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This piece looks to me like a satellite image and so it was aptly named after one of the @nasa satellites called PACE. PACE stands for Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud and ocean Ecosystem and the satellite’s mission is to study phytoplankton diversity, ocean colour research and measure atmospheric particles. This data will help to improve our understanding of ocean ecosystems, the marine carbon cycle and Earths Climate.
PACE is due to be launched in 2022 and provides a reminder to look to the future and continue to ask questions and find the right answers for our planet .
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I have been asked quite a bit to continue sharing some #keto friendly recipes, and this is my go to for when I want an indulgence. Whether I’m craving milk&cereal or ice cream, this always meets what I’m looking for. I whip up some fresh low-temp pasturized non-homogenized cream, combine with blackberries, stevia sweetened dark chocolate and dry roasted macadamia nuts then pop it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and finish off with some fresh mint. It packs 9g net carbs BUT is so worth it on those days you just need a treat, and is 100x better for you than those franken-sweets with artificial sugar alcohols in them. Swipe to see portion sizes, brands and caloric content 👉🏻

Dunas, Camelos e um pôr do sol no deserto

Have kids and babies and don't know where the heck to apply their oils safely?

My top two spots are the bottoms of the feet, and the spine! Both are places that away from the face, and out of reach!

Saw this recipe on @shutthekaleup insta stories 👌🏼 pizza base, smashed avo, shredded chicken baked with lemon and lastly a sprinkling of cheese. Now I need to muster the energy to tidy away and get my work out in 💪🏼

La vida es una sucesión de Casual Fridays y Overdressed Wednesdays

Good evening everyone 😴 Sorry for being a bit MIA turns out packing up everything you own is exhausting, who knew?!🤷🏼‍♀️ I am so ready to move, unpack and make my new room feel homely and look pretty 🌸 especially as my current bedroom looks like a mini cardboard box showroom 📦 For now I’ve retreated to my happy place a.k.a a lovingly made bath 💕 I’m definitely in Team Baths >> Nights out 🌟

Blesser son petit cœur, jamais j'essaie
J'suis prêt, j'l'attends, j'veux encaisser
Mais c'est, sans voix qu'je finis, j'suis blessé

Calling all little babes newborn-3 years who want to rep Red Bear products! I am looking for some baby bear brand reps!! The main thing I’m looking for? Fun, creative, and clear photos.

This will be a two month commitment (with potential to be extended) that will start in June (when more products will be posted!) You will get a personal discount on all our products, along with a discount to share with friends and family. I just ask that you buy 2 products in that time period, and post about the products at least twice a month.

Are you interested in becoming a brand rep? Here’s what you should do.
🐻 Follow @redbeargoods
🐻 Like this photo
🐻 Comment below with your littles name(s), age(s), and where you’re from!
🐻 Tag a few friends who would like this!

Closes May 30th - I will be selecting 3-5 winners and announcing them May 31st!

L O V I N G everything about this space 💕💕

Enya, the best in the business.

Found a palm tree 🌴🖤

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