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Nice work tripod

Real de Catorce sits at 9000ft, to reach it you ride through a 1.5mile long tunnel named Ogarrio. Opened in 1901 it was built for rail cars carrying silver, it ain’t big enough for passing traffic so you gotta wait your turn.

Change is not, by nature, a graceful thing. Leaves turn in the fall not because they choose to, but because diminishing levels of sunlight and oxygen demand that they do (depressing, right?) And their colors, I learned, are most vivid on years with more cold, rain, and clouds. But what a wonderful thing, then, that depravity and discomfort beget such beauty and growth. Sound familiar? That, my friends, is what I call grace.
Picture from Austria, taken on my wanderings through the eastern Alps last fall ✌🏼

Motivational Monday: Conquer yourself! 💪😊 New footage from the 'Sound of Silence.' Lion's Head. RSA. 🎥@stefan_grey
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When I set my sights on free soloing this route I felt a combination of fear and excitement. One part of me said it's not possible. The other said, it is. So I decided to follow my heart ❤ and go for it. It turned out to be one of my best first ascents. I sat at the summit watching the sunset 🌅 Inspiration strikes in unexpected places. I finally grasped the meaning of Hillary's words, "It's not the mountains that we conquer but ourselves." Conquest of self is overcoming the part of oneself that says the goal is not possible. And that's the greatest of mountains to conquer. If you can conquer yourself, you can achieve anything. So conquer yourself! 💪😉
This is Motivational Monday to see the week off to a flying start 🕊 Stay tuned for more... Like this post? Share a comment below 📝😊
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Cade's Cove of the @greatsmokynps is stunning... but goodness that scenic loop can back up for traffic for miles. Might as well kick-back and enjoy the ride👍🏻@bardcraft and I took a little weekend off and the mountains are just beginning turn to that magic gold. This 90 degree heat still needs to take a hint!
Taken with my new @canonusa 50mm 1.2L!
@tnvacation #ventureready

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What's the quickest way to get two long time friends and fellow IFMGA Guides attention? An unexpected avalanche in September right next to your rock climbing route.
This day we spent rehearsing and getting a feel for the Salbitschijen granite and all its glorious flakes and stellar cracks. We also confirmed our suspicion that we would be in full alpine conditions. The packs were definitely going to weigh a little extra to mitigate the potential hazards.
@jeffbanksmountainguide stressed that the next day's 25 pitches and all transitions need to be super fast. So like the professional and meticulous planner he is, we practiced all of it on the wall until he was satisfied... and that avalanche thing happened.
2nd photo cred: @lotusalpine, climber, guide and photographer extraordinaire.

Forest trail 🌲

Took the motorcycle on a ride this weekend down US-1 to Half Moon Bay and up north to Marin Headlands, found out it doesn't have a gas gauge by running out of gas on the highway. Getting stoked to ride and take it out on more adventures. 🤘🏼

don't mind my bruises, they're signs I'm having a great time 🤘🏻🚀

It's all in the attention to details! The Discover Boutique clothing labels have been re done and now look perfect 💃 Boom 👊

Onde está o Wally?

↠ 🇮🇸
"Once a symbol of the golden age of air travel, a Douglas Super DC-3 airplane lies hollow and forgotten on a deserted black beach in Iceland - untouched since it crashed more than four decades ago.

The United States Navy cargo plane is now no more than a husk - dented and bruised by 41 punishing years of arctic gales and rain.

Its tail and wings are gone and its windows are all smashed in since it was forced to crash land on Sólheimasandur beach on Saturday November 24 1973.

Amazingly, the crew all survived the impact, but the plane was abandoned rather than recovered, meaning the weather-beaten remains are still standing at the crash site."
— — — — —
📸- @ivareythorsson
📍- Sólheimasandur, Iceland
— — — — —


📍Where I'd rather spend my Monday
PC// @ryanf0wler

@mr.bootstraps here. If you can time it right, the lower levels and coves of the @greatsmokynps can be fully covered by an amazing level of fog. We had a blast the last couple of days in the park and if you should be heading out there for this upcoming foliage turn let me know if you should need any pointers!

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