The bike (and me) look a ton better here than at the end of the tour when we were both a little more scratched up than when we started. Best day turned to worst day when my new melbourne buddy crashed her Vespa and then I crashed into her. Thank god we were both wearing helmets... and can joke about how ‘two Melbourne girl ran into each other in Tuscany’. Don’t forget your helmets people!!!!!! And actually long pants and a jacket when on a bike too. This taught we a valuable lesson... we got lucky not to get hurt but I will never get on any bike without these things again. Things can flip at a blink of an eye. #microadventurist #microadventure #microadventures #girlslovetravel #loveyourself #girlsloveadventure #weledaglobalgarden #empoweringwomentogether #letsgosomewhere #welivetoexplore #melbgirlsoutside #girlsLOVEtravel #girlsthatwander #melbourneadventurers
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us walker gals can clean up nice ‘n good when we want to 🧡🥂

Easily the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen out here at Cape Elizabeth

time in nature is time well spent 🍃

The rooftops of Arles as viewed from the top of the city’s ancient Roman arena. To the left, the Rhône river snakes it’s way through the city, once an important trade port when the arena was shiny and new. To the right, the green and scenic Alpilles mountain range and miles of Provence’s famed vineyards. Swipe ⬅️ for the full view.

Forever chasing sunsets 🌅🚌😊
I’ve fitted a few things to the new troop, will get a few pics up soon👍🏻

I’d pretty much give anything right now to be able to drive out and have views of the beautiful Tetons again.

For those undaunted by the summer heat, the state of Arizona offers an epic list of stunning sights and locations to behold. Check out the link in our bio for a handy #travelguide to the best spots to visit on your next #roadtrip with your family! Happy travels! | 📷: @lamesarv | 🗺️: Waheap RV Park | #ExperienceLife

These 11th Century tombs are home to Balinese royalty. The detail that has been carved into stone is splendid. The amazing shades of green and the river passing by make this place a quite magical day out. .
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Feeling all my feelings as we dip back into the real world.. 🤪 Unexpectedly mournful for the end of our “wedding season” • Thankful for two weeks of restoration & celebration • Overwhelmingly grateful for supportive, loving, generous family and friends • Happy to sleep in my own bed • Pretty annoyed to be at the @apple store on a weekend day (why are there so many people here?!) • And eager to start a new professional chapter this week!

Spent the past 24 hours-ish in Houston celebrating Joel’s bday. We had a great time, but there’s still so much we want to see there!! We’ll definitely be back. 🇨🇱

"Alma mía, no te acostumbres a ver llanto,
sin preguntarte por qué.
A pasar por al lado sin compasión.
A no compungirme por mis hermanos.
Ojos míos, no se acostumbren a pasar de largo los rostros sin remordimiento alguno.
Esperanza mía, no te acostumbres al descanso y la renuncia.
A creer que es sólo el lado triste del paisaje.
Y ojalá la vida no me alcance de brazos cruzados."
De mi autoría en noviembre del 2017.

A little waterworks in the Versailles gardens. 💙

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