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kind is the new cool. passion, empathy, vision, and hard work are definitely cool. what isn't, however, is that ridiculous you-can't-sit-with-us superiority some people thrive on, as if an expensive car or a fancy job title could shape a person's worth.
a few years back, a job i had made me come into contact with some of the richest people i'll probably ever meet. you know, the kind that attend exclusive cultural events just to mingle with other socialities, fake-laughing behind flutes of moët, judging every person in the room only to dive into an exchange of juicy gossip when they turn around. products of high society in their most superficial form.
it made me sick to witness all the ass-kissing and back-stabbing veiled in designer labels, but it also made me realize that it's a clique i'll never be a part of. for me, the coolest people will always be the ones with the biggest hearts, brightest minds, and craziest dreams.
fuck a bank account. show me your passion and you'll be cooler than any social status chaser will ever be in my eyes.

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