebrated it together, this festival became special. It became our day. Till.. Last year when you decided you don't want 'us' anymore.
The past two days have been tougher than before. There was expectedly zero excitement in me, like all things in my life in past one year and I had expected it. But what I didn't were the stupid memories. It's funny how some memories and thoughts are triggered not by your actions or procrastination, but just by the place or environment. The memory of the room at night and our chat, the memory of our relationship, the talks, the promises, the last fight. The thought that whether it was this festival when you met this guy last year and smoke up because soon after that you broke up. Did it all really happened? How will I celebrate this festival for rest of my life? Do you even think about me or what happened? What did it even mean for you?
A million questions.. thousand theories.. no answers.. #Holi2018 #TheFestivalOfColours #ShadesOfDarkness #writersofinstagram #Theories #StupidMemories #Triggers #Dumb #Fuck #Special #Vulnerability #BeingStrongOrBeingStupid

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