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what do you guys think about gaga’s new hairstyle? she’s rocking it ✨✨👸🏼 -anna

Grandma and Grandpa Germanotta. Thank you for bringing Stefani to the world, this wonderful human being who helps and inspires so many people around the world ... ❤️


And after all the drinks and bars that we've been to, would you give it all up? Could I give it all up for you? #speechless #ladygaga #gaga #thefamemonster #piano #cover #latenightsession

"I'm hungry as fuck, why does it always take like 8 light years for takeout to be delivered?" Stefani sighed frustrated and rested her head on your lap. You shrugged and gently carresed her hair. "You have many talents Stef, overreacting is one of them. I'm sure it will be here in a couple minutes." She groaned. "A couple minutes?! I can't wa.." the doorbell rings and Stefani accidentally rolled off my lap onto the ground. "Food!" She laughed before getting up and running to the good. You got up to grab plates and silverware as you heard the door open and be slammed shut, and within seconds Stefani was back, standing in the middle of the livingroom. "I don't need a plate (Y/N)! Its chicken come, come, come!!" She yelled before plopping onto the couch with the bag.
You quickly walked back. Dimming the lights, putting on the mood lighting and closing the curtains on your way back before sitting down next to her as Stef pulled out the chinese food. She handed you your meal before quickly ripping open the lid and grabbing the chopsticks that came with it and started shoving the food in her mouth. You looked at her and shrugged your shoulders. "Geez, at least chew a bit! You very hungry caterpillar!" You shook your head gently before starting with your meal.
It was quiet, and only the soft playing of the radio on the background, but not for long as Stefani let out a squeal. "Holy fuck, it's hot!" She exclaimed as she fanned her mouth with her hands. "Oh gosh, my tongue is on fire!" She whined. You put your meal asside and chuckled. "Oh it can't be that bad, let me taste." You grinned as she pushed her meal towards you but you grabbed onto her jaw to kiss her, pushing your tongue through her lips as she held onto my arm but you quickly pulled back. "Oh fuck that's hot, almost as hot as you are." You smirked as you felt your tongue burn. It got quiet again. "Okay I will get the milk." You quickly got off the couch and ran to the kitchen. "It was worth a shot.." you mummbled


"We could give you a Million Reasons why Lady Gaga was on the top of the world in 2017—but we'll start with her Super Bowl Halftime show, Coachella, Gaga: Five Foot Two, and her sold-out Joanne World Tour. After all these years, we're #ThankfulForMother Monster still leaving us Speechless. (📷: @GettyEntertainment; Netflix)" - @enews via Instagram.
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