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Recapped our 40-ish ours in NYC on the blog today. It was our first trip by ourselves since having Adoni and I won't lie, I had so much anxiety about leaving him! It's like you forget how to be alone without having to think of all the ways you'll be entertaining your kid. I guess that just happens after so much time being a trio. If you watched my insta stories you'll recognize some of the places, but I included lots more details for you there!

You got that stripe 🙌🏼 One of the best parts of 2017 has been seeing so many new corners of the world. Excited to head to Vegas and Palm Springs this week and many more destinations in 2018 and beyond! #travelcharades @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2tPom #liketkit

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Even though it’s beyond freezing, it is SO festive in the city and I had so much fun seeing all of the holiday windows on Fifth Avenue and warming up with the most decadent hot chocolate in Manhattan today 🎄✨(also the only reason this was pleasant was because it was before 830am on a Saturday aka no crowds) // #newyorkcity + more details on Stories!

I swear I've done more than just lay in bed...but I have spent a good amount of time just kicking back! @sawyerhotel TVs allow you to Cast from your phone so I had a nice Hulu night (and morning). Soaking up the last couple of hours before I have to go home. 😥 Check my Stories for a closer look at the wknd!
#travelwithkachet #sawyerhotel #kimpton

Flying back to New York City today! When we moved to California six months ago, I felt better about leaving the city knowing we had a ticket back for the holidays. And although I can’t wait to catch up with friends and fill up on bagels and pizza, I’m nervous about readjusting to true winter weather, navigating the subways and feeling like I don’t know the city any more. Either way, going to make the most of three weeks in the big city!

A late snooze and breakfast in bed are just what the doctor ordered. #TravelWithKachet

Weeeee! 📷 by @kengelphotography

our trip was a dream and perfectly fitting that we were there for the first snowfall of the winter. thank you NYC for the endless inspiration.

I’ve been to New York a million times and this was my first time at the Brooklyn Bridge and I loved it. What places do you want to visit next?


QUITO, ECUADOR // There is a lot of Spanish influence in the architecture here since Quito was discovered by the Spaniards in 1532.

▁▂▃▄▅▆▇▉S Q U A D

Night at the museum 🎨

I have a feeling that 26 is going to be a good one. 🤞🏼🎂🎈

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the one person who has always been there to hold my hand through life...and through all the countries I drag her to 😁 I love you with all my heart @bridgettelliott and am so lucky to have the best sister in the whole world!!! 👭 :} #imgladweresisters
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Bluestone Lane debuted their new #CoffeeInACone at Beach on Bowery this weekend! It is Bluestone Lane’s premium Maverick espresso coffee served ina waffle cone that has a thick layer of various types of cacao.
Where: Beach on Bowery
When: December 14 - December 17, 10 AM - 6 PM
Since the PopUp is over, they will be serving the #CoffeeInACone at 30 Carmine Street from 10 AM - 4 PM until supplies last (approx. 2 weeks)☕️
P.S. Sweat with Bec was also selling her different sets, including her new travel kit.

“There is space for you in this world. It is in the space you make for yourself.” S/o to @theclassbytt for leading me to @halnovadream and the words there.
First day of teacher training starts this morning!

Bob Ross was here #happylittletrees

We’ll just pretend this is a turtle dove, it being Christmas and all 🕊🎄

I felt like my feed needed a little touch of red, so here is a favourite photo from Edinburgh's Royal Mile 💕 I highly recommend waking up early and walking the Royal Mile before the crowds descend, because then you get uninterrupted shots like this! Are you an early riser when travelling?

This month is flying by! Spending Sunday making some Pinterest fail cookies and jammin' out to holiday oldies 🌲🍪🎵 #nolachristmas #christmastree #sundayvibes

a stranger told me today I look like Emily Blunt, is this a scam comment Y/N

Well this shot was taken around two of maybe three years ago. It was a random day trip to Brussels! I remember it being such a cold day, but so exciting because I was getting to see more of Belgium. Have you ever been to Belgium? If so, where at?

🧘‍♀️| @offtherailsmag #socialgold

Cue the Christmas music - with my Super Mario brothers! 🎄#holidaytradition

That feeling when you’ve finished Christmas shopping a week early... #Hercules #hydepark

This sweet gal taking a quick nap after galloping through fields of lupine flowers and up mountain sides with the prettiest views. These Icelandic ponies sure are a rough ride, but the scenery definitely makes it worth it. 🐎🏔

I must say ... 33 looks good on me 😇
Even one month ago I could never have imagined I’d be spending my birthday here ... let alone living out here. #soblessedsundays

There’s always room for desert! 🌵 So excited to share a preview my first vlog (more to come on stylecharade.com}

#diners in december 😍🌲🍳

Finalement à la maison 🙌🏻 no one left to hide my presence from, honeys I’m home!

I captured this tower - the highest one in the Netherlands - already from so many angles but I never get bored of it :) Domtoren - you are so pretty! 😍

I’m in a Christmas panic. So many cookies to make, so little time! This year I’m trying two new ones: caramels and snowballs, and the old standbys: sugar cookies, chocolate crinkles, and buckeyes. Would love to hear what your fave Christmas cookie or sweet, if you’d like to share. 🎄#unrelatedcaption #christmascookies
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Last night we met our friends at @tivolicph. The gløgg, smell of Christmas and twinkling lights made it feel like were walking around in a Disney movie - so magical✨I realize this isn't a photo of Tivoli but my fingers were absolutely frozen and the only time I had them out of my pockets were to scoop the fruit from the bottom of my gløgg ;) 🎄🌟🎅🏻

champagne tea

Every time I look at this, I hear the Aladdin song. *Arabian niiiiights, like Arabian daaaaays...*

“She was passionate about the rain and I was passionate about the way she loved it.
It was that way with everything.
It is safe to say that if I didn’t have her,
there would be no fire in me at all” ~ Christopher Poindexter.
My lovely Georgian Dublin, all dressed for Christmas, even prettier in the rain. #dublinatchristmas

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Christmasy curb appeal in Riga, Latvia 🐄#12countriesofchristmas

Anticuchos pobre + fried guacamole + tequenos + fritas a la huancaina for my first sample of Peruvian food.

My mum told me last week that she’d never been to the @belfastchristmasmarket before so we quickly rectified that with a little visit today followed by some tea and scones @cafeparisienbelfast
Festive cheer was definitely at its peak with the smell of mulled wine filling the air and people queuing for things they would never normally eat (kangaroo burger anyone?!). There is definitely a little bit more Christmas magic now that we’re approaching the big day and I’m lapping it up. I’m home now wrapping presents and I even lit the fire all by myself 💪
Let me know how your Sunday has gone - festive madness or Scroogey indifference?!

I wanna soak up the water

I love finding photos on my phone that just need some (editing) love ♥️/ This little trio-series was taken near Covent Garden. Buildings in London have the best character, it's hard to just pass them by without 📸 (well for me anyway..) #toplondonphoto #iwalkedthisstreet

🌴 or 🌲 ?

brunch with santa.🎅🏻

I’m listening to so much foreign (and by foreign I mean 90% Italian) music right now. I am not even ashamed to admit Roma-Bangkok was one of my most listened songs in 2017 (only two years late...) and the song Nel Male e Nel Bere is constantly being looped. My taste in foreign music is totally the kind of music I’d find pure shite if the words were in English but in any other language I’m slut dropping in my kitchen like “CHE COSA VUOI CHE TI DO, TI DARÒ... questo cuore per mezza stagione”💃🏾 like one leg up on the counter twerking like i’m in a gay club with my friends. Totally without shame. Which non-English language music do you like?? For me it’s anything with like a latin or party beat brings out the island gyal in me, anything with a dramatic chorus (eg Un Cuore in Due). What about you, give me recommendations!! The more shite, the better!! 🎶

I swear I've done more than just lay in bed...but I have spent a good amount of time just kicking back! @sawyerhotel TVs allow you to Cast from your phone so I had a nice Hulu night (and morning). Soaking up the last couple of hours before I have to go home. 😥 Check my Stories for a closer look at the wknd!
#travelwithkachet #sawyerhotel #kimpton

The future of retail is here 👀

Since we moved to Southern California, visiting somewhere like this makes me start to feel like it’s actually the holidays.😊 While I love cold weather when we can ski and snowboard, it can be so miserable when there is no snow and everything is dark all the time. Who else loves cold weather sports to get them through the winter? 🎿🏂⛷⛸🥌 #apres #aprèsatlas #skivacay

Links I Love are up on the blog including, What to do on NYE in Paris ,The Wellness Trend for 2018 that I am really hoping sticks around, and the one thing I finally bought that I have on my eye on forever!! Click the link in profile. #everydayparisian

QUITO, ECUADOR // A well-balanced breakfast.

There’s nothing quite like making out in Pura Vidadise. 😍🌴💗

QUITO, ECUADOR // Self-centered.

It’s been an amazing year... so many beautiful places and experience!
What I love about photos is their ability to take me back to the moment I took them...the beautiful lights of Regent Street; birthday celebrations; canals of Amsterdam; the opening night of Georgetown Glow; amazing Salt & Straw in Portland; summer decorations at CityCenter; patterns found on an evening walk in Georgetown; a magical dusk in Edinburgh; and the view from my parents’ front porch in NC. .
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A perfect example of taking a step back for a clearer perspective- stand too close and you'll definitely miss this impressive mural. Wonderful day exploring the amazing Beirut street art with new Lebanese friends and so happy to have caught this gem by Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez Gerada. .
#art #streetart #mural #perspective #lebanon #beirut #middleeast #igtravel #photooftheday #picoftheday #travelgram #instadaily #passionpassport #culturetrip #gltlove #wanderer #girlswhowander #artlover #travelphoto #dametraveler #theeverygirltravels #solotravel #backpackerlife #budgettravel #likealocal #citylife #citystreets #livelovebeirut

Collecting fall foliage photos like a hoarder...

From last December in Munich🎄I can’t enough of German Christmas markets and I wish I could be back this year. Homemade mulled wine will have to do for now 😉

The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you, too. The people that love you, simply for being you. You know, the once in a lifetime kind of people. - Unknown

It’s been crazy hectic here lately. And it’s starting to feel as if the wheels keep rolling whether I want them to or not.

Owning a business, much less building a few brands, requires so much of you. So much more than the pretty pictures on social media tell. I am exhausted and in need of a week (or two) away with my family and no phone. So, that’s the plan.

But I also am grateful. For all of it. Especially the people who lift me up, the ones who remind me to keep swimming when I feel like I’m drowning. Who lifts you up? Tag them below to say thank you.

finally getting my Christmas tree

Missing our piglet friends! 🐷

Putting on the RBF for our annual Rainey (literally rainy) Street ugly holiday sweater bar crawl 🖤 also low key thinking of making this my holiday card this year.

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