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& it’s STILL the season to be stylish! If i had my Louis Vuitton Alma bb and this faux fur coat, I would totally be wearing this outfit today while running around doing last minute Thanksgiving errands. As seen on previous posts, my aesthetic has been lately gravitating toward being as comfortably chic as possible, and I think this ensemble embodies that vibe! I’d spice it up by tying the shirt to make it a crop, a cute Pom beanie, and oversized sunnies!! 💁🏽‍♀️ _

How would you style this faux fur coat and Alma bb?! While my wishlist is exciting, don’t forget “ ‘Tis the season to be THANKFUL!” For as much as you receive, give back two fold! Hope you guys enjoy your Thanksgiving with your families! I know i will! 😉

Fashion Doctor Fam, here is the second item on my Holiday Wishlist! Faux fur is perfect for my aesthetic because it can be worn for fancy night outs, with athleisure looks, and running errands in style! Not to mention, this coat with look PERFECT with the Louis Vuitton Alma bb on my wishlist! 😉This coat will keep me warm and stylish this winter season!

Check back tomorrow to see how The Fashion Doctor will style this H& M faux fur coat her Holiday wish comes true! 😉 & check back the rest of the week to see what else is on my wishlist!
P.S. remember “‘Tis the season to be thankful.” So for every one thing on my wish list, there is one gift of gratitude, love, admiration, or appreciation going out to someone special in my life!

‘Tis the season to be stylish! Here’s how The Fashion Doctor will style her Louis Vuitton Alma bb monogram canvas, if her wishlist is answered! Lately my aesthetic has been pretty monochromatic/neutral and all about comfort. Been totally loving sweaters with sneakers & flares jeans, and sweats with boots, but will forever love a wide leg trouser and nice blouse! Each style perfectly complimented with this little LV baby!!! 😉 (completely obsessed with cross body bags too, btw)
How would you style this alma bb?! Comment below! Also, planning my next token to coincide with tomorrow’s wishlist item! So far I’ve sent a gift of admiration to one of my besties (she still hasn’t received the goodies yet, so no tags 🙈🙊), and a thank you card to my mom! Maybe a phone call to my grandmother tomorrow? Let me know what you think! & remember “‘Tis the season to be thankful!”

Fashion Doctor Fam, here is the first item on my Holiday Wishlist! When speaking of designer, nothing is more iconic or timeless than the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas! Lately, my aesthetic has craved smaller sized bags, and this one is perfect. It’s easy to dress up for a nice night on the town, and easy to dress down for a chill day or running errands!
Check back tomorrow to see how The Fashion Doctor will style this Alma BB if her Holiday wish comes true! 😉 & check back the rest of the week to see what else is on my wishlist!
P.S. remember “‘Tis the season to be thankful.” So for every one thing on my wish list, there is one gift of gratitude, love, admiration, or appreciation going out to someone special in my life!

Although i will be sharing things on my holiday wishlist this season, not only are the Holidays my favorite time of year for cute lattes and gifts... But, also love this season because it gives me time to reflect on all the things and people that i am thankful for! During this season, there are many gatherings of friends and family in which we sit around and reflect on all the times we’ve shared together. This season also affords me the reason to show a little extra appreciation for all the people that have constantly been there for me, whether through gifts or words of affirmation. So for the rest of November, I’ve pledged to send a token of love, gratitude, appreciation, or admiration to a few people that i just don’t thank enough!

P.S. Started this weekend, and the first person should be receiving the token of admiration this week! EEK! Tomorrow, i will be sending my mom a thank you card! Because i mean, ‘tis the season to be THANKFUL!

Throwing it back to this Sunday’s Miami Brunch look! This weekend I attended Alumni Weekend at my alma Mater, the University of Miami, where I was a cheerleader! After a long weekend of wearing heels to every event and cheering at the football game, I knew heels were a no go for brunch! So happy how these Adidas Adilette slides provided for a sleek, edgy but chill brunch LEWK! Outfit details tagged!!

On this Hump Day, all I can think about is this amazing cold brew and avocado toast @theprettylittlehustler and I had at @threefoldcafe! It was literally the best cold brew I’ve ever had, and am definitely needing it to get through this day! How is this Hump Day treating you?


How are you guys feeling this Monday, Fashion Doctor fam?! If you haven’t, check my previous posts to see me in some of this Fall’s latest trends!! May make your Monday a tad bit more bearable! 😉

I pledge allegiance to the swag! Yesterday’s outfit of the day featuring one of this Fall’s TRENDIEST items, camouflage cargo pants! Outfit details tagged!
The Fashion Doctor by Di’eayyah Najae’

Have you seen what’s trending this Fall?! If not check out my last two previous posts! Oh, and I may be styling a few of this Fall’s Trendiest items this weekend! Turn on post notifications to find out!
The Fashion Doctor By Di’eayyah Najae’

Smiling because I’m wearing one of this Fall’s trendiest shoes, lace up Perspex in black! 😉

Have you seen what’s trending this fall?! Check out my previous post!

#Follow #shoelimitless and check out www.shoelimitless.com for the new #collection and #updates on the latest hot #shoe #trends ! ... We loved the #thighhigh cuff #boots as shown in this #video #modeled by @itschristinarenee with #makeup by @nptstudio styled by @bdotdillenger36 #TheFashionDoctor photographed by @orensiddophotography with #NPTSTUDIO #fashion #music by @jaixaye 🙌 ... we hope you are as #excited about the new collection as we are ! 😍😍😍😍... #Quick #Tip! : Turn on your #notifications #now for @shoelimitless and catch those recent #sale post while items are still in #stock! 💕 ... #shoelimitless #onlineshopping #nikkiphillip #nikkiphillipnation

Trending Topic: The Top Trends of Fall 2017
1. Camouflage - This happens to be one of my favorite trends of the fall because it is so versatile! It can be dressed down with a sweatshirt and sneaks, or dressed up with a crop of bodysuit and heels! Pretty perfect for any occasion!
2. Pajama Style Couture - Also one of my favorite trends, because I’m all about being comfortable and what’s more comfortable than PAJAMAS?!
3. DENIM - Denim is my go to for ANY season, but particularly this fall we are seeing an abundance of Bardot denim jacket styles which I’m obsessed with, and wide leg denim which is so ULTRA chic!
4. Sweatshirts & Athleisure - This has been trending for quite some time, but as the seasons change I’m sure we will see many more sweatshirt chic looks!
5. VANS! - So these have be regaining their popularity, and I’m not ashamed to say I loved vans in college, and love them even more now. They add a little edge to all the dress down days, and easy to pair with pretty much anything!
6. Lace Up Perspex Heels - Lace Up perspex heels are my go to! They are so sexy and chic, and pretty comfortable! I pair mine with camouflage BDU pants, midi dresses, boyfriend jeans, or pajama couture! If you don’t have a pair of these, you’d better hurry before it’s too late!
7. Geometric Shaped Purses - Regular purses are so out of style! It’s all about geometric shape these days! They are trendy, chic, and match and outfit they are paired with!
8. Blazers - Long line blazers are great as coats, outerwear, or even as dresses! Yes blazers cinched at the wait with a belt and over the knees boots or lace up heels are all the rage this season! Try it out!
Now you are ready to slay, Fashion Doctor Fam! What’s your favorite Fall trend, How did you like this quick trend sesh?! Should I keep doing trends of Fall? Comment below!

1st Look Complete...............Styled By Me😉 #TheFashionDoctor @shoelimitless Model @itschristinarenee Photographer @orensiddophotography Makeup @nptstudio

Happy Humpday, Fashion Doctor fam! Is anyone else feeling like this pup this morning? I know I am! I’m struggling to pay attention in lecture, and I even had an extra shot of espresso this morning! What is wrong with me?! Lol! How are you all doing this Hump Day? Comment below!
Also, The Fashion Doctor has some exciting news soon come! Maybe that’s why I can’t concentrate! Click on post notifications to stay tuned! Trust me you won’t want to miss this!

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The Fashion Doctor is a DC based lifestyle blog that blends my two passions of Psychology & Fashion. It is a blog that focuses on WHOLISTIC health, and aims to remind ourselves to LOOK (Fashion & Body), and FEEL (Mind & Body) GOOD! Whether that’s in the form of yoga, binge watching tv shows, strict face care routines, drinking water, being up on the latest trends, self reflection and mantras, or hanging out with your girls or man! Here you will find the true meaning of “When you FEEL good, you LOOK good” (yes I know, not the usual saying). The Fashion Doctor encourages you to always strive for WHOLISTIC Health, and do what makes YOU FEEL good inside and out.

The Fashion Doctor
Mind. Body. & Fashion.
What’s your prescription?


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Happy, Saturday! Saturdays (when I’m not busy), are one of my favorite days of the week! I challenge myself to sleep in (very hard, typically don’t make it past 9:30 after waking up at 7 and making myself go back to sleep), and when I awake I commence my Saturday ritual! I light candles, put some music on, and CLEAN! After cleaning, I take my dog for a walk, turn on ESPN (GO CANES) and work and REST! What’s your favorite day of the week? How do you like to spend your Saturdays? Comment below! •

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Whether it's a handbag, lettering on a top, or your accessories! You don't want to make cooler temperatures take your wardrobe from FAB to DRAB! When you look good you feel good! Keep your head, fashion, and Auras high!


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It's Monday, and I would totally rather be sitting at a Sunday Brunch with my best girl pals. But, instead I am in the hustle and bustle of a typical Monday morning, and you can believe I will be getting my MORNING MATCHA! When living a busy life, it is EXTREMELY important to have a work/school - life balance! So I dedicate either Friday or Sunday to doing absolutely nothing, but things I enjoy. Whether it's brunch, happy hour, dinner, or just being lazy on the couch with my dog! My dad once told me that you can't get too caught up in your work to live! Ever since I've made an consistent effort to do so, I notice less burnout and more passion for my work! What do you do to curb burnout? Comment below! Happy Monday, Fashion Doctor Fam!

Photo cred: @theprettylittlehustler
_ •

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