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Одно из "Must See" мест для посещения в Хельсинки - Собор Святого Иоанна.
Построен между 1888 и 1893 годом в неоготическом стиле. Является самой большой (по количеству сидячих мест) каменной церковью Финляндии. Он невероятно большой 😍👍🏻 Внутри могут разместиться до 2600 человек 😱
И пока все снимали его снаружи, я решил забежать на пять минут внутрь. И это было отличным решением: находится в подобном грандиозном здании почти одному - невероятное ощущение. Чувствуешь себя таким маленьким 🙈
Я не раз слышал от многих: "В Хельсинки же скучно" - так вот, я с этим категорически не согласен 🙈 На мой взгляд, в этом городе масса мест, куда стоит сходить. Да и одни только завораживающие лестницы, находящиеся буквально в каждом доме, стоят отдельного внимания 😍 .
А Вы бывали в Хельсинки? .
З.Ы. За фото отдельное спасибо @vladislavkarpyuk , по счастливым обстоятельствам, он оказался тоже внутри собора, пока я вертел головой в поисках человека, который сможет запечатлеть меня на фоне этой красоты 👍🏻
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Because it's a very serious thing to sit on a log with a friend.🌲❤️ #cc_whereweare
Ps. Today is the last day to double your impact with @cuddleandkind 1 doll = 20 meals which = less hungry children which is a total win ❤️

Renting wheels for a 3-day weekend joy ride. #CarFreeLife #blackminimalism

From our last trip to Laguna. We may have not made it to the beach this weekend, but somehow we managed to fit all six of us in our kiddie pool. So there's that. 🤣And there's a summer full of fun getaways to look forward to. Now tell me alllll your favorite favorite places to vacay in Cali! Ready...GO!!! #travelbug

6 miles to go and Adam's making me do all the work 😜 more about our weekend up on my stories! ✨

Happy feet 💓

Fishtails and sunburns 🐠☀️ Happy Memorial Day weekend!

While my dad was taking this photo, I had a distinct sense of déjà vu. I could have sworn I'd been there before, in that place, with her 💕 I'm sure She's been my daughter in all of my past lives, and she'll be in the ones to come.

These babes hitting the blog 🔜! On a blogging role. 5 new shoots and a mini portfolio overhaul, half done! ⚡️💛More wedding work coming soon!


🐐|| Bubba was sleeping in the stroller most of the time and I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of the boy 😩

This weekend was spent adventuring with @krissiannstagram & @steelcitysoph but all I have to show is the copious amount of delicious food we ate ✌🏻

A snippet of my TEDx talk from a few years ago titled "What One Skill = Awesome Life?"
What an incredible moment this was and truly the beginning of my Dolphin Way journey as I asked myself, "What differentiates a happy, healthy, successful person living in the same 21st century world, from those who are literally killing themselves with unhealthy levels of stress and lifestyles just to survive?"
What is it? What does it all boil down to? The answer is Adaptability. And I am proud to say this summer, DolphinPOD camps in Vancouver will be teaching kids all the traits that make a person adaptable - but MOST importantly, balanced, happy, healthy and self-motivated.
For more information on success in the 21st century and our Vancouver kids summer programs, tap the link in bio @drshimikang! 🙏🏼 | #dolphinkids #dolphinparenting

Today the babies and I went down to This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake with @callilinsley and @grandmamary43. I've never been down there before and we had such a fun time, there was so much to do for every age. Indie rode a 'neigh' and was able to pet another 'baa' and goat and even ride two Choo choo's, which is exactly what her two year old dreams are made of

" They keep saying that beautiful is something a girl needs to be.
But honestly? Forget that. Don’t be beautiful.
Be angry, be intelligent, be witty, be klutzy, be interesting, be funny, be adventurous, be crazy, be talented - there are an eternity of other things to be other than beautiful.
And what is beautiful anyway but a set of letters strung together to make a word?
Be your own definition of amazing, always.
That is so much more important than anything beautiful, ever. "

Nikita Gill, Don’t Be Beautiful

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Herkese günaydın ☀️🌈🌴
21 gün şekersiz diyetinize ne zaman başlıyorsunuz diye mailler alınca dedik ki çok gecikmeden, bayram tatili de gelmeden bir 21 gün daha yapalım 🤗Tarihlerimiz 3-24 Haziran. Yani cumartesi başlıyor ve arife günü bitiriyoruz, tatile de hem daha sağlıklı hem de daha fit başlıyoruz 💪🏻 Oruç tutan takipçilerimiz, istersen sen de şekersiz diyet yapabilirsin. Eğer 'pide yemesem de olur', 'tatlıların tadına bakmasan da olur' diyorsan bize katılabilirsin, olmadı bir sonraki şekersizimize de katılabilirsin ;) Detaylı bilgi için thecyprea@gmail.com adresine mail atabilirsin 📩

For every zillion sippy cups filled, I earn a date... to Vegas. You know, it's kinda like a mom reward program (made up by me, enforced by me and redeemable right now...by me) ✌🏻
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Our hike today made me more appreciative than ever to be living in WA, and I'm really happy about it. God's creation always leaves me speechless. Also, dating Joseph is the B E S T. He's kind and funny and has a heart of gold and somehow makes a last-minute hike even more enjoyable //

Let the King of my heart be the mountain where I run // #thisweekatchurch @bethelmusic

Let your #girlboss shine threw #stylingwithsheilaj @bebop_clothing All Favorites // Like photos with a shopstyle.it link and get shoppable emails // Sign Up @shopstyle // #SHOPSTYLEit shopstyle.it/dxJzs #ootdinsider

The kids are so happy he has no work for 6 weeks. And Elsa was excited to get home from OT to a pair of her very own gardening gloves to help daddy 😍 -
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Last nights engagement shoot was on fire!!! #jessieschultzphotography

Things I don't want to forget about the 2.5 year old stage:
1. The way he goes to the window in the morning to greet the family of spiders that (much to my dismay) have made their home outside our living room window
2. His obsession with playing basketball all day, erry day
3. How he asks me to "stop please" anytime I start singing in the car, but then insists that I sing "our song" when he goes to bed at night - and while I'm aware that this request is just another delay tactic it still gets me every time.

mickey and mallory vibes ◇◇◇

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