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Film : The Descent Part 2 (2009)
Makhluk ini diceritain udah sejak lama menghuni sebuah gua, hidup disitu menjadi karnivora dengan memakan tikus, dan hanya sesekali keluar untuk berburu apa saja yang bisa di mangsa, 'Crawlers' bertubuh mirip manusia, namun wajahnya seperti gabungan kelelawar ama tikus, dan dia bergerak dengan cara merayap , itu sebabnya makhluk ini dipanggil 'Crawlers'. Matanya emang nggak bisa ngeliat tapi penciuman dan pendengarannya sangat sensitif. sementara cakar dan giginya di desain khusus agar dengan mudah dapat merobek daging mangsanya. Seperti kejadian yang dialami para gadis di film pertamanya.

Seorang yang selamat dengan keadaan penuh darah, luka dan trauma, kini dirawat dengan kondisi masih lemas, dia kini di paksa untuk membantu polisi menyelidiki kasus yang menghilangkan temannya itu, dan tiada yang percaya dengan ceritanya kalau disana ada monster yang menyeramkan

Review : Udah nonton yang pertama sama yang ini, bagus untuk kalian pencinta horror/Thriller/Petualangan namun menurut saya pribadi lebih suka film sebelumnya , kalo ga salah di tv pernah tapi banyak sensornya.
Directed : Jon Harris
Produced : Christian Colson, Ivana MacKinnon
Starring : Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, Douglas Hodge, Krysten Cummings, Gavan O'Herlihy, Josh Dallas, Anna Skellern
Production : Celador Films
Distributed : Pathé
Genre : Horror/Thriller/Adventure
Durasi : 1 jam 40 menit
Rating IMDb : 7,2/10
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È sempre un'emozione sentir suonare il corriere con in mano un pacco! SHOPPING! #ebay #horror #thedescent2 #jonharris #junosurvivor

#tbt making #thedescent2 life gets ugly in #horror #movies - one of my more challenging role as an #actor playing a #naked flesh eating #monster in 2008. It was filmed at the historic Ealing Studios which makes it ever more memorable.

Sarah consigue escapar de la cueva. Con amnesia por el shock, será llevada, junto al equipo de rescate y la policía, de regreso en busca de sus compañeras.

Filmin adı: Cehenneme Bir Adım 2 ( The Descent 2, Спуск 2 )

İl: 2009

Janr: Qorxu, Macәra, Triller

Sarah o qorxunc mağaradan xilas olan tәk adamdır.Hadisәni sәlahiyyәtli şәxslәrә danışır.Onun izah etdiklәri nәzәrә alınaraq mağaranın araşdırılmasına qәrar verilir.İkinci dәfә mağaraya girilir vә Sarah cәhәnnәmı yenidәn dönmәk mәcburiyyәtindә qalır.

Friday Horror Movie Night in #thedescent2 #qtwithmycutie #Gin&;Tonic #Bombay ##She burnt our popcorn 🍿🍸📽 a Ke shote Selo


The Descent: Part 2 (2009)
Writer: James McCarthy, J Blakeson, James Watkins
Director: Jon Harris
Star rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Language: English -
SYNOPSIS: "Refusing to believe her story about cave-dwelling monsters, the sole survivor of a spelunking exploration gone horribly wrong is forced to follow the authorities back into the caves where something awaits." -
In my experience, it is very rare for a sequel to surpass or be equal to its predecessor in terms of quality. Admittedly, The Descent: part 2 may not have had the most creative name or managed to be scarier than The Descent but it definitely held up its own.
There is development on backstories, more spelunking (great word but IMO, a terrifyingly stupid hobby), jump scares, genuine build ups and some more beautifully crafted SFX makeup.
It could practically be a standalone film and I've enjoyed it more than once. (I take my desire to rewatch horrors as a good indicator of their quality.) Not a good film to watch if you suffer from claustrophobia or are uncomfortable with small spaces though. - F
#thedescent #thedescent2 #horror #supernatural #cannibals #gore #blood #horrormoviereviews

Movie night! #atm #thedescent2

Friday Horror Movie Night in #thedescent2 #qtwithmycutie #Gin&;Tonic #Bombay ##She burnt our popcorn 🍿🍸📽 a Ke shote Selo

So I'm a big fan of #TheDescent, a 2005 film about a group of female spelunkers who discover mutated creatures in the caves they are exploring. But while that movie was did almost everything right in my opinion, it's sequel does almost everything wrong. Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) somehow emerges from the cave as the soul survivor, but also a prime suspect in the disappearances of her friends. Naturally she has a loss of memory, and naturally the redneck sheriff doesn't buy it, and forces her to re-enter the caves to search for them. Nothing in this movie makes the least bit of sense as the sheriff is so over the top ridiculous that it's almost a parody, there's a creepy old man in the woods who plays a part in the ultra disappointing ending, and Juno (Natalie Mendoza) is even still alive and kicking. In the end, it's all predictable, treading on familiar turf but with none of the intelligence, horror, claustrophobia or characters that you care about that made the original so good. Sarah just comes off like a lunatic and the closure between her and Juno completely undercuts their original storyline, and neither of the ladies get the sendoff they deserve. The action scenes are good enough but it's all a "me too" feel that the film can't escape from. The entire original cast returns to make an appearance in some video footage, a mixture of scenes from the original and newly recorded stuff used to retroactively advance the story (as well as appear as corpses in some cases), which is admittedly pretty interesting. But #TheDescent2 is the worst kind of sequel: it's technically well made but creatively bankrupt, not offensively bad, but no where near the quality of the original. It's just kind of there, but best to be ignored.

#THEDESCENT "What are you so afraid of.. the worst thing that could ever happen to you already happened, and you're still here!" #horror #thedescent2

#Juno in #TheDescent #thedescent2 is a great character. She deserves her own franchise. #horror #horrormovie 💋

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