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Have a lovely friday!!

watercolor wash background and some gold because well...gold✨💕 no lettering done shown on this one because I straight up messed that part up so badly even I don't know what happened🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🙄😅#thestruggleisreal (check out my story for a snippet of that hot mess)
background wash inspired by the talented @lettersbyshells and @leslie.writes.it.all 💕
-@royaltalens ecoline watercolor
-@winsorandnewton size 8 round brush and size 0 simply simmons round brush to add the gold details
-watercolor paper from @michaelsstores

Beautiful lettering inspiration by @sdionbakerdesign ✨ .
✔️Featured by @thedailytype #thedailytype
✒️Learning stuff via: www.learntype.today

Formal scripts are a cruel, unforgiving mistress! I’m constantly going through stages where I decide it’s time to hunker down and teach myself the basics again, I spend a day or or two practicing until I feel like I’ve finally cracked the code only to look back a few months later and cringe! Oh, do I cringe. That said, there are 5 golden rules I always follow; these have helped me out of several sticky script situations:
1️⃣ Respect the base line and x-height and you’re already half way there.
2️⃣ Every stroke that touches the aforementioned lines should have already slimmed down to its thinnest point.
3️⃣ Make custom guides (⌘+5 FTW) to help you keep the slant consistent across all your letters, and don’t be afraid to make the angle a little more dramatic than you normally would.
4️⃣ Lowercase Ts are not as tall as you think and lowercase Ps are often taller.  Capitals are generally at least twice as tall as the x-height.
5️⃣ When flourishing, two thick strokes should never ever cross each other.
Now go forth and draw fancy words!

Lettering on an iPad in the car down twisty bumpy roads = not smooth 😆 luckily I have four different designs to mark out during this trip, so I'm just sketching them all and finalizing them once we get to the lake where we are "on vacation" and by that I mean I still have those four designs to complete 😅 but I'm doing most of the hard work now. Like the color palettes. Bringing together 14 fandoms cohesively is one of the most challenging things I've done 😅 •••
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Some recent logotype options for a southern rock band. I tried to incorporate a subtle downward arrow in each to play off the name.

When prepping for digitizing, I usually just trace the outline and then work it all up in @adobe Illustrator. But sometimes, it's just so fun and therapeutic to fill it in. I go with whatever I feel at the moment. @masteringhandlettering #MDLmasteringhandlettering #mdlvideos

Be kind to yourself & others! 💕 pretty great words to live by.

@Pentel_australia Pentel touch pen.
White regular cardstock paper.


Another 4 month #calligrewind but now with majuscule and miniscule c. 😊

#pizza #gift #alien

145/365 🎵 for the first time ever we're seeing it eye to eye. 🎵

Mutty Nice ™

Tonight I'm venturing out on this scorching summer's eve to party at a teeny tiny festival just outside of London. I have all the clichés of a white guy at a field party 🙄 the Hawaiian shirt is out. Who else has got festival plans this year? Let's hear them!
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145/365 ⋅ Or is it love? #desire

Cold coffee dregs and sketching the same thing over and over until I find something I like.

primer bordado con conocimiento básico (aguante youtube) y muchas cositas nuevas por aprender, quiero tener dedos firmes como los de Marge, saludos letriamigos ❤✍🏻.
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Stoked to share this lovely piece of lettering from the talented @elleannedesigns .
Thanks so much for listening to the podcast and spreading the good vibes. 🙌🏻

Seminar "Get Married" insanprimafair 2

My lettering for @insanprimafair2017

For work and business inquires kindly email me to sayyid.chirzan354[@]gmail.com

Begin warm, liquid kerning phase...

My favourite animal pun 😂
I feel like I've been so MIA recently & haven't kept up to date with people's posts! Sorry everyone 🙁 Only a couple of weeks left of school then I'll be back with a bang! ❤️

The best part of every project - the "doodle shit down" part... have a good old weekend everyone....✊🏼

Hello class.

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