It was recommended to me a little over a year ago. And it was in the back of my mind as a “to do”. Then I was on a plane and I looked over and a woman was reading the book. I chuckled, she was persistent in nudging me to read it. I mentioned it to my mom as she gasped...having bought the book for me a few days before nor ever knowing it was on my list. Sometimes that’s how God speaks. I haven’t read the book but I am doing the Bible study. It’s in-depth. I wondered why God chose such a content heavy study for my bar exam prep season. Let’s be real, I would’ve preferred a light, airy, half page devo. But doing this study has (so far) helped me not to speed through my mornings to try to fit more in my day. I HAVE to slow down. I have to think and look up scripture and reflect. In true God fashion, it’s just what I need. And to make it even better a friend is doing it too so we are holding each other accountable. To never let business make us absent. To not allow our schedule to dictate our God time but rather our God dictate our schedules. It ain’t easy choosing Jesus every day. But I have yet to regret setting my alarm a little early just to catch His whispers before the day gets going. What devotional or bible study are you working through? #thefaithfeast

I got here three years ago today. I hopped on a plane after cleaning out my first big girl apartment, I hugged my parents goodbye and left atlanta.•

The last three years have been one of the greatest adventures of my life. I wanted to go home so many times. I doubted my decisions to live here and pursue a legal career. Everything was fine in Atlanta. I wondered if I should’ve just stayed. Maybe I wasn’t cut out for Chicago. Maybe I was too prideful to go home. But for some reason I just wouldn’t quit. I just kept deciding to stay. •

Back then, in 2015...I was itching to go. My spirit was stirred and I didn’t even know it. God was ready to do something brand new in me and much of that involved my actual location. The doors in Atlanta just kept closing as my moving date neared. It was hard to face what felt like rejection and abandonment. Opportunities I prayed for disappearing. People I loved being shifted into new spaces •

But I see now what God was doing. I can see now how much of what He wanted to do in me required new people, places, and challenges. Things only law school and Chicago could provide. Three years later I can clearly see His sovereignty. He nudged me right into my most favorite season to date. I’m so glad I listened. I’m so glad I moved. I’m so glad I walked out of the boat even if my legs were shaking. And I spent the whole plane ride crying. I’m so glad he closed those doors. Because the ones He opened were 100x better. What’s God nudging you into today? #thefaithfeast

The phrase “yes and amen” has been playing in my brain on repeat the past few days! This morning I finally looked up where those words are in the Bible and re-wrote them (21st century Sisi version)...⠀

The message of Jesus Christ is not “yes” and “no,” but has always been “yes” in Christ.⠀

No matter how many promises God has made they are “yes” in Christ.⠀

We say “Amen” - meaning “so be it” - to His glory, declaring our confidence in His power and faithfulness.⠀

After re-writing 1 Cor 1:18-22, I asked, “What are the promises I need to say “yes” and “amen” to, today?⠀
As a child of God there is a place for me here while I live on earth and in the life to come - not only that, this place is PREPARED for me, set aside for me (Jn 14:3)!⠀

Then I made a list of all the places I’m believing God for in this season. As I looked at that list my soul felt lightness. Surrender, would probably be the word.⠀

Yes, I let go of the fight to make space for myself where I want to be or believe I should me.⠀

My place is secure. Instead of forcing my in, I will fill my way in. ⠀

To this I say, “yes” and “amen” in the confidence of WHO GOD IS.⠀

What promise do you need to say “yes” and “amen” to, today?!⠀

I eat what’s available. Whatever’s around and easily accessible, I’ll grab when I’m in a hurry. This used to result in excessive amounts of fast food. But ya girl couldn’t live on fries and processed food. So I’ve made a vow to myself to always have apples, bananas and if possible energy bites ready to roll. It’s simple really. Just a plan. Isn’t it funny how we can make things harder than they need to be? Sometimes it’s just a decision. Decide to put what you want in your body and add it to the list. Decide you need a bath time once a week and do it. When decisions meet commitment, change happens. What decision can you commit to making this week? #thefaithfeast

One of the greatest privileges of this season has been being a brand ambassador for @chicagofrenchpress. I truly enjoy their organic flavors and having healthy coffee on hand during this stressful season has been a blessing. But really it’s having the opportunity to learn, befriend and be mentored by their founder @krisdchristian. She works her butt off. She’s passionate and driven and hard working. Hearing her share her story this past weekend at the #seedtobloomworkshop was amazing. A black female owned coffee business?! NEXT LEVEL STUFF. She’s paving her own way while being married and keeping Jesus at the center. So grateful to have had her hang around on Saturday and join in on the fun. If you’re finally ready to get the coffee I won’t shut up about use code FAITHFEAST and get 15% off through the link in my bio. Promise that peach nectar will change your whole summer 😫🙌🏽. #chicagofrenchpress #mademavens #thefaithfeast

I spent years wondering what it would take for me to like myself.
The list of reasons-not-to-like-myself seemed way too long.
Then one day as an act of vulnerability (after working with my life coach @johannahbogartcoach ) I shared one thing I was proud of myself for that week.
And, y’all it was like a yellow raincoat in the middle of a black and white movie!
That whole week I skipped around the house super happy and in love with myself. Like the kind of happy when you get a text from someone you like. The only thing I had done differently was think about ONE thing I liked about myself.
So I tried it again the next week and the next week and the next week.
Honesty is important to me so, I’ll tell you the happy hasn’t always been as happy as that first week, but I definitely like myself more days than not, and I am generally more happy.
Turns out, the only thing long about the reasons-not-to-like-myself list was the time I spent thinking about it. And, come to think of it, the list of like-able things about me is the longer list, whether I think about it or not.
So, how about it?
Do you like yourself?!
Have you ever wondered what it would take to like yourself...someday?
If so, may I suggest you try this random experiment of mine? You don't even have to write your own post, just leave a comment with something you like about yourself or send me a DM!
Here I’ll go first: This week, I like myself for believing I’m pretty and worthy of love even when my hair is messy and my sunburn too bright to cover up.
PC: @seadeutsch

I received this notebook from @bex_cas at the first faith feast gathering in January. And yesterday I used it to deliver a message on purpose. Full circle moment. This unique purpose of mine never ceases to amaze me. I’m called to help women FEAST. Feast on God and purpose and life. Sitting in a room of women eager to learn how to bloom was such a privilege. As I watched them connect with one another and scribble down notes I was overwhelmed with gratitude. God allowed myself and @livingbythepagewithnatalie to help these women come into new levels of confidence, self awareness, and courage. Honored to be a little push along their journey. I met some world changers yesterday. Can’t wait to see what they do. More photos and a recap coming soon. Thank you for all your prayers. #thefaithfeast #seedtobloomworkshop

In an address delivered by U.S. Episcopalian bishop, Michael Bruce Curry at the #royalwedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle talks so deeply about love, how is brings and binds two people together because #God Himself is there.⠀
“Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; Everyone who loves is born of God; Whoever does not love does not know God. For God is love.” (1 John 4:4-8).⠀

Congrats to Harry & Meghan. May you be happy and may God blessed your marriage. ⠀
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“If you want to make good friends, be a good friend. Send kindness out in big, generous waves, send it near and far, send it through texts and e-mails and calls and words and hugs, send it by showing up, send it by proximity, send it in casseroles, send it with a well-timed “me too,” send it with abandon. Put out exactly what you hope to draw in, and expect it back in kind and in equal measure.” @jenhatmaker
PC: @amy_demos

This past December I was in HomeGoods doing the last minute gift rush and this planner caught my eye. I usually spend weeks researching planners (I'm a bit of a stationary junkie) but I had been putting it off and the cover of this one just drew me in so I snagged it. ☺️ Little did I know that in just a few weeks I'd be meeting with Lindsay @thefaithfeast in Atlanta for coffee and bonding over our shared heart for helping women bloom into who they were created to be. ✨ And that's how the vision for the Seed to Bloom workshop began...with outreach, connection, prayer and vision. And while I switched over to the @inkwellpress planner (I quickly was reminded why I need a daily versus a weekly), I've kept this one all year on my desk to remind me of that vision and how that promises are sown into our hearts before we even know their purpose. 🌱Ladies, Lindsay and I cannot WAIT to meet you in Chicago this Saturday. Get ready to go from seed to bloom. 🌸🌿✨ #livingbythepage #seedtobloomworkshop

Dairy and I are not friends. But y’all- I love Alfredo. I had some cauliflower in the fridge and wasn’t sure what to do it with it until 💡. VEGAN ALFREDO. This creamy cauliflower based sauce is a pretty solid alternative and super easy to make. Plus...it’s a fun way to consume veggies. Have you tried it before? Recipe up on the blog!! Tag a vegan friend!
- my prayer for you today is that you’d be resourceful. I’m praying that roadblocks would be seen as detours not dead ends. That you’d find alternatives and not give up on plan A or B. I’m praying that when things don’t go as planned you’d turn to God and ask for help, a strategy, and guidance. You are a warrior not a worrier. I’m praying you’d rise up and occupy that title in Jesus’ name. Amen. #thefaithfeast-
- LAST DAY TO GET #seedtobloomworkshop tickets! No Alfredo will be served but @sweetgreen will be providing lunch 😍! See ya Saturday!!!

Over the last couple of months I have noticed myself holding back, not being honest with myself about what I want and avoiding bold decisions.
Because I feel like none of the decisions I have made in the past few years have turned out the way they were supposed to. Quite frankly, I have felt sold short by God.
So, I decided I was done with the whole obedience thing. You know, “do this so you don’t get a spanking,” well my adult-self had converted that to “do this and you’ll get the blessing you want.” News flash, God DOES bless us, but rarely with the blessings we prescribe.
Understandably, I was tired of pouring my heart into things only to be with unmet expectations and plenty of embarrassment.
As I looked for something new, something that wouldn’t sell me short this is what I found (like in every email, book, and podcast for weeks)... Let go of expectations.
Letting go of expectations has looked like surrender: 1) Seeking the Lord diligently. 2) Making a decision that I believe glorifies God. 3) And investing my WHOLE heart into it - no strings attached.
It’s the “no strings attached” part that I’m still not good at, but it’s the “no strings attached” part that’s changing me, healing me, and not selling me short.
I’m learning to make this life-thing less about obeying and more about being. Being God’s dearly beloved daughter who loves laughing and surfing, being someone who knows how to talk to God and teach others to do the same, being a writer who loves to encourage and shows up to social media that way, and being a girl who can’t eat popcorn without making a mess!

It’s my prayer this week that you will be able to give and grow free from your own expectations. May you embrace this day as the day that the Lord has made and rejoice in it because it if His gift to you. You don’t have to make anything of it or meet any exceptions for it to be a good day - it already is. And you are, at THIS moment, a precious and wanted woman.

PC: @forthejoyphotography

Treat those around you the same way you want to be treated. You are not owed respect, you earn it. Treat people fairly. Show kindness, show compassion. Express sympathy and/or empathy. ⠀
There will people who will be discouraging accusing you of trying to be perfect, or you thinking your better than everyone. No, your not trying to be perfect and No you not trying to out do anyone. Yes, you are trying to be a better person in every aspect. How you treat others, be concerned, how you react in certain situations. ⠀
Don’t allow people to discourage you from being the best you because they think it’ll make them look bad. ⠀
Always be the example of what you what to see in the world. ⠀
How to you lead by example? Leave me a comment below.⠀
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Restoration: the act of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition. //
I’m praying restoration over you. Restoration of the time you spent wandering away from the Father. Restoration of your family. Restoration of your relationships and friendships. Restoration over your finances. Restoration of your health. Restoration of YOU. I’m praying He would put you back together the way he originally formed you in your mother’s womb(Jer 1:5). I’m praying that you’d see things coming back together right before your eyes today(Ezekiel 37). And that when you do, you’d give God all the glory. 💕#thefaithfeast

Last graduation post and then back to veggie bowls and prayers lol! But it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t give honor where honor was due. This woman, my sister @jesspuccinelli, has been my ROCK the last three years. She’s been on the phone with me at odd hours of the morning and answered panicked calls late at night. She has pushed me, encouraged me, prayed for me, cried with me (and because of me) and laughed at me 😂. All while supporting her incredible husband @parttimeadult, running her own business and starting a new job. She’s an absolute powerhouse. She’s generous, hard working, and utterly limitless. & It’s been so fun to bloom right along side this woman the last few years as we have both set out to become better & bolder women. Thank you @jesspuccinelli for being my dream sibling. LOVE YOU. #thefaithfeast

I asked God my second semester of law school if I could quit. He said no. I asked again. He said no. After I got saved I was willing to do whatever, even if it meant not being a lawyer. But He insisted I stay and see this journey through. And I believe I’ve only begun to experience the reasons why. My dream job with an incredible boss, my friends who are more like sisters, and my peers who I deeply respect are a few of the things that I would’ve missed had I given up. But more than anything, I’ve seen so much of God’s faithfulness in the realm of law school. I’ve been given supernatural strength in times where I felt defeated. I’ve had favor on favor in areas where I should’ve been overlooked. I’ve understood concepts after praying and felt peace at the most stressful times because of His presence. I’m so glad I didn’t quit. I’m so glad I saw it through. Even when I hated it. Even when I showed up physically but not mentally. Even when I doubted myself and others did too. God was faithful. And because of that, I have a Juris Doctor from @chicagokentlaw. #thefaithfeast #legallylinds #ckgrad

My sister and I were talking a few weeks back about what it would take for thin fit girls to feel confident about their bodies, too. One of the things I’ve realized in the last three months as my body has finally shifted to be the way I’ve always dreamed is that comparison doesn’t magically float away when you get toned abs and smaller thighs.
While I’m not the smallest I’ve ever been I am the most confident and comfortable with my reflection I’ve ever been. But I’ve also been more focused on what is awesome about myself than I’ve ever been.
So, I’m wondering if comparison and body-insecurity would float away if we decided to stop trying to find ways to measure up and dared to celebrate ourselves instead?!
If you’re with me, let me know in the comments what you’re most proud of yourself for this past week.
Here, I’ll go first...I’m most proud of myself for making space for the things that are important to me: crossfit, attending my sisters dance shows (the sister in this picture), writing, helping my mom, and doing obstacle race with my dad and brothers...
I always think finding space for the things that are important should be easy, but every time I learn it’s not. It’s a choice. And it’s worth it!
Can’t wait to celebrate with you in the comments!!!
PC: @forthejoyphotography

Law school Graduation x Mother’s Day. Heart explosion. #thefaithfeast #thefaithfeastsmom

As I have gotten older, I have learned plenty of things along the way. One of those things is sometimes you can learn a lot about a true testament of a person character simply by standing by & observing. Keeping your eyes open & your mouth closed, allowing them to show you who they are. ⠀
I say this not to be negative but to listen to people and observe their actions to know what kind of energy they bring, if they are those who you want in life. ⠀

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