Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#50: You see amazing things when you decide to shed inhibitions and prejudices.
When you decide to climb down and look at things with a little humility.

Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#48: "Time is a flat circle", said Rust. (True Detective, S1)

Life, as we know it, goes in a cyclic fashion. We fall, we learn, we get up - and the cycle goes on.
And the above is just one example.

How else do you think this applies?

Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#47: Imagery.
Why are deities, often in the Hindu context, portrayed the way they are?

Example: Hanuman. Rippling biceps. Prominent Abs. Everything that shows strength.

And this isn't just about Hanuman - pick up random deities and lords, and you'll see what I am talking about.

But why? Who conceived this?
Caption edited for correctness. Credit: @j30priest

Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#38: First meal in Dharamshala (more like Mcleodganj). Ladies and Gentlemen (and everyone else) - Meet Thukpa. Awesome Noodle Soup, to oversimplify. ๐Ÿ˜…

Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#37: Changing weathers, I told you, right?

We might've moved hardly 50 kilometres (from the spot in previous photo) when this view presented itself.

This is what life is made of. Change.

Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#36: Changing Sights.

This image and the next one (yet to come) goes on to show how things in the mountains change so quickly.

As we moved towards Dharamshala, things started evolving. Clear skies were hijacked by dark clouds.
Oh, and there's more to come.

Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#35: There are all kind of days. Good days, bad days, shitty days even.

Day III was a mixed one.

We were very excited to move on to Dharamshala. Yet sad, because @bagairatbadshah wasn't going to join us there.

Dharamshala awaits. The next leg of the journey had begun.

Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#31: Dost. Bhai. Bacche.

Tum sab chutiye ho.

But tum mere chutiye ho. :)
Almost everyone is in this picture. Except the chutiya extraordinaire, @thatguyfromthepast
We still love you though. ๐Ÿ˜˜
Also, shameless plug to @columbia1938 - they make some kickass stuff. I love their PeakFreak Excrsn shoes! They double up as my regular and riding shoes. ๐Ÿ˜

Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#30: Pensieve Hanuman.

Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#25: The signs, they are everywhere.

They are always on the horizon, leading - misleading.

It's only about how much you invest in them.

Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#24: At times, I delve on the past,

And every photo, every memory, becomes a gateway to the times long gone.

Do I wish for them to come back?


Would I change anything?


Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#23: The flag flutters and that's the only sound for miles,
In the land of snow and wonder.

Where is every one gone?
We left Solang Valley and headed out to visit some temples. Hunger was catching on quick.

Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#22: 'The Way I Am'

I rarely post pictures of myself. Partially because:
1. This account is about (my) exploration, travel, experiences.
2. Yes, that's a 'my'. It's not about me, per se.

So, I'll make an exception.
A photo of myself. Because I tend to click avant garde pictures. Especially of my own self. ๐Ÿ™ˆ
'The Way I Am' is a hit song and an amazing book by @eminem

Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#21: If you were to kill me now,

Bury me here in the heaven,

That's is all,

A dead man asks of you.
I had encountered ice before in my life as well.
But, this one was too much. Too vivid. Too powerful.

Delhi - Manali - Dharamshala

#20: Another one. And another one.

No matter how many of these you see, they continue to amaze you. ๐Ÿ˜

We're making our way out of Solang Valley. Oh, so amazing.

South Go-ahh!
#23: Seemingly sponsored post, but is not.๐Ÿ˜‚ People take to calling themselves 'a mountain/beach/what not person'. I don't know the kind of person I am in that respect. I do like exploring new places, meeting new people, trying new food, drinking what takes my fancy, and learning new things.

I don't know if that makes me anything more than just a traveler.
Perhaps that's the right word.
Just a traveler.

South Go-ahh!
#21: There's a lot of drama going on in this one picture.

No, not the human kind.
Just the drama that happens when the peaceful sea tugs at the rocks, changing them every time they meet.

The kind when you just sit and look at things far far away, and wonder at how inconsequential things and people can be. .
@bira91beer ๐Ÿป
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