Thinness and perfection and symmetry have been shoved down my throat since I can remember.

I didn’t sign up for this bull shit but I did get brainwashed into it.

And that’s all right because I’m walking home.

Anxiety and chronic depression and panic attacks are not natural.

They have become an epidemic because society is at war with our nervous system. The indoctrination of unattainable beauty + lifestyle standards as the voucher for acceptance has made us all susceptible to dis-ease of the spirit and the body.

Let me just break this down for you one more time. This is how we lose our joy:

1️⃣Because we want the love, we buy into the bull shit lie that thinness and richness and popularity will give us the goods.

2️⃣Our nervous systems take the hit from self inflicted, unnatural brute force efforts to control our bodies, which in turn unravels our nervous system.

3️⃣Our culture has set us up for this, yes, but it’s our responsibility to reclaim our sovereignty.

You know what our natural state looks like? ✨🙏🏿🐉
Peace in our bodies, peace in our hearts, peace with *ALL* the parts of ourselves.

Let’s call something new into existence now. You ready? What do you choose to surrender in this moment in order to receive? 🌙I surrender my need to control my body’s weight in order to receive effortless joy. 🔥Comment yours below👇🏼 .

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Sunday ode to Ix Chel: Mayan Goddess of the 🌙 Moon and 🌹🌷women supporting women.
As an ancient fertility goddess, Ix-Chel was responsible for sending rain to nourish the crops. When fulfilling that function she was called “Lady Rainbow”. She helped insure fertility by overturning her sacred womb jar so that the waters would flow. Though sometimes depicted as a goddess of catastrophe (the woman who stands by as the world floods), many of her myths show her in a more benevolent light—as a goddess who refused to become a victim of oppression. This was a woman who, when faced with adversity, took charge of her life and turned it around.🌀💠🌐
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What’s the longest amount of time you’ve stared at the mirror hating your body?

I think my longest was around an hour, give or take.

25 and beautiful, I stood naked in the mirror, soaking wet after a shower, perceiving myself bloated and fat and unworthy of the party I was supposed to go to that night. Red-eyed, I begged the reflection I was seeing to change. A part of me hoped that pinching my hips and zoning in on the edges could be enough punishment to alter the reality I was suffering.

That night I got so drunk I forgot how much I hated my body. The next morning a wrath of depression took me to a pit of despair. That night I ate my feelings. The next Monday morning I began to starve again. The next Tuesday I took enough amphetamine to run 8 miles. On Wednesday people congratulated me for my “discipline”. On Thursday I was thin enough to consider Friday. And on Friday the cycle starts again.

I continued this way to differing degrees of body abuse for the majority of my twenties.

I didn’t know it then, but I know it now: my worshipping the alter of thinness kept me from EVERYTHING I thought thinness would give me.

If it’s not thinness, what is it? The money? The relationship? The house? The popularity?

I’m here to tell you— you thinking your external goal is going to give you love and belonging and purpose is bull shit. I’m here to to show you the true way home.

Catch @hormonesandharmony and I live at 3 pm CST to discuss the torture of “acceptable eating disorder”. Unscripted and unedited. Raw. Just like you like it.

Tell me, sweet one: what are you bowing to? What has you shackled, fooled and spinning?

DM me if you’re ready to be out of jail.

Together, we’re stronger. Expressed, we’re unstoppable. Shame only lives in shadow.

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This is life.
It's ridiculous.
It's messy.
There is absolutely no consistency.
Every week something shifts.
Every day.
Every moment.
Your mood + their mood, makes for interesting dialogue, interesting exchange, interesting reaction.

this is my life. feeling my way through every last bit of fire, water, air, earth.
placing expectations onto people who didn't ask for my expectations, getting disappointed and blaming them instead of looking at myself.
talking myself in and out of love like the freaking whirlwind of a water sign I am, then digging my heels in deep, mad, crazy, like the fixed Scorpio Sun Sign that rings true to my core.
i can paint, write, read a novel, and somehow still forget to put the clothes away, somehow I put the ice cream in the fridge, the chips in the freezer and still manage to forget to roll the trash to the edge of the lawn every Sunday night.

can we celebrate all of this? Every bit of it?
Can we not care if someone wears Goodwill or Prada, can we not give two shits if someone eats with their hands or a fork, as long as they give a shit about where the food on their plate comes from. Can we give a shit about stuff like that please?
Can you celebrate your chaos? Your distractions? Your ability to forget one thing, while holding onto another? And then love the part of you that loves the humans, animals, stars, moon, sun, plants? Love the part of you that cries because the flower growing in the crack of the sidewalk is just so beautiful.
You're just so beautiful.
Do you see it too?


Although business culture tends to lean into masculine energy (grit, grind, hustle), I love witnessing feminine energy (grace, allowing, connecting) transform empires and strengthen Dynasties 💯⁣

We def need and love both. The greatest creations happen when both the masculine and the feminine dance together, making magic ✨⁣

What are the 6 archetypes of the Divine Feminine?⁣

1) The Nurturer: Protective and Loving
2) The Femina: Sophisticated, Elegant, and Aware of her Beauty and Femininity. ⁣
3) The Adventurer: Fun, Flirtatious, Creative, & Passionate. ⁣
4) The Mystere: Mysterious and Reserved. (The Goddess)⁣
5) The Regal: Selective, Poised, & Worthy.⁣
6) The Entrepreneur: Her Reign was Her Business. Wise and Confident She Is. ⁣

How beautiful is that? Celebrating our divinity... So go ahead and lean into your feminine and understand the power you yield within 👑⁣


Want big results in life + business?

This is what has been the most powerful tool for me: great rest ( not scrolling, binge anything or distracted rest). Intentional rest = potent results.

Taking advice from my wisdom body this weekend with @ashleywalkerfit for a pajama party girls night and lots of tender space + laughter.

Hoping you’ll join me in listening and I’ll see you on the other side tomorrow when @hormonesandharmony and I go live on body image and “acceptable eating disorders “. 3 pm CST.

Until then, catch me naked faced in flannel, investing in exceptional rest. 🐉🌙✨🖤
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The intention to become more embodied and connected to the FLOW within is is not an easy one in a world obsessed with STRUCTURE, CONTROL and PREDICTABILITY .
Because FLOW is NON-LINEAR and CHAOTIC by nature. Every possibility is open and available here .
So hanging around in flow means becoming more and more intimate with the UNKNOWN .
Not always easy!
So blessed to be learning more and more about this in the FEMININE Embodiment Coaching Certification Program and in MY BODY
Can't imagine anything more rewarding than to support others into their bodies in the way this program is teaching me .
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Found this sentence that I wrote a year ago. I thank the younger version of myself for this reminder✨

[SOUND ON 🔊] Have you ever tried the #sacredspace meditation on the #sea shore? 🌊 We did and it was mind 🌬😳 YES, in spite of the 🌧💨
By the way—what’s your favorite spot for meditating and recharging?🧘‍♀️
P.s. If you’re curious to try our 💯 Sacred Space meditation check the LINK in bio. 💁‍♀️ .
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This last weekend HERspace 3-Day Feminine Awareness Training was born. All I can say is, that my heart is FULL of joy, gratitude and hope for a healthier world.

We had 7 women that journeyed with @nata.sommer and I into the feminine realms - learning more about the Creative Cycle Blueprint within them and Sensuality.

They got to connect with the mother within and the earth mother around them.

They explored:

What brings them joy and pleasure

Relaxing and giving space to feelings

Grieving for what was ready to die

Providing and receiving support from other women

Remembering what kind of life, they would like to create for themselves and others

Honouring themselves, their body and their innate wisdom and power.

They walked away feeling nurtured and replenished. It's safe to say they now have their cup overflowing with self-love.

It truly was a rich and transformative journey for Nat and I. It was a dream come true for both of us to be offering this kind of training here in Hong Kong in our homes.

We are excited to share some impressions with you, and if you wanted to join us but couldn’t, there will be another chance this coming 24/25/26th of May 2019 in Hong Kong.

And for all our Swiss lady friends, we are going to bring this creation to Switzerland, our home country, in 2019. So stay tuned for more information.

Here’s to women entering HERspace, remembering and reclaiming their wisdom and power, together, in Sisterhood! ♥️ #HERspaceTraining #feminineawareness #creativecycle #womenswellbeing #feminineembodiment #womanhood #wombwisdom #bodywisdom #bodylove #womenoftoday #thefeminine #createress #womenswellness #sensuality #pleasure #joy #lettinggo #selfcare #womensempowerment #celebrating #femininleadership #awakeningwomen #hkig #sisterhood #rawandrich

So I will keep saying Yes to life more, dancing on the edge of it all 🍂
Photo by @notpkfortyseven 💛

// SACRED SPACE + HEALING FACILITATOR // holding + facilitating healing (sacred) space for others is my passion. its when i feel most tuned into the qualities of feminine energy; receptive, open, soft, fluid, compassionate, nurturing, silently powerful, intuitive.
if you would love for me to facilitate a sacred space for you + friends, for your company or organization in 2019, click the Book Me button in bio to learn more about my philosophy, perspective + impact over the past three years in central texas + beyond!! any organizations/companies you suggest i partner with in the new year? drop them or tag them below 💙
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[SWIPE LEFT] Tired of doing the same things over and over again, each Xmas? 🎄

Bored with wrapping the same gifts, again and again? 🧧

Wish you could activate that ol’ #christmas magic? ✨

We've got you covered, love! Follow the LINK IN BIO and DISCOVER the feminine way to bringing back the #Christmas #Magic 💖

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This is my friend @meliafina She writes poems that makes the inner goddess of every human moan with excitement... Can you hear yours?
I want
to be
turned on
in every moment,
thrumming and lush with exquisite aliveness.
I want to feel the aching magnificence of music, rumbling and resonating in my stomach and bones.
I want to feel it when someone is magnetic-- to taste the richness of their being without the filter of my thoughts and anxieties.
I want beauty to crash through my body, electrifying my fingertips, making my toes tingle like they do when I walk through the cool waves of the pacific ocean.
I want to be attracted to connection, lust after compassion, be seduced by the unfolding miracles of this world.
I want to surrender my ego and my fear and fall immensely in love with this moment, here and now.
I want to be taken out of my stories and my identities and my pretense. I just want to experience the raw, unfiltered, immeasurable, dangerous sensations of living.
Sensuality is my spirituality. It softens the barriers I have built around myself. It is where my mind, body and soul are replenished by drinking in the sacrament of beauty; wandering in the temples of emotion and relationship; celebrating life with ecstatic sensation.
This pleasure, this pain, this FEELING is my birthright, and I claim it all as my own holy gift.

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