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Day 18: #thedailyfoxapr Love all my charms and clips! πŸ’•πŸ˜

#TheDailyFoxAPR Day 16: Embossing
After looking at all of my embossing, I decided to take the pic and join in on the April challenge. :) I love all the Foxy embossing options to choose from. I'm not sure I have a favorite font or foil color. They're all just Foxy beauties :) @thefoxyfix #foxyfix #embossing #simplysilhouette #cricutchick

The Daily fox...day 16...embossing!! Love circle monograms & hearts. Waiting on my first rose gold diamond 😍 #thedailyfoxapr #foxyfix

My stack of Foxy's for #TheDailyFoxAPR! I rotate between these 4 on any given day. They make my neutral heart happy! Top to bottom: Single strap No3 Cream Moccasin, Compact No4 Madison Boss Babe, Compact No5 Madison Boss Babe and Single strap No6 Moonlit Boss Babe! #thefoxyfix #planneraddict #foxynotebook

Day 16 of #thedailyfoxapr challenge: Embossing. This is the first time I've had these beauties lined up like this, I love it! I'm a big fan of the Willow font and Rose gold embossing. I'm SUPER glad that Kelly listened to us about the Branded Fox embossing, I LOVE it! 😍 What's your favorite? #foxyfix #foxynotebook #foxyfixemboss

Day 19: Planner page-today. This is how I had been planning for the past couple of weeks. I've had so much to do I hadn't been able to actually set up a weekly spread. #thedailyfoxapr

What I love about myself. #thedailyfoxapr #pengems #foxyfix

Day 14 of #thedailyfoxapr asks if you prefer a sleek or chunky planner. I am most definitely a sleek girl. I actually really love my singles as much as my coutures. I never need a wide spine because I only have 4-5 inserts in my cover. I do have a pretty pen problem though! Gotta have my favorites :)

I have so many fabulous planners I want to share! This month I'm trying to keep pace with #TheDailyFoxAPR and today is Dream Team Stack. I only have two #foxyfix notebooks but I think they are pretty 'dreamy'. 😊 #foxyfixnotebook


Day 3 of the #thedailyfoxapr May challenge: Planning in progress. Featuring no.3s Sugar Cookie singlestrap and Botanical Iris wide couture. @thefoxyfix @foxynotebookco #foxyfix #foxynotebook #mayplanning

#TheDailyFoxApr Day 30 Preparing for May (I skipped Day 29). I have tons of stickers, new Foxy stamps, awesome pens, and my Foxy notebook! 😎

#foxyfix #foxynotebookco #foxynotebook #foxyfixlove #sweetavaspaper #plannersociety #travelersnotebook #travelersnotebooks #planner #planners #planning #journal #journals #journaling

Day 26~ April Fave ... one of my favorite pages ☺️ even though I had the worst migraine on Easter Sunday! #thedailyfoxapr

Day 24~ what motivates me? #thedailyfoxapr

#thedailyfoxAPR Day 9: Foxy Outside. Y'all, there's a 🦊 in my woodpile!

#thedailyfoxAPR Day 5: Planner Page - Monthly. I can't really show you what's in my work planner, so behold, the blankness of June! Foxy Fix Rowena No. 0 Compact - my EDC for work.

#thedailyfoxAPR Day 4: Foxy Stack. Small, but magical.

#thedailyfoxAPR Day 3: Why do you plan/journal? There's a whole lot going on in there!

#thedailyfoxAPR Day 2: Me and My Foxy.

#thedailyfoxAPR Day 1: April Goals. I plan, and the universe laughs.

On the last day of #TheDailyFoxAPR the challenge was "preparing for May".
I prepared for May by setting up my No. 4 (personal) Foxy Fix Grape Soda using my new The 1407 Planners Diamonds in the Sky kit.
So beautiful!!

#thedailyfoxapr Preparing for May

Day 30: preparing for May. For some reason, I put lines in the last few boxes for May. #thedailyfoxapr

Day 29: what did you accomplish in April? Sticking to my budget, for the most part anyway. 😊 #thedailyfoxapr

Day 28: Washi. I rarely use it now, mostly only for birthday cards. #thedailyfoxapr

Day 27: describe something in the room. My coffee maker! β˜•οΈβ€ #thedailyfoxapr

Day 30 of the #thedailyfoxapr Preparing for May. Here's a look at my May page in my a6 hobonichi in my a6 Botanical Iris from @thefoxyfix #mayplanner #foxyfix #foxynotebook #hobonichitecho #hobonichiweeks

Preparing for May #thedailyfoxapr #foxyfix

29. April Accomplishments | #thedailyfoxapr | Took this photo before I've written anything down. One thing I'm proud of is spending within my budget on planners & accessories. I think I can do better as I'm trying to use the items I have at hand instead of being tempted to get new ones 😊

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