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The Westchester Table Tennis Center held its first-ever tournament featuring competitors who have been battling Parkinson’s disease Saturday afternoon. Seven players from throughout the region, and one from Denmark arrived in Pleasantville for the inaugural Winter Championship for Players With Parkinson’s, which allowed their skill level to shine.

The tournament was organized by Croton-on-Hudson resident Nenad Bach, a member of the table tennis center who founded the club’s Ping Pong Parkinson’s Night last year. The weekly program helps players by raising awareness for the disease and improving the physical and emotional health of those diagnosed.

Bach, who has had Parkinson’s for six years, said playing table tennis has significantly reduced his symptoms and has helped him live life more fully. He said that the sport develops or modifies new neurons in the brain. Now, Bach is motivated to bring his findings to an international level to benefit the more than 10 million people who suffer from Parkinson’s. “I love it. For me it’s boring to walk or lift weights but playing ping-pong is exciting,” said Bach, who finished second in last Saturday’s competition. “It’s extending my life and I’m living my life.” Bach added that table tennis helps players remain agile, focused, coordinated and happy. “People are here smiling like babies,” he said. “We are creating or recreating some new neurons and it’s exciting to say the least.” Yorktown resident Helena Rodriguez said playing table tennis for one hour eases her symptoms for two or three days. Rodriguez, who was diagnosed nine years ago, said she feels a sense of “euphoria” after a session,

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More than 100 concerned residents from Westchester and Putnam counties assembled early Monday evening outside Carmel’s Historic Courthouse demanding stronger gun control legislation and honoring victims of gun violence.

Members of Putnam Progressives, Indivisible Yorktown, Action Together Northern Westchester, Moms Demand Action, CD17 Indivisible and other groups gathered with signs and candles questioning why more isn’t being done to protect children and prevent gun violence after 17 students and staff members were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. last week. “It makes me sad that people aren’t safe when they go to school,” 11-year- old Yorktown resident Abe Marron said. “Assault rifles are used to kill and people die when they go to school.” Elementary school teacher Marcia Stone reflected on the security change in the aftermath of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, adding that schools are a place for learning, not death. “This is not what’s supposed to be happening in our schools,” Stone said. “Teachers are supposed to be teaching not worrying about the lives of their students let alone their own lives. This situation cannot be tolerated. It’s up to us to take action.” The crowd joined together in a solemn rendition of “Imagine” and “We Will Overcome” during the hour-long vigil.

While several in attendance carried signs and chanted slogans such as “Enough is Enough,” contentious debate broke out between residents with differing views on gun regulations. One resident yelled at Marron for holding a sign that read “How much has the NRA paid for each dead child?” READ MORE: https://www.theexaminernews.com/gun-control-advocates-and-2a-supporters-clash-in-carmel/ #theexaminer #examinermedia #theexaminernewspaper #theputnamexaminer #guns #guncontrol #gunviolenceprevention #gunviolenceprotest #gunviolencevictims #gunsafetyreform #gunsafetyregulation #guncontrollegislation #guncontrollaws #strongergunlaws #strongerguncontrol #massshootings #schoolshootings #schoolshootingprotest #carmel #carmelny #putnamcounty #putnamcountyny #westchestercounty #westchestercountyny #candlelitvigil #gunviolencehastostop

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Officials from nearly all of Putnam County’s municipalities joined County Executive MaryEllen Odell on Feb. 5 to discuss the creation of a shared services plan meant to save taxpayer money.

The meeting at the TOPS auditorium in Carmel centered on implementing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Shared Services Initiative. The initiative forces county officials to develop of plan to eliminate duplicative services and coordinate services to enhance purchasing power. Under the state’s timetable, the county requires the creation of a Shared Services Panel, a group headed by Odell consisting of every mayor or town supervisor within the county, along with other appointed and elected officials.

The Commission for Fiscal Vision and Accountability will facilitate panel discussions.

Legislator Neal Sullivan, who will chair the Commission with Legislator Ginny Nacerino, said he wants panel members to think objectively and offer ideas that are based on facts and figures to provide relief to the taxpayer. “We want to hear the ideas from you because you’re the people who are involved every day. You know what’s going on, you know what you do already with towns, with villages, with the county, with the state, with the schools, so there’s so many things happening already so we don’t want to go and do something that’s already been done,” he said. “We want to talk about things that you think we can do now for the future.” The commission will meet with the panel on Feb. 22.

The county did not go forward with a shared service plan last year and there was some disagreement between Odell and the six town supervisors as to why nothing was ultimately developed. READ MORE: https://www.theexaminernews.com/putnam-officials-talk-shared-service-plan/ #theexaminer #examinermedia #theexaminernewspaper #theputnamexaminer #sharedservices #maryellenodell #sharedservicesmeeting #putnamcounty #putnamcountyny #putnam #sharedservicesteam #governorandrewcuomo #putnamcountylegislators #putnamcountysheriff #putnamcountycommunity #putnamcountyschools #putnamcountyliving #carmel #carmelny #kent #kentny #patterson #pattersonny #putnamvalley #putnamvalleyny #nelsonville #nelsonvilleny #philipstown #philipstownny

Pleasantville Mayor Peter Scherer will be running for re-election in next month’s village elections, but one of two incumbent trustees made it known late last weekend she will step aside.

Before the petition filing period was scheduled to closed Tuesday, Trustee Colleen Griffin-Wagner told The Examiner that she will not be running again for another term in the Mar. 20 election. The two-term board member did not elaborate on the reasons for her decision.

Meanwhile, Joseph Stargiotti last week failed to respond to inquiries on whether he would run again. However, Dan Turner, who has led the Village Party, said on Sunday that Stargiotti plans to seek re-election.

First-time candidate David Vinjamuri announced his decision to vie for one of the two available seats this year and will appear on the ballot.

Scherer, first elected in 2009, will be seeking his fourth term as mayor, citing a desire to see several projects reach completion as a key factor in his decision. “I’m definitely running again,” Scherer said. “There are some remarkable things in the midst right now.” Scherer said future development will support Pleasantville’s core values while also modernizing the village in a sensible way. Currently, development on Washington Avenue at the site of the old Try & Buy toy store that is underway and the proposed redesign of the civic space at Memorial Plaza are among the key projects in discussion that promise to reinvigorate the village.

He added that if the downtown civic space is completed it will be transformed into one of the nicest publics spaces in Westchester.

Entering the weekend, there was no conversation about a possible challenger for Scherer who has run unopposed each of the last two elections. READ MORE: https://www.theexaminernews.com/scherer-to-run-again-in-pville-election-griffin-wagner-bows-out/ #theexaminer #examinermedia #theexaminernewspaper #pleasantville #pleasantvilleny #pleasantvilleelection #mayorpeterscherer #peterscherer #pleasantvillevillageboard #boardofelections #westchesterboardofelections #election #elections #electionday #villageelection #villageelections #westchester #westchestercounty #westchestercountyny #election2018

Several Westchester County residents, union members and county employees joined members of the Westchester Board of Legislators this week in support of an earned sick day bill.

With about 36 percent of workers in Westchester lacking paid sick days, the bill proposes that most workers receive a minimum one hour of earned paid sick time for every 30 hours worked. “I think we all know that people deserve to stay home when they’re sick,” Legislator Catherine Borgia (D-Ossining) said at the Feb. 14 press conference in White Plains. “The fact that 36 percent of Westchester workers don’t have paid sick leave means that the majority of workers do have it and people understand that this is a necessary human measure that as a society we just have to support. It’s just common sense.” If passed, Westchester would join New York City as the second jurisdiction in the state to have a sick leave law. Similar legislation was approved and is in effect in Washington, D.C., Seattle and San Francisco along with seven states, including Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Borgia, who introduced the bill last March, said she is re-submitting the bill for discussion because of support from the Board of Legislators’ Democratic supermajority. While she received bipartisan support last year, she said she halted discussions after former county executive Rob Astorino intended to veto the legislation. “This is a very powerful coalition,” Borgia said. “I was very proud to sponsor this legislation when we realized that a significant number of workers do not have the right to earn through their employer paid sick time, and who those people were are people who typically work with the public or work with our most vulnerable populations.” READ MORE: https://www.theexaminernews.com/board-of-legislators-to-propose-earned-sick-time-measure/ #theexaminer #examinermedia #theexaminernewspaper #earnedsickleave #earnedsickdays #earnedsickdays #earnedsicktime #westchesterboardoflegislators #newlegislation #newlaw #westchester #westchestercounty #westchestercountyny #westchesterworkplaces #westchesterlegislator #westchesterlegislature #catherineborgia #shelleymeyer #davidtubiolo #benboykin #whiteplainsny

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