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Forgot to upload this last week...

Your garden is sleeping now, sweet baby boy. But mama took a lot of photos while it was blooming to add to your virtual one. I love and miss you, Monkey. #monkeysflowers

One of the rare times I can tolerate spiderwebs

Combining #monkeysflowers, the memorial tag for my sweet angel baby, and #flowers4sarai, a tag to remember @memyself_sarai. Loss leaves none of us untouched.

I can't wait for #monkeysflowers to start blooming again. I miss seeing their happy colors.

I can't believe it's already been almost 3 weeks since we got our little bit of snow!

Hello, I'm here to check out #monkeysflowers

Why are wrappers on grape tootsie pops blue?

It has been a weird day...

Happy yellow sunshine for my angel baby and #monkeysflowers

As long as I'm not walking into them, I love spider webs.

A little in love with this shot for #monkeysflowers

Some orange for #monkeysflowers

A few things in one for #monkeysflowers

A lovely flower for my sweet angel baby and his memorial tag, #monkeysflowers. Mommy loves you, Monkey 💚🐒

Been at the coast, looking for some of #monkeysflowers and away from ig for over a week! What did I miss?

I love good timing with sprinklers! #monkeysflowers needed some water.

Found this guy among #monkeysflowers and he reminded me of tracker jackers!

A macro of an orchid for #monkeysflowers and #weds_navyblue2 don't forget to stop by @dailycolorchallenge and vote for your favorites! It's always fun to see the finalists for each day 💙

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