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One month later but I have it! 😭👏
For more than two years already, I've been discovering the pleasure/tyranny of slow living. Sure, not on a farm, as @kristinxkimball (Can you even slow down when you live of a farm? Don't think so 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄), but also fed up with my life, I left my corporate 'career' to live in a small town in Spain. And heck, how many things I had/still have to unlearn. How to enjoy my free time. How to walk slowly. And even how good sleep feels like.
There are days when I feel like missing on 'the big, amazing world out there', but in the end.. aren't many people striving to live just as I do? 🤷🏼‍♀️#foodforthought

Dirty nose, happy pig 🐽
Throw back to the very first pigs we ever had. We knew very little about the different breeds or what we were getting ourselves into, but we were amazed by them.
Almost everything in our pig operation has changed since the beginning, but we’re still amazed by them—mostly by their abilities to destroy fences and eat us out of house and home 😂

Will spring 🔆🐣🌸 come soon??? 🤔 I can't wait!!! 💫

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I can’t tell you how many hypothermic animals we’ve nursed back to health—or lost—in front of this fireplace.
Yesterday afternoon every poultry farmer’s worst nightmare happened: the power went off in our brooder with 400 day-old chicks (with 30F temps outside), and we couldn’t get it back on. After locating extension cords to run power from the barn, we finally figured out that our problem was a bad outlet in the brooder, but it was too late. We had 73 chicks that might as well have been dead. A monumental loss out of 400.
Never ones to give up on animals, we rushed them inside and placed them on the warm stones and blasted a hair dryer on hot. And what do you know? 20 min later, 72/73 fluffballs were hopping around like nothing ever happened.
There are at least a million lessons to learn from farming, but to not give up even when the odds are stacked against you is one of the most valuable.

When you get home from vacation and your friends can’t wait to see you 😄 #iwish

And it’s that time of the year again and it couldn’t come soon enough #dirt #dirtracing #racecar #thedirtylife

We’re still in Jamaica so we’re back for round 2 of our favorite farm memories!
We started out wanting to do everything. We wanted to have meat, vegetables, honey, maple syrup, eggs, value added products, and more. We wanted to be a one stop shop. Reality hit and we realized how much work everything takes. You can be the Jill of all trades, but the master of none. You can’t have everything without unlimited labor. Over the years we have dropped everything else to focus on meat and mushrooms, and haven’t looked back. Not only has our product quality improved, but our sanity has as well.

Happy #nationalpigday! Went on walkabout around the north fence line looking for Pâté, but didn’t see her. She IS a “heavy” sleeper... or maybe she’s had her babies. So here’s a pic of two of our adopted red wattles.

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We might still be a mud farm, but with the sun and balmy temps today everyone was feeling the spring fever!
(If you’ve never had a 700-lb boar prancing toward you, you don’t know fear 😵)

We were so happy about the opportunity to share our story with the @modfarm community this entire weekend! We love connecting with so many people who identify with our experience and share our passion. Check out the takeover, if you haven’t already!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend full of love ❤ and laughter 😄!!!
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Here's to the weekend!

This was staged, I admit it. •

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