It's gorgeous outside, I just saw my first spring butterfly, I'm on day 4 of #c25k and I've got this #einkorn crust chilling in the refrigerator for quiche later. What a fantastic afternoon. Life is sweet! 💕

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Sometimes I think 'Nailed it!' after cooking a meal. Tonight was one of those times, thanks to #smittenkitcheneveryday and #theeinkorncookbook ❤❤❤ #chickenandricestreetcartstyle

And spinach-mushroom-feta mini quiches on the Santa plate I made 27 years ago in OT school 😍

Delicious crust from #theeinkorncookbook
@shannamallon #einkorn #einkornpiecrust

I have this theory that once you successfully bake a #piecrust, using any decent #recipe, you are then able to successfully bake most #piecrusts—because you can understand #technique. My mom’s pie crust is one cup flour to one stick, one whole stick, #butter, something that frustrated one out of two #recipe testers for #theeinkorncookbook. But I’ve upped the #flour, changes the flour, lowered the butter, subbed #coconut oil for part or all of the fat... it still works because the #technique is good. Anyway, now I’m on the hunt for all the #bestpiecrust recipes in the world. Come at me, #blueribbons! I want to try you all.

I experimented a little tonight, and baked a dish using the 'convection baking' setting on my electric oven. I'd talked to several people about it, and even read an article on a blog about it. So I made this quiche using that setting, and it shaved off 10-15 minutes of baking time (35 minutes instead of the usual 45-50 minutes). Previously, I'd only used it once to bake multiple pans of cookies at the same time, but I think I'll be trying it out more often now 😎


Comparison. I can't quite decide which I like better - I'm leaning toward the bread that was in the refrigerator for a day (on the right here), but wow, they are both delicious! 😍🍞
#theeinkorncookbook (right)
#einkornrecipesfornaturesoriginalwheat (left)

All done and smelling fantastic


Look! I made pita bread! Most fun I've had with #einkorn so far! I've already eaten supper but I had to taste so I stuffed one of these halves with mayhaw jelly and had dessert. Lol


That time last week when your cousin came to visit for 2 nights - and started reading a Beth Moore book on your kindle while you were at work - and said 'I hate I didn't finish it' when she was getting ready to leave - and you loaned her your kindle for no telling how long because she reads slow - and you went through cookbook withdrawal - so you ordered the 'real' cookbook - and it came today - and you got your #cookbookfix #Ilikepaperpagesbestanyway

And then I filled it with zucchini, onion, tomato, jarred mushrooms, baby spinach, homemade ricotta, milk and eggs to make a quick, very easy, and so delicious quiche. The crust was perfect! Very little prep which was perfect for me tonight.
#theeinkorncookbook #ricottavegetablequiche

Pretty proud of this #einkorn pie crust that took me all of 15 minutes to make...even with a headache, I was grinning ear to ear
#theeinkorncookbook @foodloves

One more test - a cookie recipe that I will mostly share the results (since I'm being good lol) but I am already nearly convinced that I will go completely over to using einkorn flour. This loaf of sandwich bread is the best loaf I've ever made.
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Blueberry. Chocolate. Pie. on its way into the oven yesterday. (Yes, I put the crust over the rest of it, too.) #theeinkorncookbook @mitnollam @foodloves

Bakers, look at that crumb! #theeinkorncookbook #breadbaking

Me standing here drooling over this loaf of bread I just made
#ilovebaking #einkorn #theeinkorncookbook #breadbaking

Pineapple and BBQ pork pizza with bacon and jalapeños on einkorn crust. Taco pizza with mango, green onions, and jalapeños also on einkorn crust. #pizza #einkorn #foodloveswriting #theeinkorncookbook #fivehearthome

You guys. For years I have been intimidated by the idea of baking bread from scratch (silly, I know). But today I bit the bullet and made this lovely butter bread loaf from @foodloves and @mitnollam #theeinkorncookbook. Unbelievably simple, and so, so good!

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