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Thank you for sharing my story @theeverybodybeautystandard ❤️❤️❤️.
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"This new year is about sharing #thesecretsthatmademesick in the hopes that someone somewhere won’t feel as alone as I once did. I have been so blessed in my life. I’ve accomplished almost as much as I’ve sacrificed, but there’s more to the story than I’ve ever shared. I was never the 'cool' girl, and I was never the girl the other girls wanted to be. Growing up, I was the girl that was never 'good enough,' never 'thin enough,' and never 'enough' for myself. No one ever said those things to me, but that’s what I believed. Now that I've grown up, recently (finally) I am enough. I am not defined by fitting into a smaller size as I once was. I’m no longer a slave to bulimia, to every meal, to debating whether or not to purge what I had just eaten to save the few ounces it could have caused me to gain, and I’m not held captive to the shame that that causes anymore. I am perfectly and wonderfully made. I am defined by my purpose, by my love, and by my strengths -- never by size, never by guilt, and never by shame. I am a sinner made new each day by grace. I am saved, and I am free. This is my proof that beauty and joy is beyond size. Two years ago, I looked good by the media's standards, but I was full of hate, shame, and sadness. Now, I look gooooooooood and I am full of life, love, and joy! It’s a new year, and nothing in life is worth the sacrifice of your joy. What are you allowing to define you? If this is something you struggle with, I’m here for you. Reach out and I’ll be there.” - Model @jessicacurvemodel, Photo: @andrewraymondsweeney .
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So I was asked to promote with @theeverybodybeautystandard please give them a follow and check out my story. Thank you to my wonderful best friend and photographer for helping me step out of my comfort zone 📸 @curlytaye

Yoga isn’t always pretty. I’m told I look too healthy to be sick but the truth is, I don’t share the not so pretty days. But it’s important to do the practice, to do the work even amongst the needles, the tubes, the letting go of blood and of expectations. There was no other pose to do but yoga nidra. Supported, warm, quiet, and in the perfect space to find an accelerated rest. 🙏🏼#forevergrateful #yogainastrangeplacechallenge #yogawherever #yogainternational #yogaforall #spoonieyoga #bodypositiveyoga #chronicyoga #yogaandbodyimagecoalition #theeverybodybeautystandard #bebody_positive @yogareclaimed @jsantanayoga

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