Buddy, The Buddy Holly Musical. Written by Alan Janes. UK Tour. This photograph shows Jordan Cunningham as the late, great Ritchie Valens at the Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, Iowa concert. This show just never seems to get old. I must have seen it hundreds of times now and every audience leaves the auditorium on a high. In September, 2019, the show will be 30 years old. I’m very proud to be part of it. #buddy #buddyholly #buddythemusical #ritchievalens #musical #alanjanes uktour #usatour #theatre #concert #surfballroom #clearlakeiowa #actors #singers #set #costume #setandcostumedesign #instatheatre #instatheater #pinkladies #buddyworldwide #thedaythemusicdied

Ritchie was making his own tapes by the time he was 14, on the "best of Ritchie Valens" (Rhino) there is a track 'MALAGUENA' which is a home recording of him playing solo, listen to it and decide for yourself whether he could play or not.

He was scheduled to attend San Fernando high school but left to go on the road. He did attend Pacoima Jr. High and returned to play a school assembly, which was released on an album after his death.

Rene Hall was the lead guitarist but Ritchie did play rhythm guitar on the first record "Come on let`s go" b/w "Framed" (Other musicians were Buddy Clarke on upright bass and Earl Palmer on drums). There is a Danelectro all over those sessions, notably Tic-Tac bass.

The Ritchie Valens Memorial Recreation Center, and the 118 freeway next to it, sits on the former site of the old Laurel Drive-in theatre.

Lastly , Ritchie is buried at the San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Just inside the gate. it is the most visited grave site in the cemetery.


The day the music died.
On February 3, 1959, rock and roll musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson were killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa, together with pilot Roger Peterson. The event later became known as "The Day the Music Died", after singer-songwriter Don McLean referred to it as such in his 1971 song "American Pie".
At the time, Holly and his band, consisting of Waylon Jennings, Tommy Allsup, and Carl Bunch, were playing on the "Winter Dance Party" tour across the United States Midwest. Rising artists Valens and Richardson had joined the tour, as well. The long journeys between venues on board the cold, uncomfortable tour buses adversely affected the performers, with cases of flu and even frostbite. After stopping at Clear Lake to perform, and frustrated by such conditions, Holly chose to charter a plane to reach their next venue in Moorhead, Minnesota. Richardson, who had the flu, swapped places with Jennings, taking his seat on the plane, while Allsup lost his seat to Valens on a coin toss. Soon after takeoff, late at night and in poor, wintry weather conditions, the pilot lost control of the light aircraft, a Beechcraft Bonanza, which subsequently crashed into a cornfield. Everyone on board was killed. The event has since been mentioned in various songs and films. A number of monuments have been erected at the crash site and in Clear Lake, where an annual memorial concert is also held at the Surf Ballroom, the venue that hosted the artists' last performance.

Source: wikipedia


Not much is known about Ritchie Valens' sunburst stratocaster. He started using it, mostly during photo sessions and during tv or live appearances, around 1957.
It is most likely a '54 to '57 model.


Today is the anniversary of the plane accident that took the lives of three young musicians and their pilot. Singer-songwriter, Don McLean memorialized this Rock-N-Roll tragedy in his song "American Pie", recorded in 1971. The "Winter Dance Party" tour was scheduled for 24 cities in 24 days. Many of you probably know the story of these young men as their lives have been portrayed in two films- "The Buddy Holly Story" and "La Bamba". Friends, family and fans still gather each year at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa for a memorial concert to honor these four young men.

Please join us today as we remember Buddy Holly (aged 22), Ritchie Valens (aged 17), J.P. Richardson "The Big Bopper" (aged 28) and pilot Roger Peterson (aged 21). #BuddyHolly, #RitchieValens, #TheBigBopper, #SurfBallroom, #TheDayTheMusicDied

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The end of the world as we know it as @rosaliehowarth sails into the mystic and friends near and far reminisce about years and years of Sunday’s listening to Rosalie’s musical stories, crying our eyes out at the end of an era. I can’t remember a Sunday that wasn’t lazily spent lounging around listening to Acoustic Sunrise. #friendship #sunday #acousticsunrise #radioisdead #crying #thedaythemusicdied ❤️❤️❤️ @rapaszky

Passt auf Freunde, Buchtipps sind jetzt unser neues großes Ding! 😍 Damit ihr dem langsamen Tod der Rockmusik ganz nah sein könnt, gibt’s ihn bei Penny gerade frisch im Sonderangebot. 😂🔫 (📸: @le_kidney)

I’m thinking there might be a new market for clamps. #thedaythemusicdied

Celebrating all weekend 🖤— one year since you left this world. Hard to imagine a world where we will no longer experience your 🎶 any longer. 💔🥀🎤 🎸 You had a voice like no other 🖤
🕳🌞 #RIP .
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~Buddy Holly~
I like his glasses so much- they make him look.. younger? This dude is my favorite music artist so far, even though he literally lived 59 years ago. I'm into old shiz- 😂
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It's been a year today that one of my favorite artist, Chris Cornell, decided that the demons he faced were more than he could handle and choose to end it. Mental health is real folks! Please don't look down on someone fighting the battle. Maybe, just maybe all it takes is checking in on someone or a simple smile.

Rest in peace brother!

#depressionsucks #thedaythemusicdied

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