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Love for the earth day🌎✨ .
From a beautiful work by @emileerudd
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"Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic." -J.K. Rowling #calligraphy #magic

#the100dayproject Day 20: You can do anything, but not everything. David Allen. Could not choose between styles so made 2 sketches. They are far from being perfect but I stick on my objective. There are many things that can be improved but I think both sketches offer good possibilities. #1hoursketchingaday #100daysofsketching

Three classes down, one to go here in in NYC with @starbrightnyc's beautiful blooms to keep us all motivated! If you missed us this weekend we will be back for more beginner pointed-pen calligraphy workshops here in SoHo in July. Visit lhcalligraphy.com/workshops for details and to register...the first session is almost sold out already! #lhcworkshops

The Wagon brush by @ianbarnard is probably my favorite procreate brush so far. Really makes it easier to hit that look faster. + you get awesome worksheets to practice brush script !!! Go check it out!

Sundays are for relaxing ☺️Hope your weekend has been amazing! Going out in a bit to see some cherry blossoms 🌸 Tell me below what you're up to today! 💕
Nib: Blanzy 2552
Ink: Walnut + finetec
Paper: @mujicanada
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A collection of funky letters by @rylsee | Submit your work via thedesigntip@gmail.com


BurningThatMidnightOil.....for the homie @even_outlines on the graffiti tip

A modification hand made 3D graduation card I made for my daughter 👩🏻‍🎓

"Bismillahi Ar Rahmani Ar Rahim"♥ Literally the first time ever I touched a editing program (please don't say I'm the only one). So happy that I managed to put my logo there lol. #cmwartmonday

It might sound weird to some, but one of my biggest dreams is having a caravan or a tiny house ❤️and I swear that if I ever get one, it'll have the main door all covered up in lettering.
Oh, home, sweet home ❤️

Hi! Check out my latest recent compilation of logotypes and various lettering ✨ link in bio

There are many doctrines that unawareness enter into our brains and will settle deeper eventually. Without our awareness, "they" have made so many complicated conspiracy doctrines. Even, make us confused. Is it right or wrong ? These things just have been planned in the days before this Era. The globalization make them to be more complicated. The amount of information that comes easily and quickly make all the truths slowly false. As time goes by, the truths that we believe are slowly changed through the logical doctrines that are only forced to be accepted our brains. When it all blinds the truths, what will we do? Will we close ourselves from these facts? Will we fight against these? Or will we accept everything and follow the flow? All of these are your choices. All of us have the right to choose what kind of action that we will do. However, we must remember, time can not be returned. When all of the truths that we see has changed to be false, time can not be reversed, they can not help again. What will we do? The answer is on our hands.
-with attitude-
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honestly the "when you hear that heart snap" vine is so iconic @mrthabells

Some L-O-V-E and rainbow fun to get you through the week!
Umm new obsession alert 🚨though. I was playing around with that painted heart and I decided to incorporate some lettering. Any suggestions for other words to letter? I'm thinking about making a series and then digitizing (🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm sure I'll figure it out 😂) them as prints.

While sitting at home studying for finals... #scissorspapertape #galwaygirl

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