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016: A little throwback. Been going through my photo archives to update (well, actually create) a photography portfolio. #a58 #sonya58 #shotonsonyalpha #dopdx #thedoover #djjazzyjeff #adidasoriginals

I watched this movie a little while ago on #Netflix. #TheDoOver is really a great movie I mean the only other good movie Adam Sandler has done recently is #ThatsMyBoy. It’s about a guy named Charlie (David Spade)who’s been really hating his life when he goes to his High School reunion he finds his old friend Max(Adam Sandler) and they start to talk and he tells him how miserable he is. So Max takes it in his own hands and Fakes both of their deaths so they can start over. Well that’s what it seems he’s doing. I can’t tell anymore no spoilers. #ShouldYouWatchIt? If your a fan of Adam Sandler then yes you should because it’s actually worth watching Both Spade and Sandler do a great job Netflix actually did this one right 👍

Dr. Ronald P. Fisherman and Butch Ryder take on Puerto Rico once again 🇵🇷🌊🤙☀️ #thedoover #adamsandler #davidspade

#LiliEveronRecomienda #TheDoOver #MkShiller
El arrogante y mujeriego Kyle Manchester odia las citas a ciegas; sin embargo, cuando su mejor amigo, Brad, le pide el favor, insistiéndole a Kyle que lleve en una cita a la hermana de su novia, Kyle a regañadientes acepta. La apariencia de la abogada Lanie Carmichael no es sorpresa. Es desaliñada, torpe y se viste con tantas capas que parece un pastel de bodas, pero no de forma comestible. Su actitud descarada sin embargo, lo asombra, en especial cando le explica que no está interesada en el apuesto Kyle. Lanie Carmichael está enamorada de Brad, y quiere la ayuda de Kyle para ganarse el corazón de su mejor amigo.
Kyle gradualmente acepta, justificando que el misterio de Lanie ha despertado su natural sed de curiosidad. Como un ambicioso periodista, tampoco puede resistirse la primicia merecedora de un Pulitzer que le ofrece. Sin embargo, mientras Lanie se deshace de más capas, emocionales y físicas, Kyle empieza a examinar sus decisiones de vida, y sus verdaderos sentimientos por esta enigmática chica. Con el apoyo de Kyle, Lanie empieza a revelar secretos de su pasado, y el profundo dolor que ha definido prácticamente toda su vida. Mientras aprenden más sobre si mismos y el otro, ambos se cuestionan como una relación construida sobre mentiras fraudulentas entre dos personas rotas podría sobrevivir.
#Book #libro #escritores #escritoresdeinstagram #love #romance #bookstagram

#Respect 2 @russellpeters, (#meedang!) Lol nice 2 finally meet u after all these times u have been djing at spots I usually would go to haha sorry we missed ur set doe smh #russellpeters #comedian #actor #dj @do_over #TheNewOver #2018 #happynewyear! #thedoover #TheDo #thedooverla

#bright #barzzzreport 🔥🔥🔥🔥 4 out of 5. Dont believe the hype. This is very dope subliminal movie about racism. To me the downfall of the movie is how almost everything Will Smith says seem like it was in a bad Boys movie. It's a action / science fiction Thriller. This may very well be the most entertaining Netflix movie of all time. Don't get me wrong there are a bunch of dope series out there. But far as original movies that only went to Netflix there are a few that come to mind that I thought was worth watching this is definitely at the top of the list along with #thedoover and #TrueMemoirsofanInternationalAssassin

The humble bacon and egg burger has had a d o o v e r!! 👌🏽 Come in and try one! 🍔🍔 ||Bacon|| Egg|| Chorizo || Haloumi|| Smokey tomato relish|| Aioli|| Lettuce|| Tomato|| Cheese|| 💪🏽💪🏽 #theyardonglebe #ipswichcafes #cafelife #burgerlife #burgerurge #thedoover #coffeelife #baristadaily #singleocoffee #single_o #fresh #taste #foodie

Because everyone needs a second “last” weekend home. #thedoover #polaroid #reddeer

Just take a look at how serious her face turned😡😡😡😡...She scared the hell out of him😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄#Thedoover

Late post from this past Monday at #TheNewOver #TheDoOver ... 90s Hip Hop music makes me happy 😊 #Gangstarr #DWYCK • Video: @glitzylinda

ThursDaze..✨✨✨ #thedoover #waitforit

Me and 2/5 of my favorite Panamanians 🇵🇦 #thedoover #alwaywearingthoseglasses

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