surf day.


Surfing and smuggling #surfranchera

“Is it in you now
To bear to hear the truth that you have spoken.”

L'insouciance rend le quotidien plus simple et spontané.

grande plage.

INTERVIEW MAGAZINE shuts down! Have we lost our COOL? This was such an important magazine for me growing up in the repressed South. Don't Go, @interviewmag .

#interviewmagazine #popculture #provocative #cool #andywarhol #void #thedeathofcool

“Ever again you return, Melancholy,
O meekness of the solitary soul.
A golden day glows and expires”
💃🏼: @dannij_model

Dancing in the street.

(Oil, inks, fusains & carbon on canvas)

Chambre avec vu (sur un film américain des années 90) #thedeathofcool #car

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